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Helicopter Aluminium landing Gear Set

Helicopter Aluminium landing Gear Set

Heli Landing Gear Set with alloy skids/Plastic mount


PRODUCT ID: OR023-00701

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JTtanker  43 points - 10/16/2014
Can anyone give dimensions for the mount points please? Would like to mount this to my HJ MWC quad. TIA, Jon
Jean-Paul  34 points - 5/5/2011
wich kind of helicopter it's ?
 Sirius35 34087 points
it seems 450 class
 Jean-Paul 34 points
Tkx. It's really twice price of #13088 item (HK 450 skid) with same picture
 kamashi 85 points
In fact this is Product ID: OR023-00701, and that one is OR023-00702, so even the code is almost identical. Any one can check the size measurements posted on this description versus the other one?
 Sirius35 34087 points
the problem is there're none size measurements in the other... how to compare ?
 kamashi 85 points
*Sirius by someone who has bought the other
 Sirius35 34087 points
so waiting....
 Piotr 6 points
I fitted this landing gear to the HobbyKing Quadcopter Frame V1. This landing gear looks MASSIVE compared to a standard 450 heli landing gear. The photo on this page is not correct. My measurements are: Skid length: 375mm Width: 190mm Height: 55mm
 furunkel 20 points
It´s more like a big 600er or small 700er-skid. 450er: 185x125x42 500er: 245x165x56 600er: 300x240x65 425Hurri: 240x160x55 400Logo: 205x170x60
 iFiedler 6 points
How much does it weight?
 furunkel 20 points
sorry - i already mounted them and missed to take the weight...
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This landing gear fits perfectly onder the HobbyKing Quadcopter Frame V1. The holes match without modification. It makes landing the quadcopter very stable. I have photo's if you like to have them ?

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Overall Rating
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Great landinskid for multicopters i use them allot
U cant find better ones for the monney

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