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Boscam GS920 640x480 8ch 2.4/5.8Ghz Dual Rx w/ HeadTrack FPV Goggles

Boscam GS920 640x480 8ch 2.4/5.8Ghz Dual Rx w/ HeadTrack FPV Goggles
Boscam GS920 640x480 8ch 2.4/5.8Ghz Dual Rx w/ HeadTrack FPV Goggles

With the increased popularity of 2.4ghz video and 433mhz UHF radio setups the GS920 goggles have been re-released at new low price! Offering the best of both frequencies with built in receivers and taking advantage of advances in 2.4ghz while staying compatible with your 5.8ghz setups has never been so affordable!

These 640x480 resolution 2.4/5.8Ghz Dual Receiver 8ch video goggles come with a true full colour micro LCD panel and a silicon rubber shield for blocking sunlight, giving the user a rich 80 inch virtual screen display perfect for high-end FPV flight. 

A compact and light-weight design, Adjustable volume, Brightness and Contrast plus they can be powered by the Tx and include full anti-drift head-tracking via your transmitter!

Powered by your TX or an 8~13V input these goggles are equipped with the dual Audio/Video receiver module, just use the appropriate antenna provided with the kit and set the frequency from 2.4 to 5.8Ghz in the OSD (On Screen Display) menu and you will be ready to receive the video from your FPV transmitter. 

These goggles are perfect for a screen overlay Data Expander (like eagletree) due to its large 640x480 size high resolution screen.   

Display resolution: VGA 640x480 RGB, 922k pixels
Field of view: 32 degree
Virtual image size: 80 inches
Frequency: 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz (selectable)
Audio & Video:  input/output
Input voltage: 8~13V
Antenna connection: RP-SMA

2.4G :
5.8G : 5705,5865,5665,5645,5885,5905,5925,5945MHZ

1 x 640x480 8ch 2.4/5.8Ghz True Color Video Goggles
1 x Data cable (External Power & Headtracking)
1 x Power Cable for Lipo battery
1 x Antenna for 2.4GHz
1 x Antenna for 5.8GHz  


** Many fake, poor quality & untested FPV products are currently entering the market. Don’t get caught out with poor quality substitutes, Boscam FPV equipment is tried and true and has been tested and developed by FPV pilots for FPV pilots. 


