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Hobby King 30A ESC 3A UBEC

Hobby King 30A ESC 3A UBEC

Constant Current: 30A
Burst Current: 40A
Battery: 2-4S Lipoly / 5-12s NiXX
BEC: 5v / 3A
Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless
Size: 54 x 26 11mm
Weight: 32g

Programming Functions:
Battery Type: Lipo /NiXX
Brake: On / Off
Voltage Protection: Low / Mid / High
Protection mode: Reduce power / Cut off power
Timing: Auto / High / Low
Startup: Fast / Normal / Soft
PWM Frequency: 8k / 16k
Helicopter mode: Off / 5sec / 15sec (Start up delay)

User manual can be downloaded from the files Tab.


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Weight: 47g
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Price  $9.99

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 Customer rated
Total of 414 discussions.
GODLESS-FLYER  40 points - 2/27/2015
It has the servo-type JST connector. ^_^
Tanup  2 points - 2/22/2015
I understand this comes without the bullet connectors to the motor or the xt60 to the battery, both of which have to be soldered on later. But what about the jst connector that connects to the receiver?
Peter  13 points - 2/20/2015
Getting frustrated with these. I cannot seem to get the motor to spin no matter what. I have searched everywhere for throttle calibration, but have not found anything that makes sense. Manual doesn't say how to calibrate throttle, at the bottom of page 6 it looks like it's missing. I can get into the programming mode by putting the throttle stick at full while powering on the ESC. I defaulted the settings by putting throttle down on the right set of beeps. When I power the ESC on with throttle stick down, I get the beeps for battery and then nothing, Just BEEP BEEP BEEP for 3s, then nothing, and motor won't spin on application of throttle. I have another 60A and it's the same story. What am I doing wrong? I've tried different Rx's (not the problem, stick programming works), I tried different motors, and I have 2 ESCs doing the same thing.
 Peter 13 points
I did the "throttle routine" which is missing from pg. 6 in the manual. I put the throttle up, powered on ESC, then put throttle down before the programming beeps start. Still both ESCs will not spin a motor.
 Peter 13 points
I was just being dumb, put throttle down during first 4 beeps is the proper routine, works now.
Grant  8 points - 2/9/2015
Does this have a XT60 connector on it and does it require any sodering to a motor?
 Christian Jensen 1 points
No, it does not come with any connector, go select the one you would like in the "Hardware & Accessories" and solder it on :D
arga  13 points - 2/8/2015
Will this esc work with pixhawk/HK Pilot 32?
 Ryan Fadhilah 1 points
it works with every kind of flight controller you have. just make sure that your motor isn't overpower.
 arga 13 points
I really looking for user experience, have you tried to use this esc with pixhawk and worked? I have emax esc not working with pixhawk but works great with any other controller. Just realised that several esc had syn issue with pixhawk as well, so looking for this esc if it work witb pixhawk.
 Christian Jensen 1 points
It works with APM 2,5,2. I dont know about the PIX.
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Overall Rating
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excellent cheap ESC, exactly as described, easy to program with TX and very good throttle response. I'm using it with a 4200kv outrunner and 3s lipo with 64mm EDF, great setup!. thanks HK

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Overall Rating
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Picked this up a week or so ago the unit came in perfect condition. programming was not required as it worked configured out of the bag. it would be beneficial to have a detailed spec sheet on beep config packaged w eack hk unit sold rather than hunting online or waiting for someone to post. would buy or reco again

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Overall Rating
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I have bought this and receivied few days ago. It was well packed. I had 1 flight with it, and it was good. No problems occured during the flight. After flight it was barely hot. I recommend this esc, because it's possible to program, and it has good price/quality ratio. :)

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Good quality and well built, pre progged from box with generic settings, but easily programmed from TX. Bang on the mark for a speed controller

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Overall Rating

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It is worth spending the extra dollar or so to have the 3.5 mm connectors already on these esc's. This was money well spent and can handle the rated 30 Amps.

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