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1/18 Brushless 4WD Stadium Truck w/ 18Amp System

1/18 Brushless 4WD Stadium Truck w/ 18Amp System
1/18 Brushless 4WD Stadium Truck w/ 18Amp System

Equipped with an 18A brushless power system, this little 1/18 truck is very quick on carpet and roads.
It's small size means you can zip around your house on as little as a 2S LiPo pack.
The 1/18 truck has a brushless inrunner motor and esc pre-installed along with a high-torque steering servo. All you need to do is include your own Receiver and LiPo battery!
This is not a high-performance monster truck, but it is a huge amount of fun indoors and out!

Motor: Brushless Inrunner(2030)
ESC: 18A Brushless (with Reverse)
Battery: 2S LiPo (93x30x13mm MAX SIZE) w/ XT-60 connector [Required]
Servo: 15g Micro
Traction: Full Time 4WD, Twin Diff
Length: 250mm
Width: 185mm
Height: 110mm
Groung Clearance: 20~26mm Adjustable
Top Speed: 32km/h on standard system

NEW! This truck now includes a full metal outdrive set.

2S 800mAh LiPo (or larger)
Radio System (Rx/Tx)

PRODUCT ID: 118B-Truck

Weight: 1012g
International Warehouse
Price  HKD402.92

  • Hobbyking GT2E AFHDS 2A 2.4ghz 2 Channel Radio System

    Combo Price: HKD144.00   IN STOCK

  • HobbyKing® GT-2 2.4Ghz 2Ch Tx & Rx

    Combo Price: HKD131.36   IN STOCK

  • 10pc Nylock Nut (M3) - 110BS,118B,A2027,A2028,A2029,A2031,A2032,A2033,A2035,A2038,A2040andA3007

    Combo Price: HKD2.79   IN STOCK

  • 10pc Screw Set (2*10) - 110BS, 118B, A2003, A2006, A2010, A2023T and A2035

    Combo Price: HKD2.17   IN STOCK

  • Screw Set (M2x8)(10Pcs/Bag) - 110BS,118B,A2006,A2010,A2016,A2023,A2027,A2035,A2040,A3007andA3011

    Combo Price: HKD1.55   BACKORDER

  • Ball Stud (M2*S Dia4)(10Pcs/Bag) - 110BS, 118B, A2023T, A2027, A2028, A2029, A2035, A2040 and A3011

    Combo Price: HKD13.56   IN STOCK

  • 10pc E-Clip set (3*0.4) - 118B, Little Cosmos - A2016, A2040, A2028, A3011

    Combo Price: HKD3.41   IN STOCK

  • 10pc E-Clip (4*0.4) - 118B, A3011, A2006, A2023, A2035 and A2040

    Combo Price: HKD2.79   IN STOCK

  • BT2*8 FH Screw 10 pcs -118B

    Combo Price: HKD1.55   IN STOCK

  • Diff.Gear Housing (2pcs) - 118B, A2006, A2023T and A2035

    Combo Price: HKD5.27   IN STOCK

  • Coupler Socket (2 pcs) - 118B, A2006, A2023T and A2035

    Combo Price: HKD1.55   IN STOCK

  • Drive Gears - 1 set - 118B,A2006 A2023T and A2035

    Combo Price: HKD8.99   IN STOCK

  • Drive Gear Shaft-F - 118B, A2006, A2023T and A2035

    Combo Price: HKD3.80   IN STOCK

  • Diff.Gear 5 pcs - 118B, A2006, A2023T and A2035

    Combo Price: HKD11.47   IN STOCK

  • Front Gearbox Complete(Metal Gear) - 118B, A2006, A2023T and A2035

    Combo Price: HKD50.84   IN STOCK

  • Rear Gearbox Complete(Metal Gear) - 118B, A2006, A2023T and A2035

    Combo Price: HKD57.04   IN STOCK

  • Front & Rear Bumper 1 set - 118B, A2006 and A2035

    Combo Price: HKD4.65   BACKORDER

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HeinBloed  6 points - 11/4/2014
Das ganze Fahrzeug sieht ziemlich nah an den HPI MIni Recon angelehnt aus. Ersatzteile kö*nnten passen.
 HeinBloed 6 points
The whole car seems to be like an HPI Mini Recon. Maybe spare parts are useable.
Sambhram  1 points - 11/4/2014
Could anyone tell me the specifications of this stock motor?
jeanfrancois  2 points - 10/26/2014
Installation fpv
Thorsten  1 points - 10/20/2014
Hi...i need a new front can i get one
 chly3001 571 points
product id 118B-30535
mococa50  16 points - 9/24/2014
bom para o tamanho, bem veloz e manobrá*vel, poderia ser rtr e apenas ter preç*o melhor.
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Turnigy 1:18 Scale Stadium Truck
Overall Rating
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This thing is amazing! very fast, surprisingly for it's size! very good control when driving and lots of fun! It is very well built. the servo arm seems to have a tilt spring to protect the servo form damage from the wheels. it is also very tough, we had several accidental collisions (we bought two), and several flips after hitting a bump and it just keeps on going. with 800mAh 2 cells pack running time was about 15 minutes (even more as the pack wasn't fully charged). delivery was very quick. very good product, highly recommended, lots of fun. will post video soon.

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Overall Rating

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Super Car very fast and best grip but not all the spare parts to have only for rear not for the front of the car

4 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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Nice vehicle,ran very fast. My steering was ok but my throttle seems very unresponsive It takes like 1s before my car actually speeds up

1 comment. Reply..

Overall Rating
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i just recived this truck and its fast fast fast on a 2s 1600mAh lipo so much inside fun....dose enyone know if this truck will fit losi mini t parts?.......

10 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
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Une super voiture mais il manque cruellement de pices dtaches, surtout pour la partie avant... A great car but it is sorely lacking spare parts, especially for the front ...

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