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SkyZone 5.8Ghz 200mw FPV Wireless AV Tx & Rx Set

SkyZone 5.8Ghz 200mw FPV Wireless AV Tx & Rx Set

5.8Ghz 200mW transmitter. This system is Good for up to 500m flying with the supplied antenna. An optional directional antenna can extend range to 1km+. This unit a Includes built-in microphone. The receiver unit has additional AV outputs for video recording while using FPV goggles.

Output impedance: 50Ohm
Output power: 21~23dBm
Channels: 8
Transmitter operating voltage: 7~15VDC / 150mA
Receiver operating voltage: 5VDC
Operating temp: -10~85C
Video bandwidth: 0~8.0MHz
Audio frequency: 6.5MHz
Video input level: 0.8~1.2Vp-p
Video input impedance: 75Ohm
Audio input level: 0.5~2.0Vp-p
Audio input impedance: 10K/Ohm
Weight: 25g
Antenna connector: RP-SMA
Dimensions: 55x26x17mm

5.8G : 5705,5865,5665,5645,5885,5905,5925,5945MHZ
** Many fake, poor quality & untested FPV products are currently entering the market. Don’t get caught out with poor quality substitutes, SkyZone FPV equipment is tried and true and has been tested and developed by FPV pilots for FPV pilots. 


Weight: 190g
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Price $54.99

  • RP-SMA Plug < - > RP-SMA Jack 120mm RG316 Extension

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  • RP-SMA Jack < - > RP-SMA Plug 90 Degree Adaptor

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inigo  1 points - 10/20/2014
HI! I still having the same problem, but thanks Karin and Hubert. Here you have a video to see the problem.
UtOQskBNLWPtIBK-3VWavWQ&index=1 Thanks
Karin  57 points - 10/17/2014
hello my range is to short to even fly with it! :( there is almost no difference in range between my cloverleaf (which I purchased at hk too) and the standart antennas! :( my range is about 30-40 meter max.... does anyone some ideas to extend the range to something flyable? (would switching between the channels affect the range that much?) thanks in advance, hoping on some friendly people to help :)
 robert 18 points
I bought one of these too, I found the range very poor. It wasnt even 30 meters. I tried everything including taking off the model and testing that way. I wonder if the quality is consistant from unit to unit
 Karin 57 points
I think so, Judt made an rma (on advice of the life chat) for this product, when I see people getting easylly 300-18000 meters, I think there is something seriously wrong with mine, Even with the cloverleafs I got such a stupid, short, unussual Distance... Lets hope on the graceness of hk! (Sorry for bad english...) *)
 glenn_mech 542 points
i think this skyzone 5.8gears have defects..because some people also who have this gears experience the same problems as yours. i have boscams 5.8ghz which i bought here a year ago..and i can reach 2km.with home made antennas..
 robert 18 points
Got to be honest, the one I bought was over a year ago, so it cant be a 'bad' batch thing. Electronics from china are pretty good now, Alot of the kit is the same manufacturer with different branding on depending where you buy it from. Like 2 or 3 manufacturers and 30 different vendors selling them. My bad experience has stopped me buying another of any make so I'm interested in all the comments to find one that will work ok.
 Marc Pisa Italy 14 points
Hi, I had the same problem but soved after watching on youtube how to solve it. Apparently the channels do not always bind correctly so although at close distance the channel works as soon as you move out the 5,8ghz searches a different close channel and you lose signal. I changed to a difefrent channel as suggested and now it works perfectly. To be homest the channel I am on now is not in any of the list downloaded from files.
 Karin 57 points
So is your channel of your tx and rx different?
 Marc Pisa Italy 14 points
yes, apparently you can have a good vid reception with tx/rx close by but when the tx/rx get further away the 5.8ghz system searches for a good channel and you loose signal. Find a good channel and it will work to full potential.
 Karin 57 points
so for example your tx is on channel 2 and your rx on channel, and this will give you a further range than tx on ch 3 and rx on ch 3?
 Marc Pisa Italy 14 points
Hi, its not a matter of mixing channels to get more range its a matter of setting the correct channel, apparently some channel settings illustrated on the files on this site at close range work but do not at far range, that's because of the channel hopping features of the 5,8ghz,, if you do not set the correct channel it will give video at clsoe range but not far away.. you will have to try different channels until it works right. some of the channel settings shown may work but some dont at all. if you wish try my settings rx 1off 2on 3on 4on tx 1on 2 on 3on 4off
Anthony  1 points - 10/7/2014
Using a gopro am I able to use my laptop for a live feed instead of using a screen purchased through a hobby site.
 MayhemNKMC 319 points
You can but you will need either RCA inputs for your laptop or a USB video capture setup. Also, I use a basic 7 inch TV monitor with RCA inputs.
Anthony  1 points - 10/7/2014
Is there a way to connect this to a gopro camera.
 Hubert 18 points
i heard that gopro have lag
 MayhemNKMC 319 points
Yes, depending on the model GoPro, you may need to update the firmware for live feed output. you will also need to either buy or make a GoPro adaptor cable from the GoPro to the TX. I run my set up that way and it works just fine.
 MayhemNKMC 319 points
target=_blank> You can see the cable in the picture.
inigo  1 points - 10/6/2014
I can't see the image in my screen, i think there is some problem with the channels, I tried with all of them :(
 Hubert 18 points
if You have ccd camera check if Vout cable is white/yellow because sometimes vout is changed with positive (red) cable.
 Karin 57 points
mine didn't work first, but I solved the problem 'by accident', my 3,5 mm jack of the av out of the receiver didn't need to put in at the max, so just 'play' with this cable/plug and maybe you will also solve your problem! hope it helped!
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2 thumbs up!
Very good quality transmitter and receiver. I using this kit to fly FPV with an octocopter around 500 meter with stock antenna. This is the best downlink kit i ever bought from HK. The 5.8ghz not interfere on my 2.4ghz tramsmiter or my 900mhz telemetry link.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
You get big problems with the german ZOLL. The collekt your packet and destroy the content. So I can´t make any rating. Since January 2012 the Laws has benn intensified. Any Product without the "CE" will been destrojed by the german ZOLL!

