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TURNIGY TRUST 55A SBEC Brushless Speed Controller

TURNIGY TRUST 55A SBEC Brushless Speed Controller
TURNIGY TRUST 55A SBEC Brushless Speed Controller

Turnigy® TRUST SBEC ESCs have a very flexible and broadly capable MCU, able to run all types of brushless motors.
The large heatsink and simple PCB layout make heat dissapation consistant, enabling the ESC to be run at its limit, without failure.
The ESC is program-card and transmitter programmable with clear and easy to understand instructions included.
Default factory settings are;
Brake: off
Battery: LiPo Auto Detect
Low Voltage: 3.2v (power down motor)

Max Motor Current: 55A
Max BEC Current: 3A
BEC Voltage: 5.5v (Switching)
LiPo: 2~6S
Weight: 53grams

Programming Options.
Battery Type
Soft Start
LV Setting (Ignore, Reduce Power, Stop Motor)
Timing (Auto, Med, High)
Switching (8,16kHz)
Factory Restore


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Weight: 79g
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  • Turnigy Trust SBEC Programming Card

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Neal  1 points - 12/14/2014
Trying to set one of these up with a NTM Prop Drive Series 35-30A 1400kv motor. Having problems with jitter on the motor when going steady 0-50% throttle. The motor will also go full throttle for 5sec even when throttle input dropped to zero!!! Tried changing all the settings (timing and freq) but still has the same issue. Anyone have any ideas?
 skyfox60 1118 points
I use this ESC, too on a NTM motor and have similar porplems. The motor jitters a time before starting to turn. Seems to be a problem of this ESC. Best idea is, change ESC to turnigy plush or better, to a hobbywing one. I am still using mine, but will change also before next season.
 Neal 1 points
Tested it on another motor and still the same problem. Tried another ESC on both motors and worked fine. Think I have got a dodgy one, in process of RMA. May get another one by Feb....
David  4 points - 8/23/2014
Hello, I have had several successful flights with this 55amp ESC with UBEC. When I was plugging the UBEC output back into the receiver after some maintenance, I heard a pop, and all of the sudden the UBEC reads an output of 13.1V instead of the 5V that it is supposed to output. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
DiegoBsAs  15 points - 8/8/2014
hello received hae a few days this controller, and I have a problem, when I pruevo with eun provador servo this drive works perfectly but when I connect to channel 3 receptor orange FASST 8ch makes a constant and very often beep, anyone know if you can be the cof the radio, futaba 7c or receiver?
 franck70 202 points
Chk The files tab you have The manual if you have futaba transm. You have to .....Hope this help. Have a nice day. Franxerox
petrik59  26 points - 6/30/2014
Hi, Is the below the only program optons there are on this? No Break? Programming Options. Battery Type Forward/Reverse Soft Start LV Setting (Ignore, Reduce Power, Stop Motor) Timing (Auto, Med, High) Switching (8,16kHz) Factory Restore
 franck70 202 points
It have some program options, you Will found them in The manual under files tab. Have a nice day. Frank
Matt  1 points - 6/21/2014
Hi, Deos anyone know the width, length and height of this ? How does it compare to the 45A version. I need one for my 450 heli.
 jzzto 390 points
it is not much bigger, 1cm long or less, height and width are pretty similar
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Overall Rating
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Excelente acelerador, lo recomiendo, lo uso en un NTM Prop Drive 35-42 Series 1000KV / 700W, con muy buenos resultados.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
This is my first ESC and so far I'm very pleased with it ! I run it with a H2212-6T 3200 kv outrunner and I had to change the timing to high. Didn't bought the programming card so I had to use the transmitter and in fact, it's really easy. You just have to follow the tunes by looking at the instructions.

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Overall Rating
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It's good and easy to use and low price. I'm using it world model ducted fan unit and purchase 3 controller and never disappointed.

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Overall Rating
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I use this on my Cx 450 and it was a simple plug and go .
The default settings are perfect for heli . Very smooth start up and a lot better than the stock Cx esc and I will be getting another for my next 450 build

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this esc is great, i use for many motors and testing. no problem stock and if you need anything extra due get the program card.

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