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HobbyKing FPV / UAV Fiber Glass Kit V2 (With Flaps)

HobbyKing FPV / UAV Fiber Glass Kit V2 (With Flaps)
HobbyKing FPV / UAV Fiber Glass Kit V2 (With Flaps)

Featuring a full fiberglass fuselage with built up ply and balsa construction, the HobbyKing FPV / UAV is set to raise the bar in FPV flight performance. The large motor mount area allows for a variety of motor sizes depending on your application. A slick fiberglass finish provides superior aerodynamics to foam planes while the rigid airframe offers a greater level of flight performance. The large clear canopy is perfectly suited to FPV cameras or can be removed or modified with ease for a custom setup. The Fuselage boasts ample space for FPV equipment allowing a variety of custom setups and the split flaps will ensure low speed landings with heavier payloads.

You will require a 35 to 42 size burshless outrunner, 5 x 9g servos (one for each control surface and one for the steerable nose wheel), a 40 to 60Amp ESC, 3s to 4s 2200mah~4400mah Lipo battery and your own transmitter and receiver (Tx/Rx). All the general hard ware (Push rods, screws, landing gear etc) are included to get this kit underway.

Some modeling experience will be required to complete this kit, However the finished product will be of a high quality with superior flight characteristics to foam and will last a life time.

Wing Span: 1660mm
Fuselage: 1190mm
Motor Mount Diameter: 58mm
Distance From Center of Mount to Fuse: 114mm (max prop diameter 8"]
Dry Weight: 1300g
5 Channel (throttle, aileron, elevator, rudder/steering, flaps)

Motor: 35 to 42 series Outrunner
ESC: 40a to 60A
Servo: 5 x 9g
Battery: 3s to 4s 2200mah~4400mah



This is an archived page. This product is no longer available and has been replaced by a newer product.

2 1:IC/2:Elec 5 Channel 1660mm (65.35in) 1190mm (46.85in) 1300g (2.86lb)
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  • Turnigy nano-tech 3300mah 3S 25~50C Lipo Pack

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  • Turnigy 4000mAh 3S 40C Lipo Pack

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  • Turnigy™ TGY-1800A Servo 1.5kg / 0.10sec / 8g

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  • Hextronik MG-14 14g/2.6kg/0.11sec Digital Aircraft Servo

