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HobbyKing™ Mi Digital High Torque Servo MG 6kg / 0.11sec / 26g

HobbyKing™ Mi Digital High Torque Servo  MG 6kg / 0.11sec / 26g
HobbyKing™ Mi Digital High Torque Servo  MG 6kg / 0.11sec / 26g

The HK Mi Series servos represent the next break through in high precision servo technology. Using Magnetic Induction, rather than a potentiometer, for an unsurpassed level of accuracy and performance.

Voltage: 4.8v / 6v
Speed: 0.13sec/60deg (4.8v) - 0.11sec/60deg (6v)
Torque: (4.8v) - (6v)
Size: 35.6mm x 15mm x 31.5mm
Weight: 26.12g
Motor: Low Draw Coreless
Gear Train: Full Titanium Alloy

Mi : Magnetic Induction, uses a magnetic rotary encoder in place of a traditional potentiometer (invented in 1877). Magnetic Rotary encoders have a longer life and suffer less wear.


Weight (g) 26.12
Torque (kg) 6
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.11
A(mm) 32
B(mm) 36
C(mm) 30
D(mm) 15
E(mm) 50
F(mm) 20
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 Customer rated
Total of 27 discussions.
Memox1  1 points - 1/19/2016
Hi, what the Servo teeth? (25-24-23?) Can be used in 1/14 car as stering servo? Thanks in advace.
Ricardo  1 points - 12/19/2014
Hi. I'd like to know wich are the best servo to be install in a Bae Hawk 90 mm
David  5 points - 3/16/2014
When is this comming in again? been on backorder for 2month now and need it for the superbike premiere in sweden.
Sea Fury  18 points - 9/26/2013
Can I use it with my Futaba R6014HS receiver? Is there any gap at the end of arm tip? I want to use it on a fast performance sailplane (200mph) and do not want to have flutter..
 Lee062988 212 points
Works with ur RX but not sure what u mean by gap in the arm tip
Anthony  4 points - 2/12/2013
How does this servo compare to the align DS510M? The specs look better.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
In my experience these are rubbish servos. I have bought 5 of these and 3 have failed on a Turnigy ccpm servo consistency master tester and ripmax type tester running on no load for just over an hour on 6V NIMH pack. First one blue one of the chips on the servo amp board. The other 2 just stopped with no visible signs of damage on the boards. I suspect motors are at fault as if you move the arm it sometimes picks up and then stops again - and there are no pots in these servos. I have not stripped them down and investigated any further. I was going to put these in my HK/Trex500 hybrid Heli.
I always do a reliability test on my servos before they ever go into my helis. These have shown a 60pcnt failure rate. I believe if I left the other 2 on test they would have gone the same way. As a result they will NOT be put into service in any of my models!
P.s. I bought 3, one failed so bought another 2 to replace this plus a spare one - both of these failed - I thought the first one might have been a faulty chip and a bit of a fluke the rest speaks for its self or I am extremely unlucky!

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Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
Disapointing !

All 3 Servos have noticeable, or even big sloop in the gears, increased by the Ballbearing having a lot of sloop inside the case too.
On one Servo I can easily move the shaft 0,5mm sidewards, the Ballbearing is moving inside the case.
Problem is that the housing seems to be made with high tolerances.

The Hk MG930 Servos I have are BY FAR preciser and stronger !

Whats the Use of precission magnetic sensors if the Gear spoils the Result.
2 Stars as they are working, but not as expected.

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Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
Bin von den Servos überhaupt nicht begeistert, da alle 4 Axiales Spiel haben und das nicht gerade wenig! Die Abtriebsachse kann ich bis zu 0,5mm bewegen. Bin sehr Enttäuscht von den Servos

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
Don't use this servo on the tail of a 500-sized helicopter, it does NOT have enough torque to move the tail pitch slider when the head is at full RPM. The HK28013DMG should be ok for cyclic, but it's not nearly strong enough to be used as a tail servo.

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
Output shaft on both my servos has a lot of slop due to the bearing being loose in the housing. Pulled them apart and applied CA around the housing and now its fine. But looks like I'm not the only one with this problem, sort it out HK! Otherwise its a fast powerful servo, no other issues.

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