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HobbyKing® Discovery Buzzer

HobbyKing® Discovery Buzzer

Plug it in to a spare channel on your receiver and the Buzzer can be activated by a switch on your TX. Switch the buzzer on to help locate a lost plane.


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Weight: 30g
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Price  $2.94

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Jere  1 points - 4/26/2015
So I was told this can work on a PPM signal. But which channel would this be on by default to assign a switch to? Thanks
Wendy  17 points - 4/17/2015
Achtung, der HobbyKing®* Discovery Buzzer funktioniert nur bis max 5,8 Volt!! Attention, the HobbyKing®* Discovery Buzzer only works to max 5.8 volts !! Wird er mit einer hö*heren Spannung betrieben, gibt er bei aktivierten Kanal kein Signal. If it is operated at a higher voltage , it outputs no signal when enabled channel .
Sean  1 points - 4/12/2015
This thing is useless if you lose a model because of radio signal failure, you won't be able to trigger it with your transmitter. Recently lost a 250 mini quad in some forest because the radio gear failed and would not activate the buzzer. Certainly not a fail-safe way of finding a lost aircraft.
 tankd0g 42 points
I haven't tried this but you could probably put a relay on this that is held open by a channel on the transmitter, and closes if signal is lost.
 Morla 1 points
Configure either your controller or your RX to send signal to the buzzer in case of signal loss.
 Sean 1 points
Good idea tankd0g, unfortunately Morla I am using the stock Turnigy 9x Tx and Rx which does not have a settable failsafe feature. In the future I'll be using a standard 5v buzzer connected to my Naze32 which will become activated when the Naze senses that the Rx is no longer receiving signal.
David  1 points - 3/19/2015
David  1 points - 3/19/2015
Hi, Bought a couple of these and connected one to the Aux channel of my Sanwa RX451 receiver. It beeps when I first turn the receiver swithch on but doesn't do anything when I toggle the Aux switch on my Sanwa Gemini transmitter until I "flick" the steering control lever whilst the Aux switch is in the low position. It has to be a quick sharp flick, moving the steering more slowly doesn't seem to work. Any idea why it's behaving in this way? I was hoping it would respond just when I moved the toggle switch. I've checked and the Aux channel on my transmitter is in ON-OFF mode, not mixing or anything strange. (I've also tried one of the other four that I bought in case the first one was faulty.) Hope you can help. Regards, Dave.
 Tank1 748 points
Try adjusting your end points on your Aux channel in your TX if you have them then it should work as advertised,i'm not being funny when i say if your TX has end points i only said that as i don't know of your TX,so i don't know if it's a computerized TX or not sorry.
 David 1 points
Thanks Tank1, I've since figured it out. It needs a slightly lower input voltage than the standard 6 volts regulated by the ESC going into the receiver. By putting a diode (1N4148 in my case) in the positive lead (red) of the buzzer it drops about 0.6v bringing the supply down to 5.4V and it then works fine on the Aux channel. Thanks anyway.
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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Adding only 9g to the plane. This is a worthy insurance to finding your plane should it go down. Can use any spare channel. Good product. Hope I will never have to use it.... but you never know!

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
I want to install the beeper on his helicopter. Confronted with the fact that very hard to find a crashed helicopter in the far away.

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Exellent makes Airplanes easy to find after a landing.

I found another nice way of using this little thing... Put it on your Car or Truck and POOF!! Instant car horn!! did it myself and it works nice, specially with guys with a good sense of humor.

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I further improvements. Remove the buzzer and let him there instead of the FET transistor. Want a cheap RC switch. Excellent ....

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Muito til quando se perde o aeromodelo.

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