Weight: 580g
International Warehouse
Price  $234.99

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BlueSky22  6 points - 3/26/2015
I'v own (2 pairs) I always care for them, the quality is really good, although now I"m starting in (both pairs) of the lens a green or yellow looking hair like fragment. I tried to clean even inside, iv came to the conclusion this must be not a hair or anything that can be removed from cleaning but, something the goggles electronic pitcher is making in the screen, Has anyone els seen this in there lenses? I spent 8 hrs disassembling and cleaning these goggles inside and out? even the camera and behind the lens, (looks like something you would see under a microscope) it can be ignored but once in awhile you just focus on it?
 v_max 4710 points
Switch off camera (signal) and enter menu settings... if this artefact still present? If no.. then probably problem is in your camera / transmitter ...If yes... mechanical one will stay stable... inteference and signal reflection artefacts as well as power noise are 'live' it do not stay stable on screen... Also electronic artefacts usually close to horizontal or vertical ... mechanical (hair and scratches ) has random orientation. Check visually your protective lenses for scratches with side light...
Miguel FP  1709 points - 3/5/2015
Do this goggles comes with a cable to be connected to t9x, directly, without any mod?
 v_max 4710 points
JR cable included for 9x... but standard JR training connector has no power pins on it. and you need to connect power to googles to separately... (second battery connector on same cable) All this wires makes this not elegant way. So... I did mod anyway... As I wasn't able to find futaba type female connector sutable for included futaba cable I used PS2 ( mouse type connector) instead ... Just added one to the back of my t9x and wired PPM signal and power from t9x battery to it... And now I have all in one cable.
 Miguel FP 1709 points
Thanks v-max, the more I look for this goggles the more I think that, for the price, there's no better choice.
 v_max 4710 points
Yes... I really like my ones... but note Headtracker is something strange... it has pan and tilt axis... pan is useless...due to huge drifts. And this is obviusly explainable... there is not reference point for PAN as do not have compass inside. So it relays on gyro only which is integrated... small gyro errors integrated with time gives drift... Tilt channel is OK as it has reference to earth gravity and relayed on accelerometer values to calculate angle. Drift supposed to be suppressed by autocorrection, but it behalfs very strange. For me also seems useless.... As for the rest this is perfect ones. Clear image ... Like it. Has great advantage for me as I'm glass wearer - my regular glasses fits perfectly inside shade.. that's perfect... BTW fatshark correction lenses set fits perfectly this googles too.
 v_max 4710 points
and... heh... you right about price... it drops down dramatically.. in apr 2013 I paid for mine $349. now you can save more then $110 for same ones
restie  16 points - 3/5/2015
Will this work with the Skyzone FPV 200-SET (TS5823 TX)?
 v_max 4710 points
Yes, FR3 subset of frequences match this googles... You can use any of channel in FR3 5707,5685,5665,5645,5885,5905,5925,5945
Victor  23 points - 2/8/2015
stock eu
 v_max 4710 points
Wrong place to ask... HK not care to read this user's product discussions threads. And never responds here... Better to ask in approrpiate forum theme (forums link is top navigation bar) or bother support )
zip  6 points - 2/8/2015
what is boscam?
 Grant 132 points
BOSCAM Is a brand that hobbyking Has. These boscam Fpv Goggles
 zip 6 points
Wow I love this Site.
 Grant 132 points
Me too. It is one of the most reliable and easily navigable hobby sites I have ever used. Good Luck. :)
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Overall Rating12/16/2014

Like it?
best fpv goggles ever head tracking with 3d gimbal is beautiful flawless working with frsky taranis.

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Overall Rating1/16/2015
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Hello All, I recently bought a set of these as a next step up from the Quanum DIY goggles, with a price that is very competitive and good online reviews I purchased a pair. Upon initial opening all looked good, smooth curved design and a nice silver finish which will be good at reflecting the sun compared to the black fatsharks which tend to get hot as they absorb more of the suns heat. First problem was the fit on my face, I though I had an average face with no odd shapes but these goggles really cut into my nose. I had to completely cut the rubber out around the nose area and replace it with foam from an old ski mask. Also the sides of the goggles let in light and I had to place some thin adhesive foam behind the rubber at the edges to make it move inwards and form around mu eyes. Secondly the strap supplied is far to thin, and with a battery attached to the side it slips down the back of my head constantly moving the goggles around my face, I again had to replace it with the much thicker strap from the set of ski goggles. Finally the good points, once I had sorted all of the above the I went for a fly with my ZMR250 mini quad using a Boscam 200mW TX and a 1/3 700TVL CCD camera. The picture is amazing, with no blurring around the edges just a crisp image as described. Its like being in the cinema, right in the centre row looking at the wide screen, its a very immersive fe

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Overall Rating1/26/2015
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Great picture quality, nice thing to have two receivers (2.4 ghz and 5.8 ghz) in one place. I have a OrangeRx Open LRS 433mhz tx module and i use it with the 2.4 ghz video for a little bit more range, and then when i use the 2.4ghz FrSky tx module on the radio, I just swap the antenna and change the receiver to 5.8ghz on the menu. Just as simple. The only problem is head tracking drifting but that's present in almost all goggles, so in case you're not happy with the head tracker, you can build one yourself from a usb nano and a 9 axis IMU. google for it :)

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Overall Rating2/19/2015
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Great goggles! Best ive ever used. There just truly amazing. 10/10 defiantly would recommend to everyone who is looking for FPV goggles!

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