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FrSky DJT 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Telemetry Module & V8FR-II RX

FrSky DJT 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Telemetry Module & V8FR-II RX
FrSky DJT 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Telemetry Module & V8FR-II RX

FrSKY ACCST technology is proven, approved by many model associations, tested and reviewed as the leading Chinese 2.4Ghz R/C Technology. If you think DSM2 or FASST is the best, think again!
New FrSKY ACCST (Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology) gives you secure radio communicatios in 2.4Ghz band. ACCST 2.4GHz system shifts 80 channels around hundred times per second in the 2.4GHz band. This means that the system is completely resistant to interference in that band. 
Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology (ACCSTis our advanced tecnology it shifts channel hundred times per second and there is no signal conflicts and interruptions) robust frequency agility.
Easy to bind and very fast link-up. 
Excellent reboot time. 
True Diversity with two antennas.
All channels can be programmed with Failsafe, quickly and easily.
Quick and extremely stable in performance.
Precise and smooth servo response.
Extended range (1.5km-2.5km).
FrSky DJT is compatible with JR transmitters following:
JR: 347, 388, 783, U8, PCM10, PCM10S, PCM10SX, PCM10IIS, 8103, J9303, PX, 9XII, 11XZERO
Receiver Specification:
Operating voltage: 3.0~16V(HV Version)
Power consumption: 30mA
Resolution: 3072
Latency: 22ms
Number of channels: 8
Range: 1.5km-2.5km
Dimensions: 44 x 24 x 14 mm
Weight: 9.3g
Module specification:
Operating voltage: 6.0V-13.0V (can handle 3S!)
Power consumption: 50mA
Output Power:: 60mW
Resolution: 3072 (11bit)
Dimensions: 63.9x48.5x36.5mm

1 x 8-channel Telemetry Transmitter Module DJT
1 x Transmitter Antenna
1 x 8-channel receiver V8FR-II (HV Version)

* Transmitter Module is compaitble with all V8 NON-telemetry Recievers


Weight: 147g
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Price  $39.99

  • 2.4Ghz 7DB Antenna for FrSky Modules (And compatible Radios/Modules)

    Combo Price: $5.51   IN STOCK

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robson_silva  163 points - 5/29/2015
812 I
have two modules and lost signal 15mts bad product
 v_max 4977 points
Can't agree with you... I have two moduls (DJT one on t9x and DYS one integrated into old 6ch transmitter) and 5 rxes (4 - D4R-II and one v8fr-ii ) All works perfectly... In most cases signal loss at so short range means one of the following... you occasionly switched TX with bind button pressed (range test mode when signal strength is reduced 30 times) .. your RX antennas mounted wrong (non 90 deg pattern) or shielded by metal or CF parts of craft .. and last you have bad contact in TX antenna connector (not screwed completely)... Also often reason is burn out of TX output transistors cascade if you once powered TX module without antenna attached.... This is common rule .. NEVER power TX without antenna. this may result in tx out burn out.. it may continue to work but on very limited range...
Andreas  1 points - 5/27/2015
Is this Transmitter Module DJT and this
the same Module ?
 v_max 4977 points
Module is the same in both combos... Difference in receiver only
Thorsten  7 points - 5/26/2015
Hello I have a TURNIGY TGY 9X reciver without external antenna and its put in PPM mode but i still dont get binded the reciver is there any other tick to do or must i make any firmware update or? Best regards. Thorsten
 v_max 4977 points
First t9x requires a simple mod to fit frsky module (some plastic around module connector pins do not allow to fit module completely in dock). You can cut this plastic around t9x connector but this requires significantly disassemble t9x to get access... Much simpler option is cut plastic separators between module sockets on frsky module... just a few minutes to cut them out... Besides this there are 3 main reasons why you can't bind....
1. first t9x must be set to 8ch PPM mode.
2. Often module connector pins slightly bend and pass aside of sockets when you plug module.
3. Module has switches on back for switching between telemetry and nontelemetry modes. You need to set switches matching your RX type.
4. Follow binding instructions from supplied printed manual... (do not think it have sense to retype it here)
 Thorsten 7 points
Hello V-Max. thanks alot for teh answer. 0)The fiting problem is solved by cuting the plastic in the FrSky-Modul 1) in the Menu the TX is set to PPM i think its for all chaneles o must i set especily the 8Ch? 2) its fits but it semas for me that the holes in the modul is bigger tahn the pins, so i also belive that ther can be a bad contact. 3) The Revicer is this witch come in the Set a 8Ch with telemetric, so y have set the switchers to OFF, OFF 4) i dit it a few times but without BINDING, puting the 9CH Modul the TX bind with a 3CH HK-Revicer. I will try more tings an d will inform you :-). Best regards. Thorsten
 v_max 4977 points
1. PPM or CPM is way of all channels data encoding for passing data to TX module via single signal pin on module connector. There is one common setting.
2. Yep, visually it looks so.. but contact is ok.. sockets have a spring part inside... 3. HERE YOU ARE WRONG! V8 receiver from this bundle is NONTELEMETRY receiver. Telemetry receivers are ones with letter D as a first letter of RX name. So you need to change switches (case you have V8 rx)
 v_max 4977 points
Hmmm I assuming you are binding V8FR-II receiver from THIS COMBO...
 v_max 4977 points
With NON telemetry RX you can't get any data back from RX... So you can't get remote RX voltage back on 9x... You need TELEMETRY receiver ( D series one). You also need significantly modify 9x .. reflash with er9xFrSky firmware and add rs232 to serial converter... Or use rather expensive FrSky FLD-02 Telemetry Display Screen... For me FrSky telemetry seems obsolete.. First because it has closed protocol not sutable to path through any arbitrary data. Second because it requires FrSky sensors and FrSky sensor hub... And it's not customizable... The only reason why I use D4R-II telemetry receivers because it has RSSI output and able to provide cppm (single wire) signal for flight controllers (significantly reduce wires) For remote data (much more reach then poor frsky telemetry) I use telemetry data from flight controller passed back in 2 ways... one way is 433MHz telemetry link to tablet or laptop.. Other way is passing this data via OSD overlayed over my FPV video ...

