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NTM Prop Drive Series 35-36A 1400Kv / 550W

NTM Prop Drive Series 35-36A 1400Kv / 550W
NTM Prop Drive Series 35-36A 1400Kv / 550W

NTM Prop Drive motors are rock-solid performance outrunners with tight windings, quality bearings, correctly rated magnets, balanced stator and flux rings plus they are QC checked at 14 points, from material processing all the way through to final dyno test.

Because we design and build these motors completely in-house (from 3D/2D drawing to materials sourcing, machining, balancing, final assembly and dyno) we can completely control production and ensure product consistency from design right through to shipping the product to you. The removal of middle-men has meant we can drive better value to the market and retail these motors at factory(our) prices! All performance figures are real and tested on our own motor dynos.

Our QC engineer checks and balances each motor before shipping to the warehouse.

Model: NTM Prop Drive 35-36A 1400
Kv: 1400rpm/v
Turns: 7
Max current: 55A
Max Power: 550W
Shaft: 4mm
Weight: 117g
ESC: 60A
Cell count: 3s~4s Lipoly
Bolt holes: 18.9mm & 25mm
Bolt thread: M3
Connection: 3.5mm Bullet-connector
Suggested Prop: 8x4 ~ 11x5.5

Prop Tests:
8x4 - 14.8v - 621W - 42A
8x4 - 11.1v - 277W - 25A
9x6 - 11.1v - 432W - 39A
10x5 - 11.1v -510W - 46A
11x5.5 - 11.1v - 543w - 49A


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Kv(rpm/v) 1400
Weight (g) 117
Max Current(A) 55
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 15
Power(W) 550
Shaft A (mm) 4
Length B (mm) 38
Diameter C (mm) 35
Can Length (mm) 23
Total Length E (mm) 58
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Weight: 147g
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Price  $20.75

  • NTM Prop Drive 3536A Series Replacement Shaft

    Combo Price: $1.05   IN STOCK

  • NTM Prop Drive 3536A Series Replacement Shaft

    Combo Price: $1.05   IN STOCK

  • NTM 35 Carbon Fibre Motor Mount

    Combo Price: $3.75   IN STOCK

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Bernardo  27 points - 8/28/2015
Using this motor running 4s in my 1450mm (56") flying wing. Great performance!
Marcelo  5 points - 8/14/2015
anybody know bearing used in this motor, replacement, maintenance, exchange ?
Marcelo  5 points - 8/12/2015
Hi, what bearing i use for this motor, NTM 3536 a 1400kw ?
Charles  4 points - 2/14/2015
When will order # 20ro010884484, Code 1H152382776 arrive at my destination,382 N. Spruce St. ,Manteno,Il. I don't have A shipper & tracking # ?
 Patrick 21 points
Probably in 2-3weeks. I live by Chicago and from this warehouse it takes 2 weeks.
Marcelle  1 points - 2/11/2015
Can this motor be installed in reverse? If I look at the motor, the prop adaptor can only fit on one side.
 Nguyen 4 points
Just cut the shaft or make a hole for it.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
I have this motor mounted in a Fun Cub with a 60A Turn-Plush ESC and 3S 2.65A 25-50C power pack. I tried different props and have settled on a 10x5 for first flight. I have seen some refer to the use of a 40A ESC but my tests showed that I could exceed easily 40A with this prop at NEAR full throttle. My coice for the 60A esc aligns with OEM spec and for sure this plane will not need more than 280 watts flying in some wind.

Prop tests I ran revealed this prop to be the best choice versus the 10x7 however an 11x5 may work out with a little care on the throttle.

10x5 TP pulled 48A at WOT at 12.0vdc (576watts) ran it till the battery was down to 10.1vdc varying current between 18A and 25A with bursts to 38-40A every couple of minutes. Took 10 minutes

10x7 APC pulled 55A at WOT at 12.0vdc (660watts) started to get WARM and exceeded max allowable amps so NO-GO!!!! I shut it down immediately to 1/4 throttle to cool. It never really got so hot that you could not touch it but it would have had I left it at WOT for more than 5 seconds.

9.5x7.5 PZ prop pulled about the same maybe a tad higher than the 10x7 so I scrapped this idea immediately.

11x5 TP pulled 51A at 12.1vdc at WOT (616watts) ran it till the battery was down to 10.3vdc varying current between 17A and 25A with bursts to 38-40A every couple of minutes. Took 9 minutes. This was really making some wind so I may t

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Overall Rating
Ace Daniel
1 thumbs up!
For fast models up to 1kg, not the realy good one. I flown it in my F8F Bearcat EP (920g) with 3s3000mAh with an 9x6 Graupner Camprop, ok it was fast, but after 5:30 minute the Lipo was empty. So...I think, for fast models is the 8x6 the maximum. With an 9x5 or 10x4 the speed is only good for better Parkflyer up to 1kg and than you can fly much longer time

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Overall Rating
Like it?
incredible motor ,it sends my EF extra 300 EXP to the moon

extra 300 EXP extrem flight
NTM 35 Series Accessory Pack
esc 40A mystery
4S 2650mah zippy

boy two other the next time

thx HK for this motor

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Overall Rating
Like it?
This is a very good motor.
It is strongly recommended to all.
You will not regret it.

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Overall Rating
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Placed a pair of these motors in a 1.3m B25 kit from HK. Using 3blade 8x6 props and running twin 1800 nanotec batteries, I can fly around the 6 minute mark. Great combo with ooodels of power. Half throttle will give you great scale like flying, full throttle unlimited climb. Have the same motor prop and battery combo in a P47 from HK , Wild !!!! a bit too fast but I like it because I have been mainly flying jets.

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