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HobbyKing® ™ Mini-3D GeeBee Laser Cut Kit 600mm (KIT)

HobbyKing® ™ Mini-3D GeeBee Laser Cut Kit 600mm (KIT)
HobbyKing® ™ Mini-3D GeeBee Laser Cut Kit 600mm (KIT)

A 1st for HobbyKing® ™, a traditional builders kit! This is the same model as the HobbyKing® ™ Mini-3D GeeBee ARF, which once built, offers a combination of an ultra thick wing and huge control surfaces for excellent 3D performance. This kit offers easy assembly and a laser cut parts, so not like the old days of cutting out ribs and formers, making it an ideal choice for the ARF/RTF generation to get all nostalgic and scratch build a plane again, without a large time or financial commitment, get building on those windy days!

Built correctly the GeeBee is almost as light as a foam shockie, but should be tough enough to stand a few knocks, not to mention being more resistant to hangar rash, especially as you want to keep your custom scheme pristine! They always say that there is nothing more satisfying than watching your scratch built model take to the is your chance to experience it!

Wing Span: 600mm
Length: 550mm
Flying Weight: 210g
4 Channel (throttle, aileron, rudder, elevator)

Your own 4 Channel RX/TX
1500kv Micro Outrunner
3 x 5g Micro Servo
2s 800mAh Lipoly
Lightweight Covering Film of your choice


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Total of 29 discussions.
nikiA  5 points - 7/3/2015
Where is the CoG of this plane, is it at the ailerons servo position? Thanks!
Adsaa  55 points - 4/23/2015
$17 for the kit and minimum amount of $34 to ship to Aus. Ill pass.
Kent  1 points - 12/17/2014
Since the HobbyKing®* ™* Mini-3D GeeBee Laser Cut Kit 600mm (KIT) is your baby, why not include a plan sheet on how to build either as an R/C Or a UC(u-control) ? Not all of us like R/C and are still saturated in Control Line. What size Nitro engine could work with this beauty as a control line? Also possibly have to double the thickness of the fuselage ??? Just a thought, such a cool airplane to fly so why constrict to only one form of useage? It's like only making one kind of Pizza <*-) Kent
 solentlife 188 points
Why berate HK for something that would be a simple matter of bellcrank, guides and choice of motor ?
 Kent 1 points
I sincerely apologize, I did not know I was berating HK and would never do such a thing on purpose. . I'm 68 and built and flew 50 yrs ago and just got back into it so I am not sure what might need to be changed to make the conversion. Naturally I am aware it would need a bell crank, lead out lines and a motor but thought possibly there might need to be other changes. Thanks for being polite and positive. .
 Derek 2 points
I would probably add two more spars per wing for control line and a little teedee .049 to it.
John  1 points - 12/16/2014
Can we get this into the UK Warehouse Please.
Tonloc  1 points - 12/13/2014
U.S. wharehouse ever ? In my life time you guys have so many products that needs to be brought to th us . Money I am whiling to spend , but not enough money and time to wait from over seas . Last product I bought from overseas too sooo long I got so frustrated I went out and just bought a replacement to get going again it's so frustrating seeing these products and not wanting to spend 50 bucks on shipping then wait 3 months .
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Kit arrived well packaged and undamaged. Total weight including balsa sheets, instructions and clear plastic bag is 184g. The balsa is of uniformly grained, good quality wood. Instructions have pictures as well as text and are very easy to follow, they also specifically recommend the C20 motor, 8x4 props and a 2s 800mAh lipo.

I will post pictures and video of fully assembled kit upon completion.

I give this kit 5 stars, but shipping was expensive. This could be avoided if they stocked in local warehouses (USA, Europe, Australia etc). To help get better value from the shipping I bundled servos, ESC, motor, props, covering film and control horns with it. This worked out well and I would recommend it to others.

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I found someone (BoingK @ RCgroups) who has built this: Seems you need: 4 x horns CA Glue A 9g servo in the wing instead of the 5g 4 x Pushrods some Hinges or Tape Battery strap (for fixing the battery) According to BoingK @ RC motor fits well once you trim the fibreglass base" "400g of thrust with an 8 inch prop on 2-cell" "weight 220g or so ready to fly"

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Kit is a complete kit. I used the item PRODUCT ID: NS12415x10 and PRODUCT ID: MH23146-4 for making the linkages. 2xHXT500 servos for elevator and rudder, 1xHXT900 for aileron. Some trimming needed for 9gr servo placing. Made the landing gear with 3mm carbon rods and PRODUCT ID: OR006-00601. Used PRODUCT ID: Tz12A as ESC and HXM2730-1300 as motor. Also there is a big mistake in the manual when placing the F part on the A part. Do not stick these parts according to the manual because in the manual F part is sticked under the A part, not over it! Thank you HK.

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Overall Rating
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1. The laser cut is not all the way through in some places.
2. Laser cut is smaller than the peice that fits into the openings meaning you need to do a trial fit up an a lot of trimming. Still better than die stamped, but could be a lot better.
3. Warped wood included so you will spend time straightening peices.

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Overall Rating
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Great kit, only Issue I had was the manual calls for the fusealge to be built upside down. The vertical fin is on the wrong side of the fuse in the pictures.

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