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This is a very good TX-RX combo. They work even with 2S and in fact it is better for the RX because less voltage means less heat. The transmitter has a switching power supply and it doesn't become hot. The RF module has an heat sink which can be removed because it works very well without it. The best result in power output are on the lower frequencies, above 5800mHz, so you should check the frequency channel it was set on. I reached 18,7 km with this combo but with some good antennas. Just search on youtube 5,8ghz 200mw 18km flight record or check up the Hobby King video files for this video set.

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this worked wonderfully well. went installed on a bixler with eflite park 450. went out of sight and back no proble,s... a little fuzz when over head but that is the nature of the stock antenna. gonna make the IBcarzy antennas .. i am using futaba 72 mhz super 7. 220 3s and 800 mah vtx battery with the foxtec goggles here.

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Works very well but you will need a cloverleaf patch antenna for long range. The Tx needs a 3s battery and the Rx only needs a 2s. The Rx will work on a 3s but gets very hot not sure if using a 2s will cause problems with range but it did work. I have only done ground tests and will give an update as I move ahead.

I was able to cut the cam from an old x10 camera. I connected the wires and it worked perfectly. The good thing about x10 cams is that they have a mic and comes with a small housing (I cut the wire that connects the x10 cam to the 2.4g Tx and added a servo connector). The bad thing about x10 cams is that the image quality is not as good as the cam from HK (My x10 cam is about 10 years old) I plan to use the x10 cam for my sons RC car.

The unit is small and light and works very well. Each video out port work without issue so if you are looking to get into FPV this would not be a bad choice. 900mhz is very crowded and you may be unhappy with the results. Also with a cloverleaf patch antenna you can get good range and the size of this antenna is very small compared to 900mhz. Also if you have the skills you can make your own cloverleaf patch antenna.

Note: If you use the HK cam check your wires!!! I found that my red wire was connected to my “vout” and my white wire was connected to the “ ”.

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