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HobbyKing 450 4-Blade Rotor Head

HobbyKing 450 4-Blade Rotor Head

4 Blade rotor head for V2 or newer HK Heli.
Quality machined components ensure tight fitting shafts and bearings with little to no slop for accurate flight characteristics.
Blade grips take standard 325mm blades.
Dont be mistake by the price, the quality of this rotor head is excellent!

Limited stock production due to a small assembly team. Preorder to avoid dissapointment.

PRODUCT ID: GT450-002-4

Weight: 369g Quantity: 

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ben  1 points - 4/15/2014
What material is the shaft? Is it hollow or solid? How near to vertical can the collective pitch be set?
dustin  1 points - 3/5/2014
will this fit on my 450 3d, and do I need a flybarless system?
 Doobieman 152 points
Yes, and maybe. It should fit you heli, and you may or may not need the flybarless system. Some people are claiming that a properly setup multi-blade head might not require a fkybarless controller.
Nobby  160 points - 1/24/2014
Does anyone know if the blade holder pin should go forward of the rotation or at the rear. Mines assembled with it forward but that means a leading edge control and with the plastic blades having a front leading edge bias (the blade are cut back narrower from the trailing edge)I would think that the blade control rod could have a tendency to possibly!! come off when under full pitch if the ball link happened to be loose?.In this context I would think that the trailing edge set up would be better.that is with the control ball to the left side of the blade grip? Does anyone know if I'm correct?
inkjet21  8 points - 1/6/2014
what are the best blades to use with this 4 blade head
 Nobby 160 points
I tried some of HK's 325mm plastic blades and theyre at first look good from the point of good weight approx 30 grms and all 4 weigh within a 1/10 of a gram of each other and also all seem to have a CofG that is matched withiin a millimeter.I'll do an update once the four blade head is fitted and the blades are tried OK.The weight match alone is great from the four blade point of view as I have found that the pairs of cheaper carbon blades can be up to 0.5 of a gram out .Stay tunned ...
NorthWestPassage  3 points - 11/27/2013
I ordered one of these to check the quality etc. and perhaps used in an R&D project. Seems like a nice design and well made. The only thing causing be pause is the rotor head attachment to the drive shaft. There is a tiny hole there for a pin (?) or screw (? ). What do I use ? I assume no matter what it has to be high strength. Also anyone know of availability of hollow main shafts?
 Francesco Saverio 3 points
You can replace the attachment to the drive shaft with the first align 450 flybarless rotor head system, i use the attachment from this kit (you can buy only it) and it work perfectly
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The trick is that you do the phasing mechanically. Align 1 blade with the tail and slide the follower so that the linkage is 0 degree offset. That way you can fly it WITHOUT flybarless electronics. The tal stills needs a bit more authority. I have a high RPM on the head and a very flat pitch curve (-4 to plus8). And a little expo didn't hurt either (never use expo before). I use standard (cheap) fibreglass blades which you can buy anywhere. I use a

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Nice finish and good fit.The supplied shaft is a snug fit in the bearings and all the parts need thread lock, but stll very nice. Generates massive torque and is very quick to respond. Need head speed HIGH and pitch LOW in order for the tail to hold. Sounds different too.Thrilling!!! Get one.

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1 thumbs up!
Una autentica chulada

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I just ordered one...before reading the reviews! Were there not any construction instructions included with the head?...if not, I feel that they should have been included, thus avoiding the needless consumption of building time, not to mention the confusion of the builds by so many!

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all metal quality pretty tuff and tight, no instructions..great price

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