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1:5 Scale Nitro RC Motor Bike (P&P)

1:5 Scale Nitro RC Motor Bike (P&P)
1:5 Scale Nitro RC Motor Bike (P&P)

This 1:5 Scale Nitro RC Bike comes with dual front friction-damped forks as well as adaptable rear oil filled monoshocks. It's Aluminium side frames which are tough as well as rigid make this bike responsive, light and quick. This Nitro RC Bike is 100% factory assembeled and ready to run, powered by a Sanye .15 gas engine, also included is the 2 high speed servos for greater control. Just install your RX and battery to power up the receiver and the servos, Don't forget to fill up the fuel tank! 

• 100% factory built
• Factory painted Ducati 999R bodywork
• Powerful Sanye .15 Nitro engine 
• Oil filled front and rear suspension system
• Chain drive and with ball bearing drive train
• Rear disk brake
• Hi grip, racing slick tyres

Length: 410mm
Width: 120mm (without gaurd wires)
Height: 260mm
Weight: 1,874 grams (Ready to run)
2 Channel Ground Transmitter and Receiver

Receiver Battery


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Weight: 3969g
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Price  $159.99

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 Customer rated
Total of 13 discussions.
Bunal Bai  7 points - 7/9/2015
Thomas after an agonizing modification,My OS CV.12 can scream through the top of the lungs *38,000 RPM theoritically w/load * this bike..this bike is nice but Need QC at the factory....Enjoy your bike man
Simon  1 points - 7/8/2015
Are these ever going to be in stock in the UK
Bunal Bai  7 points - 7/8/2015
This bike dont need any gyro,sadly when i brake in the engine there is so many debris inside the exhaust manifold.spring inside the manifold was left inside.during starting the engine once you flooded it' it start's to flow back inside the piston my engine was totally wrecked.but it is a great bike hope the manufacturer of this product will gonna keep up the good QC before releasing it to the market..........this bike is fast
James  3 points - 1/21/2015
What size rx batteries does this need?
 preston 19 points
It uses AA batteries. IM sure you could convert it to a battery pack though
 olivier 13 points
ni-cad 4,8v 700mah
 Sungio 133 points
you are better off using a 5s 6.0v 500-700ma ni-mh battery or a bec and 2s 700-800ma lipo pack.
 ATAN #1 80 points
By standard, u can use 4cell nimh pack for the best choice.since rc bikes will be very difficult to control if the steering servo does have speed. By having more torque on steering,u'll have better steering authority.. finally,means if u put more than 5volt for the bike as rx and servo supply,its not gonna be better. We have years of experience in this arena.. guys can always find any solution by visiting my fb at Rc King-with blue and orange background color profile photo.
meshach  3 points - 12/30/2014
Can I fit an .18 engine in it
 ATAN #1 80 points
It doesnt need those silly engines....u just put an novarossi .12 or an OS Engines .12
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Ian W
6 thumbs up!
Great bike but you should check all screws and make sure the gear mesh and chain tension is correct before running. I had to remove the rx battery holder and reshape it for the main frame to sit properly. Also I changed to an A3 glow plug and run 10pcnt nitro. Had to very lightly grind the post of the glow plug for the spring wire remote glow lead to fit the new plug. Also grinded the edges of the glow for the included glow spanner to fit

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
I had some problems starting the bike in the past. So, I write down what I found so far: 1. It's better with OS #6 A3 glowplug. 2. I had to replace the carburetor with a TRX Pro-5 (6.0mm bore). 3. I use 16 nitro. Now the bike works just fine! (For the carburator, my setup is 2 1/2 turns for the high mixture screw, 1 3/4 turns for the low mixture and about 1,5 mm opening for the idle speed).

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Overall Rating
Ian W
1 thumbs up!
Further to my comments about reshaping the battery holder to get the frames better align I can now say that after many runs it is a great bike. Turning in corners can be an issue if you oversteer it will not turn sharply. Best to use lots of dual rate and get use to using a little bit of steering and of course keep the speed down. Disc brake is great to wash off speed. It has a front end saver just in case you run into a kerb.

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Overall Rating
Uncle D
1 thumbs up!
Agreed with Rionuts. Before I had my awesome wife get this for me as a gift I did a bit of researching and found that this bike was a real deal. It's a fun bike to run. I recommend it.

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Like it?
verdaderamente estoy super emocionado con la llegada de mi bike, eh hecho el pago en tiempo y forma por western union, envi el email con los numeros correspondientes al pago y despues de 4 dias del pago me envian un email disculpandose por que esta cerrado por dias festivo el di 1/10 al 4/10, lo curioso de esto es que estabamos al dia 19/10. la verdad es que ya envi varios email pidiendo una explicacin. aun no recibi ninguna! gracias

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