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ZIPPY Flightmax 4200mAh 4S1P 30C LiFePo4 Pack

ZIPPY Flightmax 4200mAh 4S1P 30C LiFePo4 Pack

Zippy Flightmax LiFePo4 flat Pack batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the hobby market today!

Capacity: 4200mAh
Voltage: 4S1P / 13.2v
Discharge: 30C Constant / 40C Burst
Max Charge Rate: 2C
Weight: 512g (including wire, plug & case)
Dimensions: 145mm x 52mm x 36mm
Balance Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: 5.5mm Bullet-Connector

PRODUCT ID: Z42004S-30

Capacity(mAh) 4200
Config (s) 4
Discharge (c) 30
Weight (g) 512
Max Charge Rate (C) 2
Length-A(mm) 145
Height-B(mm) 52
Width-C(mm) 36
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 Customer rated 4 crowns   
Total of 23 discussions.
MartinVenter  101 points - 5/27/2015
What does the 1P stands for in 4S1P?
 Joseph 10 points
how many time it has been in parallel bro
Andrea  13 points - 2/27/2015
Is it safe to use on a motorcycle?
 Linus 19 points
i have the 8400mah on my 2008 R1, works great. I think that this smaller battery also will work. The put out a good amount of Amp
 Diveitaly 23 points
It's not safe to use it on a motorcycle, bacause charging circuit is made for lead battery not Lithium based. Can explode and fire.
 Linus 19 points
i have used lifpo4 in 2 motorcycles for 3 years, no problem and they hold up fine. Charge from the bike is not an issue. For example does Shorai make Lifpo4 for bikes without any kind of BMS system.
 Andrea 13 points
Great! Thanks!
brian  1 points - 1/4/2015
Hello, I have a eflite power 32 and a 55a esc. would this battery be a good choice? I would like to get the most out of my setup. this is being installed into a .20 p51 mustang. (house of balsa kit) also any suggestions for a prop size for my setup would be greatly apreciated
 solarwindsusa 2 points
It's a 4.2 Amp battery rated at 30 times its capacity so 4.2x30=126 Amps draw is safe.
egi1610  2 points - 5/9/2014
would this battery work with a 60A ESC and outrunner consuming max 50A? I am not sure on the 30C and I clearly prefer LiFePo vs LiPo... thanks!
 mohag 62 points
This should be capable of giving at least 120A constant...
Stefan  3 points - 4/2/2014
I bought two packs in late September. The following months have been very windy so I have only flown a couple of times. Today on the first flight with these cells for the season they balloned. Capacity was less than 3700 mAh, despite balancing charging yesterday. Max current 55A, they have never been emptied below 3700mAh. Recycling!
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You need to check the voltage of these pack as soon as you get them!! Two times I ordered this, four packs each time. one pack was 1v.. essentially dead, when I got it. One pack was not balanced and the other 2 were OK... same thing two times...

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Overall Rating
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Tras 3 cargas uno de los elementos ha caido, no digo que sea mala pero a mi no me ha dado un buen resultado.

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Discharged at 5, 10 , 15 and 20 amp until 11 volts. 5 x each Performed ok charge via turnighy ACC6 Monitor with fluke meter All displayed values close enough for me. Do not know self discharge rate yet. Dunno how it'll go discharging at 30 C or~ 120 amp. I'd guess the batt wire is good for 20 amp continuos, Battery gets slightly warm to touch during 20 amp discharge or around 20 minutes to flatten. 50 amp continuos may be a big ask. It'll be spot on for my non flying application.

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