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HobbyKing Donkey ST3508-730kv Brushless Motor

HobbyKing Donkey ST3508-730kv Brushless Motor

When pulling power matters and looks.. well.. just dont, then the HobbyKing Donkey ST3508 is the work horse for you. This tough-as-rawhide motor features a heavy duty mount, a 5mm shaft and self oiling bushings that just wont give up like some of the bearings in those little "Show Pony" motors.

RPM/v: 730kv
Dimensions: 41 x 28mm
Shaft: 5.0mm
Voltage: 11.1v~14.8v
Weight: 115g
No-load current: 1.9A @ 11.1v
Max Current: 35A
Max Watts: 330W
Mounting Holes: 51mm

Prop Data:
12x6 - 11.1v - 16A - 1060g Thrust
13X4 - 11.1v - 15A - 1140g Thrust
10x5 - 14.8v - 16A - 1180g Thrust

PRODUCT ID: ST3508-730

Kv(rpm/v) 730
Weight (g) 115
Max Current(A) 35
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 15
Power(W) 330
Shaft A (mm) 5
Length B (mm) 28
Diameter C (mm) 42
Can Length (mm) 18
Total Length E (mm) 44
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Total of 42 discussions.
Giladk  11 points - 7/20/2015
Is it possible to drive this motor with 24V? In any case I wont go over 300W
Benjamin  11 points - 7/18/2015
Does this come with a prop adapter or any other hardware?
Milton  1 points - 4/29/2015
What frame are you guys using for this motor? I cannot seem to find a 42mm mount plate for this motor
Domino60  7 points - 2/7/2015
Why the shipping is so expensive ? The motor cost 10$ and i need to pay 60$ to buy it, lol. I like hobbyking and everything here inside, I never took anything because the shipping is too high. For 60$ shipping i can buy from ebay a 10kg thrust motor...
Sean M.  19 points - 9/18/2014
Alright, so I have a scratch build 1500mm j3cub. With battery and all electronics (including battery) she weighs in at 1034grams. Will she fly with this motor spinning a 13x4 prop?
 Blondeau 8 points
Hy,i have one cessna birdog with the same weight,use one 12x6,it's a good choice.
 tony 15 points
hi guys,i have this motor in a trainstar tough trainer spinning a 13 x 6 3 blade master airscrew prop, id guess my plane would weigh close to what you have, it has no trouble climbing steeply to above the clouds, with all my fpv gear on board, don't under estimate the grunt factor of this motor, it well exceeded my expectations, great motor for what it costs, cant go wrong
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Overall Rating
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niceee motor and full powerr...

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Overall Rating
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This motor seems to be very good for low cost big tri - and quad helicopters due to its large diameter. The no load current at 10V is only 1,A. Even at 20V no load is only 1,6A. The measured winding resistance = 0,77ohm. It seems possible to get 500-600gr lift at 2S=7,4V with a 13*4 prop at 7A. This is close to 10gr / W. This motor can also be used up to 6S due to the low no load current for other purposes. My motor had to be balanced due to an inaccurate bell.

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Overall Rating
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I have been using this motor on a powered glider I build, with an 8 foot wing span (see uploaded video). I have flown the plane about a dozen times, usually with an 1170 prop (slowfly or std electric), with a 50 amp ESC and a 30c 4S battery. I have had no problems with the motor for this type of slow flying / heavy plane application. Note that the 5mm prop adapter has a threaded shaft exactly the size of the propeller hole. so, you cannot for example use a Master Air Screw folding prop without drilling it out. Also, you really have to tighten the collet adapter well or it will fly off.

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Overall Rating
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Did not come with anything other than the motor. Brittle mounting tabs also. Great power though

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Overall Rating
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Works very well with an 11x7 on the Hobbyking Spitfire. After the modification original setup makes the spit look like a sitting duck in memories...

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