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Boscam RC305 - 5.8Ghz 8 Channel AV Receiver

Boscam RC305 - 5.8Ghz 8 Channel AV Receiver

5.8Ghz Receiver only

Includes an additional AV output for video recording while using FPV goggles.

Channels: 8
Receiver operating voltage: 5VDC
Operating temp: -10~85C
Video bandwidth: 0~8.0MHz
Audio frequency: 6.5MHz
Video input level: 0.8~1.2Vp-p
Video input impedance: 75Ohm
Audio input level: 0.5~2.0Vp-p
Audio input impedance: 10K/Ohm
Weight: 43g
Antenna connector: RP-SMA
Dimensions: 61x52x13mm

5.8G : 5705,5865,5665,5645,5885,5905,5925,5945MHZ


** Many fake, poor quality & untested FPV products are currently entering the market. Don’t get caught out with poor quality substitutes, Boscam FPV equipment is tried and true and has been tested and developed by FPV pilots for FPV pilots. 

PRODUCT ID: RC305Receiver

Weight: 115g Quantity: 

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terencechan  160 points - 4/13/2014
These receivers have better sensitivity than the inbuilt ones in FPV LCD monitors, a pair of them works great for RSSI-based antenna tracking project :)
 contact303 142 points
I couldn't agree more
i ve found the absolute same . People pay 300 for some glasses with a sticky out antenna and build in RX .....but the rage sux and a 20 USD Chinese el cheapo RX is miles better.
Makes me chukkle :) fatshark ,,or was it gullible cod
Dan  1 points - 4/4/2014
Im trying to use this with a immersion 600mw transmitter. Cannot get it to work. Are these two products compatible?
 SkyLe 456 points
No, they are on different bands. I think you can solder a resistor to the DIP switch in this receiver to enable an extra band, but even then I doubt they will be compatible.
 SkyLe 456 points
To expand on my previous answer, this transmitter operates on band E. If you mod your switch (see guide under the files tab) you will also enable band A. However, Immersion runs on band F so the two will never be compatible. The Boscam RC832 has 32 channels however, and can also receive band F. This receiver is compatible with Immersion transmitters.
gilcd85  33 points - 3/15/2014
Will this receiver work with the Boscam TS832 (PRODUCT ID: 263000020-0)?
 contact303 142 points
I cant see why not Its both 5.8GHZ and its both Boscam :)
 Heppy Ket 529 points
Don't take it for granted compare the listed frequencies, you may be in for a nasty surprise.
Frédéric  3 points - 3/4/2014
Could somone please tell me which (cloverleaf)antennas to use to extend the range on this and the boscam 600mw tx. I´*m trying to go cheap!
 contact303 142 points
Cheap option: PRODUCT ID: 435000056-0 Expensive option : PRODUCT ID: 277000010-0 Or google/youtube: rcmodelreveiw he shows u how to make one ursefl :) good luck
tlovoll  8 points - 2/20/2014
Can I use this recheiver on my fatshark transmitter?
 perksyboy 17 points
No sadly you can't, they use different frequencies. Its a branding thing I think* Fatshark wants you to buy and use their receivers.
 perksyboy 17 points
But here is a system with this receiver included in it. PRODUCT ID: STCR351305
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You can not use it with fat shark system. Becarefull its channel combination.

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Great receiver for replacement or for building a diversity system. It works with 12V, not with 5V which is written in the description above. But if you want to power it with 5V, you can bridge the power reducer inside the receiver. Also you can find a RSSI output at the 4. pin of the receiver

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Fonctionne nickel pas de soucis a acheter les yeux fermé

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i ordred this set and the reciver does not power up. now have to order another one as i would like it in 2012

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This receiver is great it have 90db S/N Ratio (around 5 DB Better than the Airwave use by Fat-Shark) giving better range, please be aware that its receiver IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH FAT-SHARK, it use different frequencies in the 5.8 GHz band) but it work great when use with the compatible transmitter like the Hobbyking Product ID 263000003. So double check that the unit is compatible with your transmitter frequencies. My Unit came working for 12V input (3S Lipo) but it get too hot (No good for summer days), So I recommend to use a step down switching regulator on /-9V, this will make the unit running much cooler and it will use less amps, I been using my RC305 with this setup with very good results.

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