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BAE Hawk - Red Arrow 70mm EDF 990mm Jet kit - White (EPO)

BAE Hawk - Red Arrow 70mm EDF 990mm Jet kit - White (EPO)
BAE Hawk - Red Arrow 70mm EDF 990mm Jet kit - White (EPO)

An excellent parkflyer sized EPO jet. The BAE Hawk EDF jet comes 90% pre-built, just include your own brushless motor, servos, ESC, battery and radio gear (Tx/Rx). You will need 3 x 9g servos, one for the elevator, one for the ailerons and one for the steerable nose wheel. Because the BEA Hawk jet is made from EPO, it is very resistant to breakage and will literally bounce in light crashes. The material is also easily repairable and quite flexible.


Wing Span: 990mm
Length: 1100mm
Flying Weight: 630g
Motor: 2826 3200kv (Required)
ESC: 25A (Required)
Servo: 9g * 3pcs (Required)
Battery: 1600mAh 3S1P 20C Lipoly Pack (Required)
EDF Diameter: 70mm (Included)

Your own TX & RX (with V-type mixing)
Motor: 2826 3200kv
ESC: 25A
Servo: 9g * 3pcs
Battery: 1600mAh 3S1P 20C Lipoly Pack 


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 Customer rated
Total of 71 discussions.
carlo  16 points - 12/22/2015
puoi, farmi vedere dove hai messo la batteria a 6 celle?grazie
 Dominic 1 points
you can run a 6 cell there is enough room but getting the CG right is a pain. run two 3s batteries in series this way you can move the weight around a bit. hope this helps
Edward  1 points - 10/15/2015
How do I fix a constantly beeping ESC?
 Gel/|\ 293 points
if your esc constantly beep, this is because it wouldn't arm, your throthle signal is too high, try to aplly 120% on throthle channel of your transmitter to see if it solve the problem.
 Edward 1 points
you probably need to do a throttle c***bration on the esc. when you bind the esc and receiver. make sure your throttle is set high. you should hear a delayed beep. once that is done. drop your throttle to a low setting. you should hear your esc and receiver bind. let me know if that works for you my friend. you shoud be good to go. happy flying
Welder  5 points - 9/18/2015
It is possible to used esc and motor tornado 75mm and 6s battery?
 Lorenzo 42 points
battery doesn't fix
 Gel/|\ 293 points
yes with a motor whuch could take 24v...
 Lorenzo 42 points
NO! It doens't dipend on esc and motor! it dipend just on the place where battery is settled! it is too small to fit a 6s battery! what a useless comment is your!
 Welder 5 points
In your opinion... It is possible to adapt the place for battery...
 Gel/|\ 293 points
you can open a 6s to separate each cell, you can cut the foam to make a bigger place, so no it isn't a "useless comment", but yours lorenzo is for sure! Why are you so angry? Because someone doesn't tell the same thing than you? Because you are too straight minded to find nice solutions? Don't be agressive my friend, you're wrong that's all! MF....
 Gel/|\ 293 points
 Gel/|\ 293 points
Lorenzo is really a dumbass.... The real problem is not the "place" but will the foam resist to this speed? The servo will be strong enough to move surface at high speed? Lorenzo go back study you don't know anything in modelism...
 Gel/|\ 293 points
the proof
 Gel/|\ 293 points
It "dipend" of the size of your little brain lorenzo!
 Edward 1 points
*Lorenzo why are you making such useless comments please stay off these threads unless you have something educated and smart to say. *Welder i fly the 64mm with a 6s. It is possible to fly with a 6s. i use a 2600mah 6s with a 2200kv motor. its a bit nose heavy. i probably wouldnt go larger than a 2200mah 6s. if you use a larger one. you will have to use a lot of up trim. get ready for some speed my friend. itll be quite fast. happy flying
carlo  16 points - 9/16/2015
dove hai acqistato ila ventola MERCURY GRAZIE
Electric Power  729 points - 8/12/2015
why does HK advertise the Red Arrow in the description but show a Gos Hawk in the picture . When the box arrives it is a Gos Hawk but the British Red Arrow is an option from the company and has a Red Arrow picture even on the box when it arrives. I would have liked the British red plane and not the white USA version.
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BAE-Hawk Review
Overall Rating
Like it?
I have this plane and am using a Lander 68mm EDF running on 3600 4S lipo. It needs serious carbon rod reinforcement in main wing and elevator. The nose ugly. It has a huge battery tray and is very tough. It flies brilliantly. Easy to handlaunch.

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Overall Rating
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thisis the EXACT HAWK that I have..I got it as a present. if you think you can fly it with the recommended setup. think again.. it won' tfly at all..

17 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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I have this same version also, but is the Red Arrow. Have strengthened the wing. Setup is a 2200 4s flightmax. Have a Het 70mm fan with a Turnigy can engine to fit fan. Fan is only a 4 blade that will run the 4s. Will get 3minutes flight. Looks great in the air. Do not use suggested setup. 4s only and recommened for scale, fast flight.

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Overall Rating
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This jet is made by Tiansheng (the same company that made Airbus 380 EDF and the latest c-17 Globemaster). To have a good scale flying with this jet, 4S is a must with at least 2,200 mAH Lipo (only 2.5 min of flying time) and min 35-40C rating, ESC 60A and the 2836 outrunner 3,300-3,600 KV. If you use 2,650 - 3,000 mAH, you need to have a slight elevator up since it is a bit nose heavy and the flying time only improves a little bit to 3 min.

8 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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Bruno C.A.M.
Ce "petit" Jet est fantastique en version PSS ! Poids en ordre de vol: 510 grs . Je l'ai test dans des vents compris entre 15 et 40 km/h constant... Un bon kit pour prsenter Macon. Par contre, dommage que dans la notice il n'y ai pas le centrage! je vous le donne: CG correct 110/120 mm partir de la vis .

4 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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