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Turnigy D2830-11 1000kv Brushless Motor

Turnigy D2830-11 1000kv Brushless Motor
Turnigy D2830-11 1000kv Brushless Motor

D2830-11 1000kv Brushless Motor
Rpm/V: 1000kv
Shaft: 3.17mm
Voltage: 2S~4S (7.4v to 14.8v)
Weight: 52g
Watts: 210w
Max Current: 21A
ESC: 30A
Suggested Prop: 8x4 (4S) ~ 10x7 (2S) 
Mounting Hole Bolt Circle: 16mm or 19mm
NOTE: This motor is 1000kv. The factory labelled them 1100kv in error.

PRODUCT ID: D2830-111000

Kv(rpm/v) 1000
Weight (g) 52
Max Current(A) 21
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 15
Power(W) 210
Shaft A (mm) 3.17
Length B (mm) 30
Diameter C (mm) 28
Can Length (mm) 14
Total Length E (mm) 45
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 Customer rated
Total of 695 discussions.
Joao  3 points - 9/24/2016
For a cessna trainer with 1.10. wing and 700g, is too much? wich you recommended?
Surfmonster  18 points - 9/12/2016
Can the shaft be reversed on this motor to point out the other end? I want to use it in the Mini-Switch.
 Gary49 4518 points
Not easily, it is grubbed screwed one end which is not a problem but the other end has circlip. Once the shaft is pushed through you will require some means of stopping the end bell trying to slide off, you could use a retaining collar with a 3.17mm hole in it to stop this.
 Surfmonster 18 points
Thank you Gary49, Can the shaft be removed and reversed using the c-clip and grub screw?
 Gary49 4518 points
You will be able to use the grub screw to hold the shaft but I doubt there will be a groove for the e clip.
Jean-Pierre  1 points - 9/9/2016
Is this motor also done to push ?
 ripcurl777 506 points
i use one in Bixler 2 which is a pusher. No problems until now. i don't know if there is any problem with the bearings when use it as a pusher. But i think most motor ar capable ob doing both push and pull.
Glesni  2 points - 9/9/2016
D2830-11 1000kv Brushless Motor I need a brushless that accepts DC and not require any external electronics. Is the D830-11 suitable? thanks Osborn Jones
michel  2 points - 8/26/2016
which the bearing on the motor d2830
 Tompson 8 points
Two types of bearing in this motor R2-5ZZ and R2ZZ and easy to remplace.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
no problem yet. mine have 1.5h flight time now and still running strong.
using lipo 3s 1300mah and a 9:6 prop, only need half trottle on my 1kg beaver.

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Vypádá dobøe. Zatím jsem nemìøil

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Tested this motor with a 10x4.7 slow fly prop, 30 amp esc and 3s 20c lipo battery. I was quite skeptical about this motor due to the bargin price. Anyway, here are my results: 180 watts and 18 amps The motor gets warm at full throttle. Yet, I never need to use full throttle. This motor is powerful. It is also a smooth and quiet. My other motors aren't as smooth. My slow stick flies with a viciousness now. It gets up high in no time. The motor comes in a plastic case with a prop adapter, mount and information. The cost is under $8, yet it feels like a quality built motor which includes information. I curious to see the lifespan of this motor. Be certain to solder the bullet connectors on well or the motor will stutter like mine did. I had to re-solder the connectors again and it worked. I really like this motor!!

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
I have 3 of these total... two in a Multiplex TwinStar and one as a backup. They're fantastic motors for the price. I run 8x6 APC electric props on them (not the SloFly models, the standard electric props) and they always come down cool. 9x6 prop stressed them a bit. 8x6 was the sweet spot. Efficiency is awesome on these, too. I can fly for about 15 to 20 minutes and only use 1100mAh on my 2200mAh packs. Great stuff!

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Very nice motor for foamies plane and multicopter. I use this motor for my first quadcopter with 9x5 2 blade or 8x4 3 blade propeller.

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