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HobbyKing™ ECO6-10 200W 10A 6S Bal/Dis/Cyc Charger w/ acc.

HobbyKing™ ECO6-10 200W 10A 6S Bal/Dis/Cyc Charger w/ acc.

Capable of charging any size Lipoly battery up to 6 cells or at 10A.
The ECO6-10 has an "Auto" fuction that sets the feed current automatically. 
The ECO6-10 includes an array of charging plugs and wires to suit almost any application and comes with JST-XH balancing plugs so you can charge and balance your ZIPPY/TURNIGY packs easily.
Input power is 10-18v, perfect for car batteries or a pc/laptop powersupply.

• Microprocessor controlled
• High power and High performance circuit with maximum power of 200W
• Delta-peak sensitivity (NiMH/NiCd)
• Individual cell balancing
• Li-ion, LiPo and LiFe capable
• Ni-Cd and NiMH capable
• Large range of charge currents
• Fast & Store function, allows safe storage current
• Time limit function
• Input voltage monitoring. (Protects car batteries at the field)
• Data storage (Store up to 10 packs in memory)

Input Voltage: 10~18v
Circuit power: Max Charge: 200W / Max Discharge: 25W
Charge Current Range: .1~10.0A
Ni-MH/NiCd cells: 1~18
Li-ion/Poly cells: 1~6
Pb battery voltage: 2~24v
Weight: 480g
Dimensions: 143x119x42mm

Note: Power supply not included.


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Weight: 697g
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  • XT-60 to JST Charging Adapter (2pc)

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Peter  16 points - 5/21/2015
It seems to default to 3v/cell, waaaay too low! I wish I could discharge into storage charge ~3.8v/cell. 3.0v/cell is too low. Discharge cutoff is 6v for 2s, 9v for 3s, 12v for 4s, etc. What's up with that?
Peter  121 points - 5/12/2015
I would not recommend using all 200Watts for any period of time....Input wiring gets SUPER hot!, Also charger gets super hot and makes a high-pitch wine, If you REALLY want to charge you're 4s or higher cell count at 8Amps , Then get another charger, This can not handle all 200Watts (without frying charger or causing a fire), I charge my 2x 4s parallel at maximum 7Amps. Even then everything gets hot!...Just keep an eye on temps of both charger and input wiring
 Peter 121 points
**8Amps or higher, My (plus) sign was deleted**
Vincent  1 points - 5/3/2015
Which battery temp probe can I use on this charger because i see a temp probe port on the side and I want to use it.
qasim  1 points - 4/13/2015
I use psu from old pc that state 500w. I charge 3s 3.0a OK..but over than that will popup input voltage error..I try with 2 old psu still the same..haishhh
 Peter 121 points
Well, Get a DMM and check voltage when you get the Input Voltage Error....I found anything over 17.5v will cause the Volate Error message...But, if your PS can not supply the required current for whatever reason (wiring to small, Fault PS), It will drop voltage below Xvolts and cause the error.....Its worth checking with a DMM, Also check current draw.(amps), You cant call a faulty charger until you check input/output voltage/current with a good DMM. You may find that your super powerfull PS is faulty for whatever reason. Worth a check.
Ek-trician  355 points - 3/11/2015
What is the recommended P/S for this? (120VAC 60Hz)
 mushmut 1 points
12-18 VDC I got a 15V *5Amp and a 12v*2.5Amp P/S from HK, both work fine. Large batteries and heavy charging can overpower the 12V 2.5 Amp but it works fine on smaller jobs. (Charger gives undervolt error if input voltages is too low, no big deal) Check for heat at P/S to be safe.
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Chaz Mazziest
Like it?
HK, why does it take so long for you to restock?

A whole season can go by. And nothing. You have loyal customers. But, there are other sites like yours we can go to. We happen to like you. For now.

But, you take too long to Re-stock.

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Overall Rating
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just recived mine Excellent charger!! All metal, everything you can see from the outside looks very high quality.UTSTANDING VALUE

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Overall Rating
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I recived mine this week. Looks good for this price. Lot of connectors alu case and good instructions.

thank you hobby city:)

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Overall Rating
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Excellent charger!
I charge my LiPo 5000 mA by 20 min.

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Overall Rating
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Very happy with this charger. Works great from my converted PC power supply as well as my car battery. Comes with various adapters to charge different batteries. Does a decent job of balancing (.01 Accuracy per cell). Working on a series adapter to charge 3 2S batteries in series as 1 6S battery. Manual was easy to understand and was descriptive enough for me. Nice product.

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