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Turnigy KeyChain Camera w/o Memory Card

Turnigy KeyChain Camera w/o Memory Card

It's ultra small, light weight design and low cost make it a great camera for casual in flight videos.
Strap it to your wing, fuse, tail, canopy or just about anywhere. It's recessed buttons prevent vibration from changing the functions and makes it easier to attach to your model. And because the camera lense is mounted on the edge the whole case is more aerodynamic than other cameras.
The SD card (Not included) is removable and the camera has a USB port for direct PC copying.
There are many similar cameras to this one on the market, but be assured this model has a true 30 frames per second rating and works perfect with a fast SANDisk memory card (Sold Separately) for jitter free picture motion. Lense hardware is 640x480px and maintains the correct aspect ratio without AVI manipulation*. Producing a clear 640x480 AVI jitter free movie.


Size: 52x30x12mm
Weight: 18g incl. battery & keychain
Video lense: 640x480 pixel (correct aspect ratio)
Battery: Lithium Polymer 
FPS: 30 (True Rating)
Pixel: 1280x960
Continuous video recording time: 60min
Voice-activated standby time: 120 hours standby time
Capacity of memory card: Can support upto 16GB (max.)
USB interface: USB1.1/2.0
Included accessories:
Turnigy TD16 camera
USB Connector
*Other similar camera's have software AVI formatting to 720x480px, reducing clarity of the 640x480 native image from the lense. While this sounds good on paper, it makes the movie less clear and enjoyable.

Micro SD card 2GB (Sold Separately See related items)


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RonRC  4399 points - 11/12/2014
Great little camera for the money. It's great for putting on prototype aircraft or something you're not quite sure of. I've taken this camera up high on my F-22 foamy for some pretty cool shots.
 Robert 33 points
Nice video Ron. What files need be loaded to download the KeyChain Camera data to a PC? Which of the "files" should be used? It's all 'Greek' to me. Did your SanDisc microSD stay in the camera? Mine keeps popping out.
 RonRC 4399 points
Robert, If your micro SD card is popping out, something must be wrong with the camera. Mine clicks in and stays in. All I do is either plug the camera into the usb port, or remove the Micro SD card, place it in a SD card adapter and plug it into the SD slot on my computer and open the camera folder then drag and drop the video from there to the desktop until I decide where to store it.
 RonRC 4399 points
If you want to put something in the air inexpensive just in case, or you want an inexpensive camera onboard for a maiden flight, this is perfect.
mprv_bixler  12 points - 10/20/2014
This camera was the worst camera that i have used.
 CPFPV 30 points
What do you expect for £*5
Michael  12 points - 10/17/2014
For all interested, mine came in as a #9 model More info here : ***********chucklohr****/808/C9/index.html
 Michael 12 points
Apparently reading the review, the model will vary. Maybe HK should make sure to always get the best one out and state version number as it affect quality quite a bit.
 RonRC 4399 points
Hi Michael, mine is a #9 as well. Does pretty good for a very cheap camera!
Squaredancer  5 points - 9/18/2014
Will the Sanyo 8 GB card work with this camera?
 RonRC 4399 points
Squaredancer, As long as it's a micro SD card it should be just fine. Hope this helps and Happy flying!
Roland  1 points - 9/1/2014
Hi everybody. Can anybody tell me, if this item supports SDHC cards and if 32GB or 64GB card would work or not. Thank you, bye.
 RonRC 4399 points
Hi Roland, this camera takes a max of 16GB card. Hope this helps and Happy flying!
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One of the best micro cams for the RC hobby
Keychain camera :) cool!
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Overall Rating
231 thumbs up!
Not a very good camera... Just ok. The memeory card bought with this (scandisk) is very slow and jittery pictues and movies. However looking at the cost it is ok. I installed a fast spec card and then it was much much better. In my moving car video, the movie was a bit wavey. Not sure if it was because of the card or the camera. Sound quality is terrible. It is #7 camera with date and time in white on left top corner. It has a yellow led and the still picture wuality is not that great. This is just a basic camera. Wish HK could stock the #3 camera which is much better. You can upgrade the firmware on this camera. I am running 2.07 i guess... thats the latest. Weight is accurate as mentioned. Try a faster SD card and the frame rate will be much better with less drops. Also, the frame rate, pic inverted, datestamp can be changed using the upgrade utility.

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
Mine does not work at all, will not charge, no LED, no response at all. D.O.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 comments. Reply..

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
nice camera for the price but you need light look the video Hellcat low flying at:

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
Video is not bad. Sound is no good. Functions are not always responding, you have to use the reset button many times.

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
I bought one and it arrived faulty. Would thake pics but the video only recorded sound and a black screen. The LEDs flashed and blinked in weird patterns unlike the other 3 that I bought from Ebay.
I sent HK a youtube videoof the LEDs flashing weirdly and an attachment of the video it recorded in the youtube demo (date stamp, time, and my voice narrating identical in both attachment & video) but still not enough proof for HK to replace it!!
They want it sent back registered mail, that's $15.00 for a $13.00 item = $28.00. I've spent over $2500.00 with HK,how much proof do they need to replace a $5.00 cost item to them??? BAD PR!!

4 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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