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FrSky USB Cable

FrSky USB Cable

FrSky USB Cable. Compatible with FrSky Receivers.


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peter  1 points - 3/7/2015
could you let me know where to get the windows 7 32bit drivers from for this board please
 FoamEater 191 points
FrSKy website
 chairos 154 points
Hi Peter, this cable is simple USB>UART bridge an it use CP2102 chip. I am using driver from Pololu. So first go on Pololu website then search for "CP2102 USB-to-Serial Bridge Driver Installation" and follow the steps. It should be compatible with Windows7/8 32/64bit. Hope this helps.
 Darthgonzo 6 points
So i can use every usb>uart cable to update ?
Seren  126 points - 1/17/2015
D4R-II FIRMWARE PROB I spent hours & hours nothing just like pushing smoke uphill. Then it started well all it was is connect battery on 3 - then ad jumper across pin 1-2 then plug green wire of white male plug to rx on white female plug on side of receiver now the other end bare wires green to brown in black plug red to yellow in black plug and finally black to black in black plug. Now you receiver should be flashing RED LED plug USB into computer now this is what caught me out REMOVE POWER SUPPLY TO RECEIVER AND THEN REPLACE IT THE RECEIVER WILL HAVE NO LED ON AT ALL now start firmware and follow onscreen instructions all should now work ! HAPPY FLYING SEREN
RichardHamilton  20 points - 1/11/2015
Hi there, had anyone tried using an Arduino UnoV3 to upgrade any FrsKy stuff, I ave one, so if anyone knows of the wiring sequence I would be grateful..
Code Chief  20 points - 12/14/2014
I can confirm this is only half of what you need for the new Turnigy X8R and other SPort receivers. This is the manufacturer item "FUC-3 FrUSB-3". What you also need is "SPC for FUC-3" which is a small green shrink wrapped board with pins and cable which adapts from the black FTDI connector of this cable to a Futaba style servo connector which goes straight into the SPort of the item to upgrade/configure.
 Serguzh 15 points
THIS FrSky USB Cable bought for FrSky D4R-II Firmware Update for CPPM Receiver. Video
WindPower  5 points - 11/22/2014
Used a FTDI cable instead, this frsky usb cable IS NOT WORKING , comes in a plastic bag, DEAD no output signal
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It can be used to set alarm levels for RSSI and A1/A2 sensors. It can also be used to update firmware in the RX/TX, but I haven't tested it yet.
It uses a CP2102 ic, driver is included, however I had issues on Win7 machine (with 3rd party configuration program, but maybe the usb driver is the problem on Win7), on XP it's working great

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Ñåðãåé Êîä
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I want to purchase this cable, interests me, what software is needed for his work? It is possible with his help to do updates for the module of FrSky DHT 8ch DIY Telemetry Compatible Transmitter Modul and receiver of FrSky D8R 2.4Ghz 8CH Receiver with Telemetery? And where to take software?

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ýt should come with frsky moduls!!!!!!!!!

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Works flawlesly on Win7 HomePremium.
Drive is allso found in Ubuntu as a com drive . Have not tested it thou with any application under Linux.

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Overall Rating
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Please be more specific about "works". What programs does it work with? So far many on the Frsky forums have not been able to get this cable to work! Just BREAK ERRORS! I'm fairness most are using XP I think so maybe W7 works better and I'll try it. Knowing the programs and links to them that "work" would be a big help to us. We use eepe, Frsky lite, and excellent 3rd party Frsky config program and this cable is no good for us. The free with DJT db9 Frsky or homemade cable with a USB to db9 rs232 adapter works 100pcnt with everything so far. I and others have to rate this adapter/cable as a "don't buy/bother", use the db9 version with a USB adapter! I'm sure it's a driver issue but HK or Frsky does not provide drivers that work with it we can find? Anyone using this cable please post all the programs and OS you use and know works. Thank you

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