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CNC Precision Jet Boat Drive - X-Large

CNC Precision Jet Boat Drive - X-Large
CNC Precision Jet Boat Drive - X-Large

This jet boat drive is hand finished and precision CNC machined from billet alloy and comes complete with impeller system and vector thrust system.
A powerful and exciting way to power bigger R/C boats.

Drive Shaft: 8mm
Impeller Size: 53mm
Impeller Blades: 4


Weight: 797g
International Warehouse
Price  $403.57

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Tomas  1 points - 8/1/2015
I am building a mini jet surf for my kid and useing a brushless motor from PMB model boats and planed to use this jetpump.. I see there are more people with almost same ide, my issue is how I can get a mechanical speed control for a brushless system?? I think there is lots of sulotions for this and are greatfull for any advice. Thanks in advance.
Bryan  1 points - 7/30/2015
Does anyone know if there is a jet pump drive larger than this? I am working on a project and am looking for something with an impeller diameter of around 3.5"-4". I have considered a jetski drive system. but the smallest I can find has a 6" diameter and they range up to 8.5". Technically I could start from scratch and build my own. But don't really want to spend that amount of time on it.
Laurent  8 points - 7/3/2015
Hello, What is the most powerful electric engine we coudl use for it? What batterie? what variator? Thank you in advance for your help. Kind regards, LC
Bank  4 points - 6/14/2015
Is it okay for it to be powered by c80100 for a electric surfboard? If not, would it work if I put two pumps on it?
Thomas  7 points - 5/27/2015
Im thinking about building an electric surfboard, and i'm thinking about using This as my propulsion system. What is the biggest electric motor that fits without losing any power? And will it even work?
 ddog1157 28 points
it would make a nice underwater scooter too
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Have just recievied my jetpump. Would have given it 5 stars but there is no instruction sheet that should have an exploded view with all relevant parts & number. The unit is very well made and looks more impressive than the picture posted of it. Perfectly finnished and spins over smoothly by hand. All parts fit and move together very well. Highly rate this item. Well worth the long wait for it. Hope parts will be available.
Need spare impellor & stator for any misshaps. Well done HK. A fine bit of CNC work.

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Received mine too, the finish is ok. The strengh of the hull is 2mm aluminium. The scews on the bottomplate are still not countersunk, but you can easily make them. Sadly the hull is not 100pcnt waterproof, you have to disasseble the jetdrive and make some sealing. But still, the overall quality of the drive is ok, but for the price I expected more. here some pics of the drive and

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have received 1 of the 2 pump i've ordered, very impressive looking unit still constructing hull, so I can't check for leaks yet, impeller spins freely, as mentioned by someone else the screws conecting the grate to the pump would have been better if they we're countersunk, but that can be overcome. overall a very good unit (just got to get my hands on the other one).

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Hello all. I have 2 of these pumps.... one of them is for sale if you cant wait for stock to come back in. untouched in box ! ..... have no need for the 2nd one as my twin project is no more. $260 US shipping ?

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It arrived after paying the douane in the Netherlands . When i opened the box , i was a little bit dissapointed . There was a gap between the 2 halves of the JET . Near the bearings the gap was more than 1mm . I measered the gap and took a knife and sissers and made a gasget 0,6mm thick . I sealed it with silicon and so it fits and seals perfect . Bearings are now good in place . I will use the JET with a geared 49cc . 15000 rpm on the jet 10000rpm on the motor . Motor is a tuned pocket-bike (gag ) engine 49cc .

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