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HobbyKing® ™ Glider Nose Tow-Line Release (11.7x42mm)

HobbyKing® ™ Glider Nose Tow-Line Release (11.7x42mm)
HobbyKing® ™ Glider Nose Tow-Line Release (11.7x42mm)

A reliable and quality mechanism for any tow-line glider.
Simply install in the nose of the glider and use a small 9g+ servo to pull/release the cable.
Machined from 6061 billet alloy & designed in-house by HobbyKing® ™ engineers.
Length: 42mm
Outside diameter: 11.7mm
Weight:  4.5g


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Weight: 13g
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Price  $2.99

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 Customer rated
Total of 14 discussions.
Samuel  52 points - 3/28/2014
What would be a good tow plane for a Bixler 2???
 matt 34 points
The Bixler 1 ! lol
Sloperdude  1446 points - 1/16/2014
I've had a hard time inserting the little pin into the housing. Does someone have any tips for doing this?
 BerteiB 94 points
File/grinf a slight chamfer on one end ro act as a lead in* don't make it too large though as you don't want to reduce the bearing area too much
 Nitro2Burn 12 points
Rather than filing a chamfer I was able to hold the pin using needle nose pliers and then LIGHTLY tapped it in using a SMALL hammer. Once it is started in the first pilot hole it will guide itself so you can remove the pliers. Remember not to push it through too far before you slide the bell crank in and lining it up. Then continue to lightly tap the pin through the rest of the way. Be careful not to hit it too hard as you don't want to risk deforming the outer casing of the unit. Hope this helps.
 BerteiB 94 points
A small chamfer makes this much easier and reduces the risk of deformation by reducing the load whilst inserting the pin.
 Dr Leigh 46 points
I used side cutters to hold it and whacked it with an fbh
tsuskas  17 points - 3/30/2013
i made a mechanism with this and one tgy90s servo for releasing differnt things from my quadcopter and hexacopter works very good at 90 degrees...very nice product
 Inigo 293 points
I us it for a emergency parachute on my quad. It is great.
witooa  42 points - 8/9/2012
Hi hobby king how about a Tow-Line Release for A tow plane?
 The Bear 150 points
I used one of these mounted slighly back from vertical. Not had any problems in over 50 tows plulling 3 and 4m gliders.
 craig 4 points
Agree with the bear, I use the glider release in my sbach tow plane. Works great. We have over 50 tows with no issues. We are towing 2-4m gliders with a pheonix models sbach 1.20 fitted with an Irvine 1.50 glow motor. We have also got a 50cc extra and a 40cc yak using this tow release with great results.
mark nesbitt1208  37 points - 2/14/2012
does it come with the wire
 aaron2233 562 points
hello marknesbit no i does not come with a wire
 Sugna 201 points
No it does not come with a wire, unfortunately =(
 The Bear 150 points
No it doesn't but I use nylon coated fishing trace (20Kg) which works very well with gliders up to 7Kg. I use a weak link of 5Kg nylon fishing line that breaks at around 4.5Kg with a simple knot, this protects the glider and tug from snatch loads. The tow line is low stretch 20Kg with swivels at both ends and ping pong balls at the glider end to hold the line post release. Line length around 20m. I hope this info helps.
 mathieu 8 points
It's only for glider above 4m wingspan.
For bigger thy are to small !
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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
This is a good quality for
Glider Nose Tow-Line Release!!

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Overall Rating
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Tambm pode ser utilizado para outras finalidades.

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Overall Rating
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Very good product.
It is very light and in the same time very strong.
very simple and good machnizem.
very low price too.
recommended for all pure gliders.

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Overall Rating
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very well produced and perfect finished

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Overall Rating
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I can only say one thing.. NICE PRODUCT

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