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Wilga-2000 Trainer EPO 1160mm (PNF)

Wilga-2000 Trainer EPO 1160mm (PNF)
Wilga-2000 Trainer EPO 1160mm (PNF)

Wilga-2000 is made from crash resilient EPO foam, A perfect R/C model for beginners and as well as pro-flyers!

The kit includes a power brushless outrunner, ESC and servos all pre-installed. It also includes floats for fun water takoffs plus standard landing gear. All you need is your own Rx and battery to be ready to fly. (Plug-n-Fly)

Its small size means its easy to carry just about anywhere or fit into the boot of your car and its easy flying characteristics plus flexible and forgiving EPO construction make it a stress free trainer for almost anyone.

Curved wing tips and forgiving airfoil make this an easy and stable plane to fly at slow speed. A great trainer or lazy Sunday flyer!
Length: 888mm
WingSpan: 1160mm 
Propeller: 3 blades 8x6
Wing load: 16.82g
Flying Weight: 550g / 600g (with floats)
Motor: Brushless outrunner
ESC: 18A w/BEC
Servos: 3 x 8g 
Battery compartment: 72x39x34mm

4 Channel Transmitter and Receiver
2S 7.4V 1300mAH LiPoly Battery


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Weight: 2341g
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 Customer rated
Total of 226 discussions.
Neville  12 points - 4/26/2015
Can anyone advise the C of G position please?
glenn  3 points - 4/17/2015
what sort of flight times would I get off a 1000mAh battery (I have many of these)
Timothy  2 points - 2/16/2015
Does anyone know if A master airscrew 8x6 3 blade will work on this plane? Do I need the 3mm prop adapter? I have not been into planes for 10 years and am new to electric as a whole. The factory prop was broke upon arrival .
 Timothy 2 points
I received my replacement saturday. I upgraded to the Master Airscrew 8X6 using a 3mm prop adapter. I have not flown it, but I tested it on the ground and it has a TON of thrust, and is pre balanced.
victor7777  57 points - 2/14/2015
Do you know what is the best motor upgrade for 3s setup and use with float.
Fighting31  24 points - 9/4/2014
What sort of battery connector does this model use? I run all my gear off XT60's.
 Fighting31 24 points
OK - HK live chat told me deans so I purchased new batteries with deans connectors and then after all that it turned up with XT60s! Wing spar glued in the anti-hedral which is a disaster, as I might have mentioned in my review, assembled by a chimpanzee on an LSD binge!
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
This is THE BEST beginner airplane ever!!! Really easy to fly and handle, though not a sports plane, it teaches all that is needed to anyone who is learning to use ailerons. Withstands hard landings and is easy to fix if affected by a crash. One airplane to keep forever and return to whenever you want to have a pleasant time flying !!!

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
First of all - this is a GREAT flying airplane. Flies on little power with ease, lands easily. We have flown it with a 1300mAh Turnigy 30C. It can also do aerobatic maneuvers, including inverted flight - however: the motor mount is flimsy and will break after a short aerobatic flight. Happened to me twice... Made a ply fire wall & installed a 2822 1200Kv motor. Landing gear is also very flimsy and will wider in time. Also - ditch the 3-blade prop

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
This was my first ever RC model. I trained my self with this one. It's a magical experience to fly this model. It's so easy and predictable. It's a slow flier and offers a lot of fun and relaxing fly even to experienced pilots. I will agree with the fellows above. It needs a better motor mount (I fixed mine too) and a little bit more power. a 1100-1150Kv would be fine for this 3 blades prop. Even better, use a two blade 9x6 or 10x5.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
I learned to fly with this plane. You will earn your wings in no time with this great easy flyer.Take offs are great and floats down very, very nice.
HK you need this bird in stock all the time, been awhile since I have seen any for sale. Might just buy another one to keep in my collection...

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
This was my first R/C plane. After 3 years I still have spare wings unused. I iron covered all foam surfaces with duct tape to make it indestructible. Check my video on you tube "Wilga on floats"

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