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NTM Prop Drive 28 Series Accessory Pack

NTM Prop Drive 28 Series Accessory Pack

Standard accessory pack for NTM Prop Drive 28 series motors.

CNC Machined (take a close look at the cross mount, even that is machined rather than punched) from billet 6061 alloy for strength and balance.
The propeller adapter is a press fit to ensure balance.

Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Shaft Length: 19mm
Cross Plate Bolt Holes: 34mm
Weight: 13.8g (Total)
Produced in-house by hexTronik to reduce costs and deliver better value to you!
Note: Ensure your propeller is balanced to avoid breaking shafts/bearings.


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Weight: 22g
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Price  $1.89

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 Customer rated
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Martin  1 points - 7/20/2015
unfortunately these are not good quality - i had to grind 6 of 7 adapters i ordered, because in the place where the thread ends it was 0.3mm more than 5mm diameter and the prop rings (exactly 5.0mm) did not fit. also the balance is not very good :(
 Richard 541 points
Just reaming the prop or prop bushing a little would have been easier.
David  2 points - 4/11/2015
Why isn't there a left handed threaded version of this for use with clockwise spinning props?
 Richard 541 points
These weren't designed for multirotrs. The 2 options let you mount in front of or behind a firewall easily. Use nylock nuts on a mutirotor, they will work fine.
 Guilherme 5 points
David, I have been using ntm 2826 1000KV motors with these adapters on my Talon Tricopter for quite a long time now. I have used the stock threaded spinner on all props. Just make sure to add a drop of medium-strength thread-lock to the spinner on the clockwise rotating props (when viewed from above the multirotor). If you use medium-strength thread lock you won't have any problems. Don't use high-strength thread lock though, or you will have trouble removing your props later on.
phil28  38 points - 3/10/2015
It is compatible with 2822 14t turnigy ? Thanks
 Richard 541 points
if you mean this motor, PRODUCT ID: D2822-141450 NO it wont work, You can modify the motor to mount behind a firewall, by changing the shaft or pushing it through so it sticks out the other side. Make a new flat spot on the shaft near the end for the set screw.
 phil28 38 points
I want to cut the shaft, but this is the mounting holes will match good ? Thanks
 Sondre 1 points
I have cutted mine and used this item. It works great.
Mark  1 points - 3/9/2015
Can't believe this isn't included with the motor! At least make the "Note" about requiring this kit with the motor more noticeable. More weeks of waiting and dollars of postage for a $2 part....
 djeroen 21 points
well i didnt really need this after all, not every one use the motor for the same application.
 Richard 541 points
Basic rule for shopping at HobbyKing, If you don't see it in the pictures of the item, then it isn't included.
Jaime  4 points - 2/14/2015
Is it possible to make this adapter fit a 6mm Prop hole?
 Richard 541 points
Most propellers come with spacers for different shafts, I save all my apc spacers, for situations like this. You will need a spacer or a new prop.
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Good Quality - did hope it fits a Mystery 1700 ... sadly not. But overall a good set.

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Overall Rating
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Arrived nice. should have been included in with the motor. Anyway, can't complain now.

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Overall Rating
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Overall very nicely machined. However, the cross is a bit weak, compared to other sources - it bends at the inner holes quite easily. This is almost not noticeable when actually attached to the motor, but still it's a bit weaker than others. The propeller mount fit is sometimes very snug, so you have to use the screws to actually drive it onto the motor (by hand it wont go on)

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Perfect fit to the NTM28-26A motor. This part actually should have been included in with the motor. I don't mind increase the price of motor for this parts.

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Why make it another item when you can include this with the motors!! Anyways, nice strong metal!!

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