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ADS300 Water-cooled Brushless Outrunner 3000kv 300w

ADS300 Water-cooled Brushless Outrunner 3000kv 300w

ADS300 Water-cooled Brushless Outrunner 3000kv 300w

Motor Size: 400 Class
Speed: 3000rpm/v
ESC Required: 30A
Voltage Range: 7.2v~11.1v (2s~3s Lipoly)
No Load Curr: 1.1A
Max Load: 24A

Dimensions: 23.8 x 45
Front Mounting Hole Distance: 16 & 18mm
Front Mount Thread Size: M2.5
Shaft Diameter: 3mm
Shaft Length: 14mm
Weight: 43g


Kv (rpm/v) 3000
Weight (g) 43
Max Current (A) 24
Resistance (mh) 0
Max Voltage (V) 11
Power(W) 300
Shaft A (mm) -
Length B (mm) 29
Diameter C (mm) 24
Can Length D (mm) 17
Total Length E (mm) 45
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Weight: 57g Quantity: 

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Ingloglo  1 points - 4/16/2014
Please can someone explain to me what the term means "Engine Size: 400 Class" which is at the top of this description?
 anikeev 972 points
I think it means that this motor meets requirements on boat challenge competition in 400 class (class should mean total lenght of boat maybe). Anyway, it matters for people who run to win, not for who run for fun :)
Rudnickiy  1 points - 2/23/2014
What screw on it it is better to put? I have a boat 35sm
 anikeev 972 points
You mean what prop? I use 1.4x27mm prop for my 495mm boat and it works good.
alf quintana  1 points - 2/18/2014
este motor ADS300 refrigerado á*gua Brushless Outrunner 3000kv 300w pucha a á*gua ou tenho q ter uma bomba de á*gua ?
 anikeev 972 points
It does NOT have a water pump. You can use it with rudder that have holes. When boat runs forward rudder takes water and it goes to motor without any water pump. Hope that helps.
Miroslav  1 points - 11/28/2013
I just built Prince William Yacht and having a problem finishing it as I do not know what motor to use. The one which is suggested in the kit is not mentioned in Hobby King catalog. I try to contact Hobby King, but getting unsatisfactory answers. Could anybody help me, please. Thanks Miroslav
 anikeev 972 points
If you're talking about this item (099000027), you can find exactly this brand motor installed in it. Let's get it another way - go find any ADS brand motor you want, get proper ESC for this motor, get proper battery for ESC. Actually you can start with this motor model and with 30A ESC (watercooled ESC is much better) and with battery 3s lipo 2200mah as it suggested on yacht's page. This will work.
Martin2013  1 points - 11/26/2013
Hi, What does it mean when it says "water-cooled"? Are water-cooled motors more efficient than non water-cooled motors? Thanks!
 the right stuff 1635 points
Hi Martin2013. A water cooled motor is whats used in RC Boats. This is the only available cooling otherwise the motor will overheat.
 anikeev 972 points
Motors became hot when installed inside a boat where no air flowing so the only way to chill motor is water cooling. Keep in mind that this motor doesn't act as a water pump - you will need special boat rudder that will catch water when boat is running only. If you have a lot of space in your boat you can use regular motors (even inrunners but radiator is strongly recomended for that type).
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ADS330 Outrunner:
Habe den Motor im Graupner Mini-Sprint montiert- super Motor.
Fahre das Boot mit Turnigy 3S 1600 30C mit Graupner K29. Zuviel Power
für dieses kleine Boot. Hier die gemessenen Daten:
11.6 Volt
17 A
29000 UpM
Der Motor wurde bei dieser Belastung in 5 Minuten nur handwarm -
30 Grad.
Werde mehrere von dieser Serie kaufen.

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Nice motor. Just do not use any tool to tight the inlet and outlet fittings:
they're very delicate and can break. Tight using your fingers only.

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I bought this motor and burn the small wire with 3s 20c lipo and 28mm prop at first try. I dont recommend it seriously unless they improve the wiring size of this motor.

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nice motor, solid torque, inlet screws are VERY poorly threaded, careful.

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have buy this little thing & i use on my homemade 430 wiesel 2s is the video:

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