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FrSky D8R-II PLUS 2.4Ghz 8CH Receiver with Telemetery

FrSky D8R-II PLUS 2.4Ghz 8CH Receiver with Telemetery

FrSKY ACCST technology is proven, approved by many model associations, tested and reviewed as the leading Chinese 2.4Ghz R/C Technology. If you think DSM2 or FASST is the best, think again!

New FrSKY ACCST (Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology) gives you secure radio communicatios in 2.4Ghz band. ACCST 2.4GHz system shifts 80 channels around hundred times per second in the 2.4GHz band. This means that the system is completely resistant to interference in that band.

The Two-way Radio System developed by FrSky provides an additional return link that would be used for monitoring the Rx’s voltage, temperature, location, speed and so on.
Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology (ACCSTis our advanced tecnology it shifts channel hundred times per second and there is no signal conflicts and interruptions) robust frequency agility.
Easy to bind and very fast link-up.
Excellent reboot time.
True Diversity with two antennas.
All channels can be programmed with Failsafe, quickly and easily.
Quick and extremely stable in performance.
Precise and smooth servo response.
Extended range (1.5km-2.5km).

Compatible with FrSky two way telemetry modules: DFT, DJT, DHT, DHT-U

Receiver Specification:
Operating voltage: 3.5~10.0V
Power consumption: 100mA
Resolution: 3072
Analog voltage: 0~3.3V
Number of channels: 8
Range: 1.5km-2.5km
Dimensions: 55 x 25 x 14 mm
Weight: 12.4g
1 x 8-channel receiver D8R-II PLUS


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  • FrSky DHT-U Telemetry System

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Lina Trespalacios  1 points - 1/27/2015
Hi H.K. May I use this one on my Futaba T9CAP?. if not, wich one could I use? Thnks JCH
 WTWUK 3681 points
No. Not unless you fit the FrSky DFT module to your TX. Then you can. What module is currently in your TX?
 Lina Trespalacios 1 points
Thanks for your answer. I am sure thta the FrSky DFT module in my TX. Actually I use the original futaba module PCM. The TX allow change to PPM, but when I try to set the unit (pins 1 and 2 on), following the instructions, the module has the ligths off. So I can´*t bind the TX and RX. What should I do? Thanks
 Lina Trespalacios 1 points
Radio: Futaba T9cap 72 Mhz Fm Transmisor Pcm1024
SDODD  8 points - 1/26/2015
Hi, is this receiver going to work with a turnigy 9x transmitter. I am not doing FPV now but may attempt it later.
 georgiev.s 732 points
It will only work, if you upgrade your Turnigy 9x with FrSky module. With the stock module it wont work.
 SDODD 8 points
I suppose that makes sense. Thanks.
Butt_Munch  49 points - 1/21/2015
CHEAP home-made ANALOG sensors will work with this. They will not work with the X8R or any digital-only (Smart Port) receivers, but will work with the D8Rii and any of the other analog receivers. Their key is that they output a 0-3V signal which is read by the A1 or A2 telemetry ports. You then go into the telemetry menu in the transmitter and tell it what you are measuring on those ports - voltage or current in this case. Voltage and current sensors will give you comprehensive monitoring of: - total pack voltage (actual and min) - motor current (actual and max) - mAh consumed - motor power (actual and max) VERY cool, all for less than $3 total installed cost! See the files tab for the wiring diagrams.
 Lotfi 12 points
even cooler you can interface the DJT with a Bluetooth interface and get the information on your android
Matjaz  2 points - 1/19/2015
Hello, I have the D8R-II Plus / DJT combo. RSSI signal is fluctuating between 99 and 75, even when I hold the transmitter close to the receiver (1-2m). These drops to around 75dB seem to happen at some strange TX positions (but not pointing the antenna directly at receiver). I also had a crash recently with my quad no more than 500m away (300m high and about 300m horizontally) because of signal loss (went from a beep to fail in seconds..). I am wondering if someone has experience with this? RSSI just SUDDENLY switches from 99 to 75 and then back to 99 with small movement or touch of antenna. I disassembled everything and contacts seem to be very firm. Looks like perhaps it's switching between antennas on RX and one of them soldered badly? Or one of them faulty? What options do I have to test? BR
 Lotfi 12 points
Never turn the antenna of your DJT anti clockwise : it starts dissasembling (unscrew). So if you want to reorient the antenna of your DJT, turn it clockwise. I had this issue !
LuisMauricio  2 points - 1/15/2015
Hi fellows, I'm a newbie in telemetry and I am about buying the DHT 8Ch emitter and this D8R-II receiver (I'm still in the 35Mhz band and would like to try the 2.4Ghz). I woud like to have a visual or audible advice when the receiver pack is in a dangerous voltage, with enough time to land safely. What shoud I install to have this function ? It will be installed into a Multiplex radio. Thanks in advance.
 WTWUK 3681 points
Already answered on your HK forum post.
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2 thumbs up!
Rumours said that the beta version of FrSky couldn't handle cold weather (had problems at -1C/30,2F, but this one works fine at -19C/-2.2F

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If you fly FPV, the audible RSSI alert for signal strength is worth it alone. Use the other channels for receiver voltage, main battery pack voltage, your choice... plus one RS232/serial port for realtime downlink to transmitter. Fantastic!

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These are just fabulous receivers. Tested my first one out on my Eflight Extra and got a few low signal beeps at the extreme far corners. Landed, rearranged the two antennas, and presto the problem solved. Also tested with several low state receiver batteries and it didn't hesitate to bitch. All this with no programming. I now own 8 of these little guys and real happy with all of them.

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This is my spair receiver. I botght the FRSKY to use in a Turnigy TR/TX and it feets very well.

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Excellent Rx but please stock the D8R-SP ASAP. It will be VERY popular with the multicopter, heli and UAV people.

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