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TURNIGY Voltage Booster for Servo & Rx (1S to 5v 1A)

TURNIGY Voltage Booster for Servo & Rx (1S to 5v 1A)

Lipoly Single cell voltage booster for Receivers and servos.
This little unit plugs into your single cell lipoly and will boost the voltage to 5V, allowing you to run a receiver on a single cell lipo!
Why would you want to do this? Less weight of course!
This little voltage booster weighs just 2.9g with wire and plug and full length pins. It is built on a flexible PCB (the same type used in your mobile phone to control the screen) so it's very light, flexible and thin. Removing the wires and plug plus cutting the pins down will reduce weight by a further .6g!
Operating Voltage : 3.2V - 4.2V
Operating Current : 1A
Max operating Current : 1.5A 
Weight: 2.9g
Warning! Pay attention to the polarity of plugs and never use more than one single lipo cell to power the voltage booster.


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Weight: 9g
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 Customer rated
Total of 36 discussions.  8 points - 4/26/2014
HELLO! Better to use 2S battery and switch down operation (ESC) Enjoy your hobb
 Gel/|\ 107 points
Sorry, just seen the questions above...
3DADDICT  43 points - 4/26/2014
Thanks for letting me know Christ All the best 3da
3DADDICT  43 points - 4/25/2014
I wonder would it be possible to run 2 in parallel to give 2A for 4 servos ? Anyone any thoughts
 Christ 670 points
Hello 3Daddict no a good idea as they are not linear but switching. Could be used with more components: diode and capacitor but due to the diode you are losing about 0.5V Better to use 2S battery and switch down operation (ESC) Enjoy your hobby
theoB610  2 points - 4/20/2014
I'm running a receiver that draws 300mA at 5V. The booster provides 5V until the receiver is connected when it drops to ~3.4V. Do I have a dud booster?
 Christ 670 points
hello Theob610 if you are sure about the 300mA all included then you have a problem with your booster. try to check that it is not your battery or connections which are weak. I'm using this DMDL-VBoster and it is giving 5.1V with receiver and 2 moving servos. Good luck Enjoy flying
Ben  17 points - 3/20/2014
hi all have issues with my turnigy micro quad on here. iv set up fpv on it but when i power up with stock batterys (power up as in throttle up to take of) i lose video signal and when i power up with a nanotech battery i get video flight time of about 1 min before losing enough power to power both the quad and fpv gear.( the quad will still fly for another 6 mins after that) would this be a viable idea as adding another battery is to heavy for the quad to lift..(battery being 9G) cheers
 Christ 670 points
hello Ben, this device is only 1A! This looks enough but video is very demanding as it is high frequency peak consumption. here are some tracks to solve the problem: - Check you contacts between the battery and the device. -Change the battery to a bigger one, -add another converter module, 1 for the radio and one for the FPV (cheapest solution) Enjoy flying
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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
In all honesty this device works great. I ordered 3, and all of them worked perfetly with voltage outputs between 5.18-5.24. V drift was also supprisingly minimal(Although this might be different under a load, don't know, didn't check).

On the down side, these are useless to me, for my application. I planned on using these with single cell Lipo's as a mini-usb charging device. The problem is it's inefficiency, which I calculated to be .....

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
....around 40pcnt. For a 2300Mah cell, only about 500 useful Mah is returned @ 5.2V. This is unacceptable to me. Although if capacity isn't a concern, then they would work great for you. Just be sure to do testing before putting into service that could cost you financially. Guess I'll have to go the other route of reducing the V with a much higher efficiency (90pcntplus) switching BEC here from HK instead. So, 5* for functionality, 1* for usefulness = 3*

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
The voltage-booster works great in my flying-wings (Alula-Evo, Weasel-Evo, Diu) with 2 servos - a 1s-400mAh Lipo lasts for more than three hours: For example: Diu, 3 hours flight: Energy consumption: 350mAh I bought three of them and I use them regularly - recommandation!

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
I purchased this as a 1 cell booster to power arduino boards for a UAV, worked perfectly, and soon I will have an army of autonomous drones, thanks HK

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