And, please, to be thankfull to people who helps you consider to press 'Award points' for best answer.
miXania  5 points - 5/20/2015
I am aware that Turnigy has an internal antenna 9xr but is this module compatible with Turnigy 9XR?
 fjmb58 520 points
Yes the module is compatible but uses an external antenna, you would need to modify the module to use the internal antenna.
 v_max 4977 points
No sense to modify anything... This module has a perfect OWN antenna on back of the module... It just do not need 9xr build-in one...
mahmut yasin  6 points - 5/20/2015
do you have property dms2
 v_max 4977 points
No, protocol is ACSST only. DSM2/DSMX not compatible
 Thorsten 7 points
Hello Guys and especily v-max. got them binded :-). Problem was the switches position (and the binding prozes). The Reciver is the: V8FR-II HV and i have got to bind them by the tow way "Non telemtry" and "Telemetry" mode. But yes i cant see in my dispaly of the Turnigy TGY9X any reciver voltage, what must i do o buy? Best regards. Thorsten
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need help with fr sky mod
Frsky blink
Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
The JR 3810 is the same radio as the 8103. For marketing reasons it is labelled as the 8103 when sold in the USA, and as the 3810 everywhere else. Modules are interchangeable. The numbers stand for 3 model types, 8 channels, 10 model memories. So yes, it will accept the FrSky module.

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
Guys, I been using this modules since their first beta system , and I can tell you is the BEST SYSTEM YOU CAN GET here is the main Thing I can say:
a) True FHSS system (equivalent to Futaba FAST Frequency hopping)
b) True Fail Safe setup (and easy to setup)
c) Range test perform in our clud give better than 1.2 miles and this under heavy noise (we had 5 Spektrum and 5 Futaba systems ON plus one wireless system plus a noise generator on the 2.

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
c) Range test perform in our clud give better than 1.2 miles and this under heavy noise (we had 5 Spektrum and 5 Futaba systems ON plus one wireless system plus a noise generator on the 2.4GHZ spectrum) and the system perform w/o a problem.
d) Very tolerant to low voltage (put down the voltage under 3V and still was working)
In few works VERY GOOD SYSTEM, much better than any DSM system (Like Spektrum DSM2 or Corona DSM etc.), Ve

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Overall Rating
Hong Soon
2 thumbs up!
Very attractive module with proven track records. I have yet to try this out on JR 3810 transmitter. I would do it and keep you guys posted.

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
I have this in a Flysky 9x(same as turnigy 9x on here) ans it's excellent.

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