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HobbyKing™ ECO 4 x 6S Lithium Polymer Multi Charger

HobbyKing™ ECO 4 x 6S Lithium Polymer Multi Charger
HobbyKing™ ECO 4 x 6S Lithium Polymer Multi Charger

HobbyKing™ ECO 4x6 is our best value 4 port charger yet!

The Eco 4x6 can charge four batteries packs simultaneously no matter what battery type you have.

The ECO 4x6 is equipped with 4 microprocessors to charge each battery individually. It's efficient cooling system ensures safe operation throughout the charge or discharge process.
With the ECO 4x6 you're able to balance charge a lipoly pack on Port-1 while series charging a LiFePo4 or NiMH battery on Port-2. All ports work independently of each other.

The HobbyKing™ ECO 4x6 includes 2 x JST-XH balance adapters and a charge lead set.

Operating voltage range: DC 11~15V
Power source: 12V DC (car battery) / AC mains PSU (>200Watts)
Charge power: 50watts, current is regulated accordingly
e.g. 11.1V battery, charge current approx. 4.5A
e.g. 22.2V battery, charge current approx. 2.2A
Discharge power: 5 Watts, current is regulated accordingly
Cell count : 1-15 Ni-xx / 1-6 Li-xx / 1-10 Lead acid cells (2~20V)
Current drain for balancing li-xx: 300mA
Charge termination Ni-xx: Automatic, negative Delta Peak method
Charge termination Lead acid & Li-xx: Automatic, voltage dependent, CC-CV process
Dimensions: 280x170x50mm
Net weight: 785g


Weight: 978g
International Warehouse
Price $69.99

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  • Charge Cable w/ Male XT60 <-> 4mm Banana plug

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  • Balance Plug Savers (JST-XH 6s) (5pc Per Bag)

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  • HobbyKing Safe 40A Parallel Charge Board for 4 Packs 2~6S (XT60)

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Total of 83 discussions.
Bruno Olivieri  4 points - 10/14/2014
Hi guys. Is the 50watts fro each battery or in total? Bests
 Omega8 9 points
It is 50 Watts per channel. You will need a 200 Watts power supply to operate this. I use a power supply from an old Computer. Such PSU's usually have about 450Watts on the 12V rail.
Manuel  1 points - 10/2/2014
Hello, are the channels galvanic separated? so can i charge a 24s Battery? (I mean 6s with the first Channel, then 6 with the next and so on). Regards
Werner  8 points - 9/15/2014
Good day, Does this charger need and external Power supply for the 11~15V supply voltage or does it have an build in PSU. The way I understand is that this charger need an external PSU to power it up?
 Nicholas 5 points
It requires and external power supply to function.
Richard  1 points - 6/23/2014
Wojethebest  88 points - 5/22/2014
Can someone compare the chargers that can charge 4 batteries at once up to 6 cell which is better what are the differences?
 YSpecV 142 points
Hello. It might be better to post this question in the HK forums. People should be able to help you better there.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Like it?
unit burst into flames on first charge hobbyking dont seem to want to know everything that is cheep always is expensive in the end
shant be buying anything else if there was decent backup wouldnt mind things do go wrong

13 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Like it?
tried several times with different charge settings, but after two/tree minutes charger stop working showing Imput Voltage Error.........

3 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Ace Daniel
Like it?
the chrager work well every time up to 6s, balancer can be better. loading is with korrekt volteg, no overloading.the cords are very cheap, but ok for the low power of this charger. Maximum loading at 5s is 3,5A.
...and hey, there are manuels inside and i understand them........100 point's for hk!

No comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Like it?
Dont buy this charger potential fire hazard, second time I used it started puffing white smoke and lots of it, and the funny thing is that they want to replace it are they crazy? Most of there stuff is pritty good but these need to be recalled at there cost.

4 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Like it?
Very good with the automatic charge mode where the number of LIPO cells is automatically detected.

Best regards

2 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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