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Hornet Formula-1 Tunnel Hull with 540 Outboard Motor R/C Racing Boat (750mm)

Hornet Formula-1 Tunnel Hull with 540 Outboard Motor R/C Racing Boat (750mm)
Hornet Formula-1 Tunnel Hull with 540 Outboard Motor R/C Racing Boat (750mm)

The large 1:10 scale Hornet Racing Boat has a stunning tunnelhull design and runs a large 540 outboard motor. Included is a waterproof ESC as well as a high speed servo for fast response. The 540 motor also controls the direction of the boat making it turn quickly without losing speed. The boat is constructed with fiberglass and immaculately painted and finished in a high-gloss gel-coat for improved glide and a glass finish!
You just need a 2~3S lipo and your own RX to power up this boat.

Length: 750mm
Width: 280mm
Height: 200mm
Motor: 2858-1400kv Brushless outboard motor
ESC: 50A
Servo: 1 x standard size servo
Battery: 2~3S 4000mah to 5000 lipo battery (Not included)

Radio System (2ch) & Receiver
Battery: 2~3S 4000mah to 5000 lipo battery (Not included)


Weight: 3199g
International Warehouse
Price  HKD1,008.72

  • Hobbyking SS Boat Series 125A ESC

    Combo Price: HKD232.26   BACKORDER

  • S2858-2630 Brushless Inrunner (2630kv)

    Combo Price: HKD167.31   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy 4000mAh 3S 30C Lipo Pack

    Combo Price: HKD203.39   IN STOCK

  • ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 2S1P 20C hardcase pack

    Combo Price: HKD140.92   IN STOCK

  • HobbyKing® GT-2 2.4Ghz 2Ch Tx & Rx

    Combo Price: HKD131.53   IN STOCK

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Randall  10 points - 12/19/2014
I did not expect a lot for the very low price , but it is a good boat for the money , but it has some serious flaw's. # 1 - cheap tubing to keep it cool, small I.D , thin wall tubing ( easy to kink ) - hard to keep it from kinking , throw it away ! **** esc that is set to slow start , them wide open , throw it away ! A lot of fabricating to seal it up from water. No drain plug , to get the water out ! No floatation, it will sink ! No way to oil the flex shaft and bearing with out a lot of work, and it must be oiled every time it goes in the water Dumb place to put the esc . If you flip , it's fried , maybe the motor also when it short's out and maybe the battery to . Once you buy this you need to spend some more money and figure out how to protect every thing and keep from spending more money every time you run it.
Scriptx  58 points - 11/28/2014
Here is a Video of This outboard with my Upgrade Flex Shaft running Different Motors, Props and Batteries.
still a noob  14 points - 11/7/2014
how coe the motor is not inside the hull.. is the motor waterproof? secondly the suggested motor any good? S2858-2630 Brushless Inrunner (2630kv) what speed i can get with this motor on 4s, and can stock motor and ESC handle 4s?
 Scriptx 58 points
I would recommend a 120 amp Turnigy or Aquastar if you wanted to run 4s with the 2858-2630 motor on 4s. I found using the 28mm Water Plate and the NTM Prop Drive 1800kv Outrunner on 4s did great but I had to turn the 4mm shaft down to 3.18mm on a lathe to make it work. I will post a video above your post to show you the test I did with this outboard and the Kyosho Dolphin Outboard they are virtually Identical. I am running a CNC Aluminum 42mm P1.4 On my Setup now and it works great.
Vincent275uk  73 points - 10/30/2014
Glad that I re-routed the watercooling outlet via the top of the motor casing (as advised by the HK video & others) to visually check for an adequate cold water flow . . since, during my initial bathroom tests the water flow was shown to be quite poor . . this is apparently due to the hole in the plastic water intake scoop being too small (this is quite obvious if you look closely) . . accordingly, I cut-away the plastic intake scoop and fitted a larger 3mm internal dia metal tube (which more than doubles the cross-sectional area) and this resulted in a really good outflow from the discharge tube . . I have always used 3s batteries and subsequently had no burn-out problems with either the stock ESC or motor . . I wonder if the owners moaning about burnt-out stock ESC's and motors bothered to check if their watercooling output was adequate? . . my only real problem is slowing down enough for the turns (Lol) . . seems more of a driving challange than my monohulls !
 waterlogged 3764 points
Strange, you seem to be perfectly happy with being sold something which requires modifications before it will run correctly. Just so you don't think I'm moaning for no reason. This boat has been selling for over 3 years and nothing has been done about it's inherent problems. Mine has now cost over $500 in parts but thankfully I lost interest in it. It's now sitting on a shelf with a brand new outboard, new cooling system and new ESC. I doubt I'll bother running it again. I'm so glad your many years of experience running boats has paid off for you. My 57 years in RC was clearly not enough and I admit I moaned, but back when I bought mine any thought of service was unheard of.
 Vincent275uk 73 points
Hi Warerlogged, I'm sorry if I came over as appearing a bit smug, since I only intendended my watercooling comments to be something that I recommend buyers should maybe check visually, but agreed such mods should not be necessary . . any manufacturer who has had a particular model on the market for three years should of course have listened to the customer feedback well before then and rectified any problems that the majority of the users have reported . . as you can testify, something that saves the manufaturer very little initially can cost the customer dearly to replace, enough people have reported ESC & motor failures and maybe I just got lucky in this case . . I often think that HK don't use their commercial weight to put pressure on the manufactuers in the way that they should . . on a lighter note, you are well ahead of me, since I did not start RC modelling until 1966 lol (but there have been very long gaps during that time).
DutchRC  121 points - 9/4/2014
Got another run in tonight with this boat.. I like it very much! I have put the outboard of the F3 tunnel boat on it by the way.. That unit is a lot better..
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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
Great boat , hull thin,light ,strong.The outboard made from plastic with flex drive and 4mm shaft and 2 bearing .The esc heat too fast cause it draw to much amp. The prop is might be too big. If not reduced the prop size or just go with a turnigy 120a esc , it could run on 11.1-14.8v ,with out worry.It handle very good but the servo is kind of weak and noisy.Servo need more torque if you wanted to mod it.I had put Ammo brushless motor on stock outboard with 120a turnigy esc,lipo 14.8v and octura x640. It's flying and needs more weight in the front and adjusted the AOA

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
When boat arrival , I'm disappoint to its Motor. It dosen't 540 As ad mened. a dimeter is smaller than 36 mm. It dosen't to this boat, prop also.

When test drive I'm got ESC burned , Please be carful, Hobby kig please revise Motor spec would better.

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Overall Rating
The 3pk
2 thumbs up!
Hi! I'm The3PK. Just received hornet today it more valuable comparing to the price. Outboard is brushless size 380L, it's not 540 size but fast enough when used 3 cell lipo. The weakest point is water proof of esc isnot 100 sealed. I change prop to octura 3 blade 3/437 (Diameter 37 mm. Pitch 1.4) speed improved fascinating. The next run I try to setting outboard angle and lift it up a little bit for more stable while running in the water. Thank you the hobbyking to bring this stuff in your store and hope you are spare part to supply soon.

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Overall Rating
Bush pig
1 thumbs up!
my boat arrived today....the battery tray had come loose..easy to fix..
it has a 540 brushless motor with a flexi drive to the prop
put a 5000 mah 7.4 volt lipo in for a test run it went like the clappers am very pleased with it...will try an 11.1 volt lipo next

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Overall Rating
Like it?
The hull thin light , the esc didnt match the boat . It burned right at thefirst 5 min . atleast 120 a esc will work perfectly this boat

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