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S3650-3300 Brushless Inrunner 3300kv (15.5T)

S3650-3300 Brushless Inrunner 3300kv (15.5T)

Motor Size: 3650
RPM/V: 3300kv (15.5T)
Max Load: 59A
Max Volts: 14.8 2~4s
Max Watts: 750
Resistance: 0.0129

Diameter: 36mm
Front Mounting Hole Distance: 25mm
Front Mount Thread Size: M3.0
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Shaft Length: 16mm
Can Size: 540
Plug type: 4mm Bullet-connector
Weight: 222g

PRODUCT ID: S3650-3300

Kv(rpm/v) 3300
Weight (g) 222
Max Current(A) 59
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 14
Power(W) 800
Shaft A (mm) 5
Length B (mm) 50
Diameter C (mm) 36
Can Length (mm) 50
Total Length E (mm) 66
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Weight: 290g
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Price  $28.45

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  • Alloy Motor Heatsink w/Fan Mount for 36 Size Motor

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Ricardo  3 points - 10/13/2014
Suitable ESC for this motor... any ideas? Thank you in advance
Jason  1 points - 7/29/2014
I'm having trouble with this motor being run with the stock standard ESC in the Sabertooth. Eventhough it has a 59Amps range and the ESC in the sabertooth has a 100Amp range this motor is failing to work. Can anyone shed some light on what might be happening?
 Edward 30 points
By failing to work, what exactly do mean? Please be more specific. Just so you know, the Sabertooth uses a 36 diameter motor but it should really be using a 40 diameter motor for better performance. Also, you will notice that the kv rating on the stock Sabertooth motor is 1870kv meaning that even though HK threw a smaller motor in the Sabertooth, at least they installed a low kv motor (more torque) to help move that beast around. You are trying to not only use a small motor but a very high kv one at that and it will struggle/over heat in this application. Even if you get your problem solved (which might actually be the fact that you're using too high kv) you risk your ESC going up in flames due to overtaxing it. Solution: buy a 4070 or the like 1/8 scale motor with a kv rating between 1500-2200 (depends on what lipo you are using, for example a 4s ,5s , or 6s)
 Ashanti J 43 points
thats right you need to use a motor with a kv rating of 2400 0r lower and it need to bee for a 1/8 scale....i have one too im using a 1400 kv in mine with a mamba esc my truck no joke
David  8 points - 10/18/2013
lo llevo en el slash 1/10 4x4 con variador hobbyking 100 a y a 2s se calienta de tal forma que no se puede ni rozar porque te quemas y 4s ya no digo nada...llevo 14t 54. Las lipos de 5000 y 30c 2s me duras 15min como mucho
kimberly  1 points - 8/26/2013
How would this run in a rustler?
darcy351  6 points - 8/18/2013
I am running this motor in my trooper along with a sc120amp esc......Cant seem to keeps temps down though...I was running a 14t pinion with the stock trooper spur and have now dropped down to a 11t pinion and it is still too hot......That is on 3s lipo. Could the esc be too big for it? or will i just have to run it on 2s? Thanks in advance
 nipon4666 31 points
Perhaps motor 3300 kv drawn too much ampere.You should reduce to 2800 or less.
 Edward 30 points
I think it's the motor. By this I mean that I believe this is a 2 pole motor and just overall a poor one. I've ran 3500kv 540 size motors in a Stampede 4x4 on a 3s lipo and it ran nice and cool with 13t-16t pinions. 3300kv on a 3s should run great on the Trooper which is not too heavy to begin with. I say get another motor. Unless you plan on going to a 4s lipo, don't get a 2800kv or less motor as you will lose top end.
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For the price, it appears to be quite good. I installed it in a Slash 2WD, using 18/56 gearing with an ezrun 60A ESC (have yet to have a chance to run it for a full pack, though). Just be aware that you need a pinion with a 5mm bore, standard for this size is 3.175mm! Only major drawback are the wires coming from the motor, they're very stiff, so they stand out from the back of the motor some... make sure they don't get caught in anything.

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I peed my pants when i tried full power on my E-JAto. Used 19/54 gearing must have hit a good 100km. Motor runs very cool. Planning to change to use a larger pinion (26T) for more speed. Can't believe the quality of this thing. It surely eats the TRX 3.3 engine for breakfast.

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good product for 60 cm mono 2 boat, 4s lipo

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The excellent engine. ATTENTION!!! for an upgrade of regular 540 engines is necessary for buying pinions on 5mm a shaft.

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i used this motor in a hotliner (sprinter from riechard)whit a gear 3.7:1 and a 13x10 propeller
it thake's 105 amp draw and whit a 3000mah 4s 30c lipo it is going in 5 seconds out of sight
the esc is set on high timing and the plane is rocking fast whit this motor
the motor is running for not more then 10 seconds so it is cooling when it is cliding down
i whil try a 14 x 12 prop for the next flights and whill try to get more than 2 kilowatt out of this motor.
for the money it is a nice made motor

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