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Co Axial Contra Rotating Brushless motors 375w

Co Axial Contra Rotating Brushless motors 375w

Dimension: 21mm x 28mm
Weight: 55g
Diameter of front shaft: 3.0mm
Length of front shaft: F10.84mm
Rear shaft: Threaded M8
Max amps: 17A*2=34A
Max power: 375W
KV: 1050rpm/v
ESC Required: Two 25A


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David  1 points - 4/15/2013
It doesn't look like HobbyKing will be getting these in anytime soon. I've scoured the web with no luck. Anyone know where I can get one of these or is willing to sell theirs?
 elmuchacho 57 points
Hi David, I have 8 of them I think, most have been used in a small y6 multi rotor but I might have one un-used and could sell you one if you pay the postage I'm in the UK. You can contact me *elmuchacho on twitter.
Droid  5 points - 2/8/2013
This data are not correct. For real specifications see: ***********bhabbott****.nz/COAXD1908.html
alphatango  44 points - 9/7/2012
Guys (and Dr Joy in particular) I have had one of these motors for over a year now and I'm no nearer installing it. I've tried HUNDREDS of 8mm nuts. None of them fits. If I could find a thread-any thread-that matches, I could machine the nut down to a sleeve which would fit inside the prop. Dr Joy, where do you get your nuts?
 DR JOY 33 points
I got mine from local hardware store. However I wound up NOT using them to mount prop. I just enlarged the hole on rear prop justt e ought to actually thread prop on. A GWS 3 blade reverse pitch 7 by 3 or 8 by 4 works well. You must use reverse pitch on rear or it will come loose. I have flown one of these over 20 flights without problem. It is a design flaw in a way that the threaded portion is not long enough to effectively use a proper fastener, but, it can be made to work. There just is not a prop with a thin enough hub.
 BeerGoggles 21 points
I tapped them with an M8x1 tap from ebay. Dr Joy is incorrect about the rotation... Only thread the standard (CCW) props NOT the reverse ones (CW), otherwise they will come unscrewed.
 DR JOY 33 points
You are right. Sorry about the typographic error. I ain't perfect.
 Ho IX 21 points
You will probably find that the thread is M8 (metric 8mm) and probably a 1mm pitch.
wing in ground  43 points - 3/14/2012
Has anyone tried a rewind for higher kv and higher power?
Or is the mechanical quality not worth the effort? I was thinking something in the 1500 - 1800 kv range.

hetzer  44 points - 9/14/2011
Any idea how to mount the props?
 Jim 13 points
What I did was to drill out the back prop just a bit smaller and just turned the prop onto the threaded shaft. It has held for 3 flights and not come loose. For the outside prop I purchased a 3mm prop adaptor. I used a 400 grit sand paper to rough up the shaft so the adapotor would grip better.
 ron 86 points
how do you mount the motors to a quad bud looks hard
 DR JOY 33 points
The rear prop can be mounted using an 8mm jam nut. These are thinner than a regular nut and fit the rear stud perfectly. I am using 7 inch GWS 3 blades. Once iver it actually up and running I will post another review as it seems that prop mounting is a major issue for this motor. A standard 3 mm fillet mount works on front prop without isssues.
 DR JOY 33 points
Actually that is 3mm COLLET adaptor. Damn auto correct.
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I bought three of these little beauties and they look like just the thing for a couple of projects I have in mind-a Seafang and Pogo (VTOL fighter). They look great but please, HobbyKing, how about a suggestion for what size of prop to use? And there's no prop nut for the rear propellor. OK, it's M8 but you really need a thin nut (like on a panel switch maybe?) to keep the weight down, so how about supplying one with the motor?

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Ok first this are not 375w but more around 100w and the max amps seems to be around 8amp in total hence 4 amp per motor. The KV is correct. The biggest prop you can use are 8 inch on 3 cell or 2 cell lipo anything bigger and the motor do not start turning and make nasty noise. After testing I've chosen a GWS 7x3.5 3 blade for the top prop and a Master airscrew 7x4 3 blade for the bottom prop I generate 96watt and pulling a max of 8amp I'm waiting for a couple of H-KING 10A Fixed Wing Brushless Speed Controller to try them with this motor to see if they as good as turnigy plush for a plane setup. The plane is a small HACKER P51-D MUSTANG

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I test one motor per pair Some Test Results: Battary 1750Mah 3S Prop GWS 7x6 4A 330g 8820 rpm Prop GWS 8x4EP 4.2A 366g 9920rpm Prop 9x4.7 6a 440g - but hot.

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Not Happy. this motor is too unique to ship without a prop nut for the inner shaft. why is this motor the only one without the prop hardware. i dont think it is propper and is not smart for customer satisfaction. beware this is an incomplete motor without the propper hardware. i hope this motor will work with whatever i can find to make it work.

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Iv bought 4 for a quad and only received one so far you do not get the M8 nut to fix the prop in to place with this and I don’t know how the hell you are going to mount the motors every thing is very close and tight, you do not get any manual at all you just get what you see in the pitcher
,so come on hobby kings what’s going on with you lot not sending any info with this and nicking a M8 nut come on hobby king
I think it could be a pig in a pope and more tribal then its worth

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