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Clipped Wing Cub EP 1600mm Balsa/Ply (ARF)

Clipped Wing Cub EP 1600mm Balsa/Ply (ARF)
Clipped Wing Cub EP 1600mm Balsa/Ply (ARF)

The clipped Wing Cub was built for enhanced aerobatic performance, with 40" removed from the wing panel, roll rate was increased and with a tweaked engine, the docile Cub was turned into a more capable flying machine. These aircraft, in their bright colour schemes, quickly became a hit at airshows.

The Hobbyking Clipped Wing Cub with it's unique colour scheme is more than just a looker, it is a high quality, scale model that boasts, working bungee under-carriage, a magnetic Pilots door for easy battery access, 2pc easy removable wing for transport and good size aileron's to replicate the aerobatic ability of the full size aircraft.

This model is no IC conversion, it is a large, purpose built, electric powered, high quality model that will give hours of flying pleasure and with the reccomended set up, excellent flight times, even when flown aerobaticly, are guaranteed!

Material: Pre-covered Balsa/Ply
Wing Span: 1600mm
Length: 1200mm
Flying Weight: 1900g~2000g
Wing area: 44~47g dm/2
Wing Area: 42.8g dm/2
4 Channel (throttle, aileron, elevator, rudder)

Your Own 4 Channel TX & RX
35-48 Brushless motor, 890~1000kv 
40A~60A ESC
Standard Size Servo x 4
3200~4000mAh 3s 20c Lipoly Battery

PRODUCT ID: Clipped Wing

This product is no-longer available. CLICK HERE TO SEE A WIDE RANGE OF SIMILAR ITEMS

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 Customer rated
Total of 25 discussions.
chugay  1 points - 2/14/2013
I'm a newby, just gatting mine togather,been keeping up with the discussions. I was thinking of adding flaps, is it overkill for this model.
 Alexander 1 points
Umm. I dont think there's any room for flaps on this model. You can try flaperons though!
patrick  1 points - 1/29/2013
wanneer komt hij in DE of NL warenhuis
Andreas  4 points - 1/1/2013
if i use this motor
with a 60amp speed controler, 12-8 prop and 4cell 4000mah 20c do i have enough power to fly straight up and do some hard core acrobatics and 3D?
Nibiru  22 points - 11/26/2012
Thee problem with the G46 and 5s 5000mah in the air it's ok but the way to handle it by hand have to be very carefull .

KKArioKA  170 points - 11/11/2012
Any plans on restockng this plane ? around 3 months they are on backorder !!
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Like it?
Average at best, received mine with dis-jointed spars in the tail section which required uncovering, re-glueing and then patching up the covering, severely warped rudder, all the critical glue joints in the nose of the plane were barely glue causing the firewall to dislodge before first flight whilst taxi testing...these were unable to be seen during build..landing gear is flimsy and nut from suspension rod snapped off after 5-10 metres of travel on smooth grass. Pathetic Hobby-king PATHETIC...

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Overall Rating
Dr Totakt
Like it?
Kit arrived in mint condition. Goes together rather easy in a few evenings. Equipped with an RC-Timer 35-48 790 kv (156 grams), Turnigy Plush 60A ESC,Turnigy Light Electric (wood) 13 x 6 prop, Spektrum DS821 std servoes and Orange 6 ch receiver with satellite. With a Turnigy 2200 3S it sustains level flight at about 1/3 throttle and cruises around for about 10 minutes with 20pcnt capacity left after 10 minutes.
This setup flyes very scale, but a bit to slow for my liking, so a new Turnigy G32 (212 grams) is on its way from HK. Recommended throws were OK on elevator and rudder, but roll-rate was a bit dull, will increase aileron deflection to about 25 mm.
The plane is easy to fly, and tracks straight and true. Landings make you look good, it will slow to about walking pace without stalling.
I am very happy with my plane, and at this price, its a bargain.

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Overall Rating
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Kai (7)
I got my plain today with broken rudder, easely fix. No usermanual. where can i find it? What about CG? The plane loocks fine. Regards Kai Norway[em_cry]

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Overall Rating
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Good plane, 46 motor, 6 cells, 70 amp ESC, 14x7 APC prop and 125 mm air filler tires. Flies scale and mad acrobatics. See YouTube: crashed it last night due to pilot error and I am ordering a new one for sure!

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Overall Rating
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I have not received my pipercub, but I can see in the photos, which is sweet.
I have thought about putting a 4-stroke glow engine, particularly an OS 40 4T.
Although I have several motors and ESC that are right for your electric motor do not want to give up the fantastic sound of an engine 4T. It'll put pictures of the piper when mounting.
I have another piper a little bigger than 1800mm wingspan with an OS 70 FL and see a real flying past. But this piper is beautifully decorated in HK with details and very nice.
Thanks HK

1 comment. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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