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Turnigy™ TGY-S4405S Dual Bearing DS Servo 4.4kg / 0.10sec / 39g

Turnigy™ TGY-S4405S  Dual Bearing DS Servo 4.4kg / 0.10sec /  39g

Type: Digital
Gear train: Plastic
Bearings: Dual
Motor Type: Carbon Brushed
Weight: 39g (1.41oz)
Lead: 30cm
Torque: @ 4.8v / @ 6v
Speed: 0.13sec 60°@ 4.8v / 0.10 60° @ 6v


Weight (g) 39
Torque (kg) 4.4
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.1
A(mm) 42
B(mm) 41
C(mm) 38
D(mm) 21
E(mm) 55
F(mm) 27
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picoco  3 points - 3/18/2016
I have just ordered these servos for my plywood edge 540T epp 1430. It seems to be very good, but when I was flying something did not go well. Sometimes the plane goes up, sometimes goes down. I could confirm it was that servos not centering well. I have a turnigy AE-65A ESC and my radio is Taranis. I am thinking in put other servos but first of all I have a question... Is it possible to get a good behaviour of these servos by conecting them to BEC with more voltage or similar? I cannot beleive these good looking servos go wrong. PLEASE HELP
 LasseK 1771 points
The Turnigy AE-65A ESC only has a 4A linear BEC. You are running four rather torquey servos on that BEC, I'm not sure it can provide the juice you need. I can recommend this meter: "HobbyKing™* Compact 20A Watt Meter and Servo Power Analyzer". It allows you to run your model electronics and then you can check the RX/servo voltage minimum, the maximum current and a few other things. Using this meter I caught a problem where my servos overloaded the BEC I was using. To remedy my problem, I used this BEC with good results: "HobbyKing™* Q-BEC Variable Output 10 Amp (6-25V) SBEC for LiPoly". It works well up to 9A and you can also adjust the output voltage between 5V and 9V, to fit your needs. I think it should be able to power your servos. You have to do some soldering to connect it to your battery, and you have to disconnect the red wire from your ESC, but these are simple things. HTH
pm79311  16 points - 5/12/2014
when will these be available in USA warehouse?
 Thomas 51 points
They have just opened the US warehouses so it will take a little while for them to stock up on everything. They are doing it at a very fast rate though so it shouldn't take long.
 pm79311 16 points
They just opened USA East. USA West has been open for a long time.
CARLOS ALBERTO  5 points - 11/10/2013
comprei seis destes servos mas todos eles trepida quando poe uma estencao nao serve pra nada estes servos
vsta3901  95 points - 4/8/2013
allora o capito perché* i servi vibrano e 1 di loro si e bruciato perché* non possono lavorare a 6 volt ma solo a 4,8 volt infatti a 4,8 non vibrano piu
Len  9 points - 4/7/2013
I have 5 of these servos which I use for throttle. I never had an issue with them but they are noisy on 4.8v. I've read that this is normal for digital servos on the lower voltage.
 pm79311 16 points
If you have 2 of these on a Y adapter, they will contend with each other back and forth with feedback. This is somewhat normal of Digital servos and more notable at lower voltages. The solution is to put them on separate channels and mix the channels 1 to 1 in your receiver. This can also help if you need to reverse one of the servos such as for ailerons.
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Brilliant servo for 12th scale racing ultra quick response and can withstand some super heavy impacts. Needs a tx with dual rate to restrict its reactiveness as otherwise can tend to be a bit twitchy however perfect and surpasses the most used one in our sport which is the futaba s3003. at half the UK price for the afor mentioned servo as well this ticks all the boxes. We are currently trialling it with some of our drifters and early results show extremely positive. Another hidden gem from HK

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Bon servo mais a tendance a prendre un peu de jeu

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servo digitale lo provato sulla barca e sembra ottimo

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Servi standard buoni e precisi anche sotto sforzo.

Good standard servo

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If they are digital or analog.... I can not figure that out. But for sure they are solid, precise and fast! At local shop at least double the price for the same quality. I use them on 1.5meter plane and perfect fit :)

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