    Combo Price: $7.65   IN STOCK

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Total of 98 discussions.
Daniel Samways  8 points - 5/7/2013
Hi, any idea when stock will arrive?
Chris  1 points - 4/21/2013
Hi guys, I am mounting a camera just a the bottom front of the airplane. This means that I need to convert this from a tricycle to a tail dragger. Has someone done a similar conversion before? if so would you be so kind to post a picture and materials you ordered at hobbyking to make it happen? Cheers, Chris
 tommy2toes 2838 points
i would make a wooden drag plate and cover it with carbon glass it makes it damage proof even on cement. also you will need to move the two wheels forward a little so when it is balanced cg it doent nose forward myself id just get lighter carbon fiber gear then it could be taller without adding weight. as this plane really needs its wheels it is not as strong as you think and about 26-27mph is stall speed so good luck dragging it at that high speed landing or taking off. but it is a great flyer. when trimmed and cg is right.
 Will - TX 39 points
I have an HD wing cam that I mount to the underside of the rear of the plane just behind the rear gear and I don't really mind the nose wheel in the picture. I haven't installed the fpv camera and transmitter yet, but that will be mounted in place of the existing canopy. This plane is heavy and Tommy2toes is correct that the stall speed is fast. Mine is about 24 mph without flaps and my weight is about 6.2 lbs. COG is 2.2 inches behind leading edge of wing and it handles like a dream. I don't know that I'd set it up as a tail dragger, but if you do, I'd probably use a tail wheel to reduce friction due to the good amount of speed required for takeoff. The nose firewall where the steering gear mounts to is kind of flimsy. I destroyed mine on a hard landing and re-built it much more sturdy. I think it also helps to mount a base plate along the bottom of fuselage made of modeling ply and drill your hole for nose gear through the guide, ply, and fiberglass all at once. That way even if you get some torque on that nose wheel in a hard landing, that plywood plate in the bottom takes alot of that force instead of that flimsy firewall.
 tommy2toes 2838 points
yep nice front wheel tip will. ill do that so if i ever do have a incodent with cross wind or w/e and land hard it wont hurt it
 vrwolf 753 points
I epoxied in a collar and support into the tail, opened up the back of the tail for access, re-bent the nose gear for the tail and put on a 1 inch wheel.... I'll try a picture here... target=_blank>
 Will - TX 39 points
I like your taildragger setup. What flight weight are y'all at? Just curious if we were all in the same ballpark on weight. Finally got my down elevator programmed right with 3 position flaps. Handles nice.
 vrwolf 753 points
It was around 3.2 kg flying weight
Adam  3 points - 4/10/2013
I read some comments about the tailheavy thing. But how much? I'm planning the electronik under the wing (rx, orange flight stabilizer, and the others), and the battery (3s1p 5ah ca 500mg) under the canopy. (on first 'round' i got no money for fpv gear, so i don't calculate with its weight) Need i extra weight to the nose?
 tommy2toes 2838 points
using 5000 mah 4s with fpv gear so yes youll need plenty of weight to balance cg that battery seems to be the right cg weight.
 Will - TX 39 points
VERY tail heavy. I also have 5000 mah 4S and I had to add additional 2 lbs to nose to get it to balance at 2.2". Flys great and I can run for about 20-22 minutes cruise with my 9x5 prop and power 25 eflite 1250kv motor. Honestly, you could put 2 5000 mah batteries to get your needed weight to balance instead of dead weight like I did and your flight time would be more like 40-45 minutes. Just FYI.
Will - TX  39 points - 4/9/2013
I have mine set up with an E-Flite power 25 1250 kv motor, 65 Amp ESC, 5000 mAh 4S1P 25C Battery, and I'm turning a three blade nylon 8x6.5 prop. I had some calculations done at local hobby shop before buying this motor and was told I was good* however when I run through free ecalc online it says prop stall. When testing the ESC is getting hot. It will give full throttle for maybe 20 to 30 seconds and then it backs way off and fluctuates even though the stick is at full throttle. Is the prop stalling and causing the motor to over-rev resulting in ESC overheating and power loss? I ran the numbers for a two blade 9x5 prop and that looks like it might work better. I will try that as soon as I get my hands on the prop. I am pretty new to electric, so any help in understanding these symptoms would be appreciated. Thanks.
 Will - TX 39 points
It was a propeller stall (too much pitch and not enough diameter) that was causing the vibration, overheating, and power loss. 9x5 prop fixed everything.
WizMatik  1 points - 4/6/2013
hi all I am a little disappointed with this models, received it 2 weeks ago and finally got around to opening the box, the plane looks nice , from a far, but if you look upclose it is riddled with cracks in the fiber glass, I am unable to use the plane until i fix most of the cracks, tails section and wing attachment are both cracked, will need repairs and strengthing before it can fly I do not recommend this model and do not recomand it.
 Chris 1 points
I had the same issue too. I had to get my mate to fix the tail section. The build quality is not very good.
 Chris 1 points
Oh yeah.. I forgot to mention. Hobbyking gave a $30 credit. No hassles. Thank you hobbyking!
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Overall Rating
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Yes, it works fine for FPV, the EPP version was good but this on is much better, more strong and precise. I suggest to change the original land gear by another in carbon style to get a strong config and very nice good looking.

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Flight weight (?)
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Seems good for FPV and long range flights. Have anybody know the possible flight weight of this bird? Any suggestions?

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Finiture molto ben fatte, purtroppo peccato che non stato pensato di montare i Flaps...HK dovrebbe informarsi meglio prima di presentare un nuovo modello per FPV. Consiglio di seguire il forum RCGroups per capire meglio cosa desiderano i modellisti. Peccato che nella confezione non ci sono i piani e disegni, bisogna inventarsi il sistema di montaggio.
La qualit del prodotto sembra molto valida, spessore fibbra ca 1/1.5 mm.
Ali centinate e rivestite in balsa e molicot.
Seguire il forum:

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Here is a review of this plane, in french, but with pictures.
My main concern is the weight at the rear of this plane.
For all other points i consider it as very good, nice building and all is provided to finish the

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So I really like the way they have it set up below with the related products so you can pick what you need for the product you are purchasing. Also can not wait for this plane to come back into stock so I can purchase my own, a friend has one and it flies great. FPV RULES!!!

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