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20A twin 12v switching DC Power Supply for Chargers

20A twin 12v switching DC Power Supply for Chargers
20A twin 12v switching DC Power Supply for Chargers

An excellent solution for power hungry chargers.
The A20S can supply a constant 20A at two 12v ports, making it perfect for chargers using alot of power to charge big packs fast, or you can hook up 2 smaller chargers to charge up to 5 or 6S packs each.
The unit also displays the draw current and it will automatically turn off if the draw current is over 20A which makes your charger and even the whole setup more safe. Even if you dont charge at high rates, having a solid power supply like this will ensure the charger is supplied with a good constant current, helping it to balance cells and operate better.

This PSU has a selectable mains input switch and will suit 100-240v 50-60Hz home power points.

Input: 100~240v
Output: 12v @ 20A 



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Total of 54 discussions.
olivier  6 points - 11/20/2015
this item is in backorder or discontinued ?
 bflyin 96 points
it would be a shame if they did discontinue this one because I own one and I love it. when I first got it I almost ****ped my britches when I saw how big it is, I wasn't expecting that, but I have had it a couple of years now and use it 3-5 weekly, for hours at a pop as I have lots more time for flying now that I have been retired for awhile. anyway glad I bought this power supply, it has been very reliable. I don't rush out and give reviews or recommendations after owning anything for a short time. I like to see if its going to last before I recommend any product. as of now its out of stock, hoping they restocked between the time you posted your comment and now while I posted mine. hate to see them discontinue it.
Rockin Robbins  28 points - 6/24/2015
Need it in the USA. Shipping kills the deal!
 crazycarmaniac 565 points
sorry. porduct has been discontinued
AJ  1 points - 12/4/2014
Picture of the back would be nice, or a close up of the cable. Cant tell if this is just a Kettle Cable, or Curvy Kettle
brandon288012  29 points - 11/26/2014
are they ever gonna stock in the usa ??? i dont need a $200 power supply ! this would be great ,but the int shipping is stupid high ! 445 points
they will. i have one and for several years used daily under heavy use with my quattro charger and it performed. i like also the LED display to monitor the batteries I charge. nothing wrong with this charger.
Tom  139 points - 11/6/2014
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
I have one of these but not bought from Hobbyking. First one was DOA and the second one had problems with the power switch.
Decent quality but gets the job done. I'm using it to charge 10s pack for my Logo600. Heavy shipping!!!

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Overall Rating
Leonardo Conti
1 thumbs up!
I have received it fast, but it does not work. Is bigger than I have imagined. Case poor and dirt. It looks like a very used product. If you are exigent I do not recomend.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Lots of negatives here! This thing is huge and mostly plastic. Came with international A/C plug and not the US A/C plug. The real kicker is that it pretty much didn't work, either, when I used the A/C plug from my LRP powersupply. The power switch lit up, but no display and my charger didn't power up, either. Huge disappointment. Trying to contact HK to see what and if they will do anything.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
It's a nice PSU and works fine, but it has some sort of current protection. If I connect a second charger while the first one is charging the PSU vill cut out and needs to be reset. Both chargers needs to be connected from the beginning.
Another nagative is thats it HUGE, takes up alot of space in your case, I'm getting a smaller one.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
.Recieved mine about a week ago have used 7 times for tx & rx packs . So far working well, only problem didn`t come with plug to suit Australian 3 pin wall socket so only 4 stars. Happy with how item works so far.

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