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HXT 4mm to XT-60 Battery Adapter (2pcs/bag)

HXT 4mm to XT-60 Battery Adapter (2pcs/bag)

HXT 4mm to XT-60 Battery Adapter (2pcs/bag)

This adapter will convert a HXT 4mm equipped battery to a XT-60 Plug for use with an XT-60 equipped ESC or an XT-60 Charge lead.


Weight: 32g
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Price  $3.44

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Total of 27 discussions.
Anthony  1 points - 6/14/2015
Will this adapter fit product ID T5000.3S.20 (5000 mah 3s lipo) to convert it from HXT to XT60?
 Craig 34 points
Yes it will. But keep in mind that the XT60 was designed to work up to 60amps so if your application is on or below that then this is fine otherwise to be safe get a higher rated connector like the HXT.
William  1 points - 5/23/2015
I need adaptors to charge my Walkera QR 350X batteries on this charging board. Will this adaptor do the job? target=_blank>
Pops64  13 points - 1/15/2015
these wires are the wrong way round ? I have the new walkera qr x350 Pro quad ,the battery irt came with is a HXT connector,the red and black wires on these adapters looks like in the photo on the opposit side on the HXT battery ??????so I doubt if you can charge your battery with this,when you have a XT60 charger lead ????? whats it all about Hobby King ????Please( explane )
 CaliforniaFPV 1211 points
I bought these adapters for a dynam corsair as I didnt want to change the esc connector out of my own laziness and they have worked just fine.
Michael A.  7 points - 1/11/2015
will this work with the walkera g400 gps heli and the zippy battery with a xt-60 connector
 Roger 3266 points
Both the battery and heli you are referring to are equipped with XT60, so no need for this connector.
writer1991  3 points - 12/10/2014
Will this adpter allow me to charge Turnigy Nano-Tech 5000mha 5S 25C batteries from a Turnigy 4X6 charger?
 Roger 3266 points
Instead of this, take a look at the HXT 4MM to Banana Plug Charge Lead Adapter PRODUCT ID: 4MM-CHR. I suppose its what you need. :)
 Michael A. 7 points
iI need a adapter to go from the walkera g400 gps heli esc to a zippy with a xt-60 connector
 DownTown816 21 points
I use these to convert the zippy 4.5A battery with HXT to xt-60 to use with my parallel charge board with all xt-60 ports. Usually you want to standardize all your plugs to be the same. I choose xt-60 so if your battery doesn't come with xt-60, buy this adapter to make HXT 4mm bullet into xt-60 like the rest of your equipment.
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Overall Rating
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A friend of mine has bought these and although I really appreciate the price and quality of soldering BUT
although I don't doubt the Quality one minute, i doubt its NEEDS .

This will only introduce unnecessary resistance into your electrical system

Pros :
only price this time

Cons :
You are adding resistance to your system
Learn to solder or get a mate to do it for you
its neater cleaner and better for your system.
Adding in effect another 2 plugs into your electrical system is Never good !

Conclusion :

You are 'kack' handed and really unable to convert these and you have no mates :(( then u might need these otherwise please buy a soldering iron and have a go ..

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Overall Rating
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Good and cheap quality of product.. Like the soldering... very strong...

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Overall Rating
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Overall Rating
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Good stuff, get these if you wanna make your life easier without soldering and reconnecting :-)

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Overall Rating
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Very smart product since you have turnigy batteries and the turnigy accucel 6 charger. Wont need to modify cables or plugs with this product!!!

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