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HobbyKing® Discovery Buzzer

HobbyKing® Discovery Buzzer

Plug it in to a spare channel on your receiver and the Buzzer can be activated by a switch on your TX. Switch the buzzer on to help locate a lost plane.


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Victor  1 points - 2/1/2016
I created a short video on youtube - with advice how to set this up with Futaba SBus configuration
Thomas  1 points - 10/12/2015
I use Wltoys q222g. Can I use this Buzzer and how i can find it at the transmitter? Regards
cody  16 points - 8/13/2015
Jason. I don't know that you can. I have only attached to a standard receiver. If you are using the naze 32 you can just get a regular piezo buzzer connect it to the naze and use that on a switch even when using Ppm.
RCRahul  39 points - 8/11/2015
I am using this on a Walkera 250 quad, the buzzer keeps buzzing anytime randomly. Is it due to signal cut or voltage surge? Anything to worry on my setup?
Paul  19 points - 8/4/2015
There seems to be Massive confusion on how to use this. How it works,.Etc. I bought a bag of 20 of this exact same bare peizo buzzer for $3.00 on amazon for my KK and Naze projects. However there there must be more to these with the circuit board and receiver cord for 3.00 each. Why doesnt H.K. do a 60 second video explaining this and how to use it? They would only sell 10 times as many if people could get them to work I imagine. Every other comment is because it doesnt work and I bet its not broken. Come on H.K. Or maybe write a real manual explaining them and I know that would take more time and cost more according to them. A 60 sec video costs what to make?
 cody 16 points
Never had a problem...Just set a switch to move full movement from 0 to 100 plug it in to your receiver ....when the switch is off its silent, Whens switch is on it beeps loudly....AWESOME.
 Jason 2 points
Where do you plug it in if your using ppm for you receiver connection?
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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Adding only 9g to the plane. This is a worthy insurance to finding your plane should it go down. Can use any spare channel. Good product. Hope I will never have to use it.... but you never know!

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
I want to install the beeper on his helicopter. Confronted with the fact that very hard to find a crashed helicopter in the far away.

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Exellent makes Airplanes easy to find after a landing.

I found another nice way of using this little thing... Put it on your Car or Truck and POOF!! Instant car horn!! did it myself and it works nice, specially with guys with a good sense of humor.

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I further improvements. Remove the buzzer and let him there instead of the FET transistor. Want a cheap RC switch. Excellent ....

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Muito til quando se perde o aeromodelo.

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