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HobbyKing HK6S 2.4Ghz FHSS 6Ch Tx & Rx (Mode 1)

HobbyKing HK6S 2.4Ghz FHSS 6Ch Tx & Rx (Mode 1)
HobbyKing HK6S 2.4Ghz FHSS 6Ch Tx & Rx (Mode 1)

The HK6S is an value for money, entry level 6 channel transmitter, ideal for many PNF & ARF Models that require 6ch operation. The HK6S has a retract switch and proportional flap dial in easy reach, the transmitter also features elevon and V-tail mixing and servo reversing.
Key Features:
6-channel 2.4GHz transmitter.
Servo reversing function .
Elevon and V-tail mixing available.
Features build-in antenna.
Easy to use control for basic models.
FHSS 2.4ghz Technology
Includes 6-channel receiver
1 x 2.4Ghz transmitter
1 x 2.4Ghz Receiver
1 x Bind Plug.

It is comptible with HK-6DF receiver.

*This transmitter is designed for fixed wing use only. It does not feature swashplate mixing for helicopters.


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  • HobbyKing HK6DF 6 Channel 2.4ghz Channel Receiver

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A  4 points - 8/22/2014
Hi everyone! I am currently selecting items for my first aeroplane (Bixler v1.1) and I was wondering which receiver is better: this one, or the T6A (the cheapest 6ch receiver). Some report the T6A has a range over 600m* I cannot find the range of this Tx... Another issue: does this one need a USB cable to change the settings? Thanks!
 NewToHobbyKing 14095 points
A I like the T6A HK because you can program it with the cable and save many models. Also you can later upgrade to the Turnigy9XV2 (Compatible). The one above does not need a cable to set it up. If you see pic two. It is all done by switches on the front. The HK6S is much simpler system.
pete  5 points - 8/11/2014
delivery date for hk6s2.4 gh fhss6ch tx and rx mode2
 NewToHobbyKing 14095 points
Petr they are in stock. Just buy one NOW. About 2 to 3 week to Australia!
Gabriel  1 points - 8/7/2014
or what is the diference for this model mode1 and mode 2
 palukuri 7 points
mode one has throtel on right stick and mode 2 has throtel on left stick also aileron ,elevator rudder does changes
Gabriel  1 points - 8/7/2014
what is the range on water for this remote? thank you
 palukuri 7 points
this is not water land receiver while on water the range decreases due to proper orientation angle between tx and rx system even though it is inbuilt anteena the range would be-3/4thkm
mudway  6 points - 7/27/2014
I just tried the white one of this in a model boat which had a T4A in it and come up with an odd problem. Rudder works perfectly but the throttle control is odd in that at full reverse throttle, the esc shuts down the motor. Anything but full reverse and I have reverse thrust. I tried reversing the switch but whenever the throttle lever is fully down on the transmitter the motor stops. Anyone encountered this? Switching back to the T4A and no problems. I have since tried different escs & motor combinations with the same result.
 crazycarmaniac 388 points
try using a rc car remote,
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Overall Rating
13 thumbs up!
Nice Tx & Rx package, have had mine for almost a month now and it hasnt let me down yet. The best value package on the net, that I have found. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good cheep Tx & Rx package. The only down side is that it takes 8 AA batteries, not that it really matters. I'll be buying a few more anyway, good product HK!

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Overall Rating
8 thumbs up!
I see that most receivers have a plug labeled bat and this is also the bind. On the HK6S all I see is 1-6 and ID Set. Where can I put my 6.6V LiFePO? I saw a video where they had it on number 3? Can anyone verify where to plug in a battery and how the polarity is? I cannot find any documentation on this so far. Also, how do you bind this to the HK6S transmitter, I dont see a bind button on the transmitter. Thanks

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Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
Quality is awsome! for this price will se houw it handles

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
where is the positive pole for batery and servos?? I didn't find it and don't know how to plug...

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Just tried mine in the air today after previously ground testing to about 200m (more than adequate for park flyers). Using in a modified Kyosho Spree with outrunner etc and it worked perfectly and the control was very sensitive. Previously had an Orange twin wire receiver installed which took up a bit of room and was a lot heavier and was using a Futaba 2.4 6ch trans. Apart from the fact that the Futaba has dual rate capability this set flys the plane just as well. I found the control to be very sensitive and precise and will have to reduce the control surface throws or grow very soft fingers !
Have already converted this one to a twin throttle set-up for a scale boat as a trial (twin receivers, ESCs, batts, etc) and even with 2 receivers on the one radio you have perfect control (slight trim differences in motors aside) Have already purchased another set and now will have 6 receivers, (just received 3 and all bound instantly) Excellent value and perfect for smaller planes. Still 5 stars plus for me.
Another great feature is that everything is plugged into the pc board so you can move stick functions around for anything by the looks of it!

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