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TURNIGY TRUST 55A SBEC Brushless Speed Controller

TURNIGY TRUST 55A SBEC Brushless Speed Controller
TURNIGY TRUST 55A SBEC Brushless Speed Controller

Turnigy® TRUST SBEC ESC's have a very flexible and broadly capable MCU, able to run all types of brushless motors.
The large heatsink and simple PCB layout make heat dissapation consistant, enabling the ESC to be run at it's limit, without failure.
The ESC is program-card and transmitter programmable with clear and easy to understand instructions included.
Default factory settings are;
Brake: off
Battery: LiPo Auto Detect
Low Voltage: 3.2v (power down motor)

Max Motor Current: 55A
Max BEC Current: 3A
BEC Voltage: 5.5v (Switching)
LiPo: 2~6S
Weight: 53grams

Programming Options.
Battery Type
Soft Start
LV Setting (Ignore, Reduce Power, Stop Motor)
Timing (Auto, Med, High)
Switching (8,16kHz)
Factory Restore


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  • Turnigy Trust SBEC Programming Card

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rwhilli  1 points - 1/3/2016
Can someone tell me the approx. dimensions of this ESC? Rolf Hillefeld
 skyfox60 1320 points
30x70x12mm appx but regard that most people ( me too ) recommend use of another ESC because this one has awfull software. It jitters the engine and does not work properly on startup. The inbuild bec is good, but the esc is more or less not what users recommend. Go for a blue series or mystery or turnigy plush. They all are better. Hope that helps.
maurizio  5 points - 12/18/2015
The speed controller does not work properly, i had a model lost due to the continuous jitter and hiccup at 70/80 % throttle and full stop at full throttle. I tried to run different kind of motors , the behaviour is slithy different but persist. Speed controller brand new to s****.
wb4owc  7 points - 10/25/2015
Had 1 short flight up on a bird of time with a turnigy 25 pushing a 12-8 folding prop. Never ran again radio still works fine. A genuine piece of ****! Jerry Sparks
zagonielod  135 points - 8/4/2015
I have bought one of these a couple og months ago, but havent used it since yesterday. Jittre, jittre, but after a few flight, suddenly the motor span up full throttle, couldnt do anything, even switching off TX didnt stop it from spinning. Quickly switched back on. I had control of the servos, but not on the motor. finally somehow I got the plane down, but just because the prop adapter probably loosened from the vibrations and got lost. I am wondering, am I eligible for a replacement or refund or something? It wasnt a very cheap ESC and I cannot use it any more (in case I dont want to crash the plane)
 skyfox60 1320 points
aAnd you are sure, not to have switch on a false mixer accidentaly? Sounds so, sorry.
 sorenlaf 140 points
There's a known problem with these. zag's description is a little different from what I've seen described and experienced personally. Motor jitters at about 75%-85% throttle, on/off like a pwm circuit kicked in. If you push past to full throttle, it runs normally, but when throttle back to zero, the motor stays at full throttle for several seconds - which is a really long time when you're expecting zero throttle. I was fortunate enough to encounter this on the bench, ntm 28-36/2700kv motor and zippy 2200 3s 40c battery. I have two of these, same behavior. I have used the 45amp trust on a number of airplanes, all which have lower kv motors, and they've worked flawlessly. I'll eventually, perhaps tomorrow, try this with a lower kv motor and see if I still see the problem. I kind of figure the 45 and 55 are the same, just with higher current, or more, mosfet's on the 55, but that's just my guess. Given what I've experienced, I would not assume that zag has a setup problem.
 sorenlaf 140 points
Tried the 55amp Trust ESC on a different motor today. NTM 36-42/1250kv. zippy 2200 3s 40c. Exactly the same behavior as with the higher kv motor discussed above.
Paul  19 points - 8/3/2015
Has anybody figured out how to get rid of the jitters on these or the 45Amp model? I just ordered the programming card but haven't tried it yet. Anybody?
 skyfox60 1320 points
No, you won´*t get rid of the jitters. Thats the ESC, not its settings. Only way is to use other ESC. Mine jitters at starup only, but after about 2 seconds it runs ok. The BEC on this esc ist quite good, which is the case soldom enough. But the startup jitter seems to be a genetic-defect:-)).
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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Excelente acelerador, lo recomiendo, lo uso en un NTM Prop Drive 35-42 Series 1000KV / 700W, con muy buenos resultados.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
This is my first ESC and so far I'm very pleased with it ! I run it with a H2212-6T 3200 kv outrunner and I had to change the timing to high. Didn't bought the programming card so I had to use the transmitter and in fact, it's really easy. You just have to follow the tunes by looking at the instructions.

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Overall Rating
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It's good and easy to use and low price. I'm using it world model ducted fan unit and purchase 3 controller and never disappointed.

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Overall Rating
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I use this on my Cx 450 and it was a simple plug and go .
The default settings are perfect for heli . Very smooth start up and a lot better than the stock Cx esc and I will be getting another for my next 450 build

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Overall Rating
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this esc is great, i use for many motors and testing. no problem stock and if you need anything extra due get the program card.

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