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TURNIGY Voltage Booster for Servo & Rx (1S to 5v 1A)

TURNIGY Voltage Booster for Servo & Rx (1S to 5v 1A)

Lipoly Single cell voltage booster for Receivers and servos.
This little unit plugs into your single cell lipoly and will boost the voltage to 5V, allowing you to run a receiver on a single cell lipo!
Why would you want to do this? Less weight of course!
This little voltage booster weighs just 2.9g with wire and plug and full length pins. It is built on a flexible PCB (the same type used in your mobile phone to control the screen) so it's very light, flexible and thin. Removing the wires and plug plus cutting the pins down will reduce weight by a further .6g!
Operating Voltage : 3.2V - 4.2V
Operating Current : 1A
Max operating Current : 1.5A 
Weight: 2.9g
Warning! Pay attention to the polarity of plugs and never use more than one single lipo cell to power the voltage booster.


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Giu Massa  4 points - 2/27/2016
Hi all ! I made a mistake and I inverted the polarity of plug during 1~2 seconds. My batery was 1s (3.7v) 120mah. I believe that I have to buy another....Someone knows if is it possible fix it ?
ALAN  1 points - 12/16/2015
The Esc plugs straight into the the receiver and then the two wires (Pos and neg) tapped from the battery go to the BEC input of the receiver? Or does the booster just tap into the Esc power wires, in series? Thanks
 Alan_L 379 points
In Series.
Sean  1 points - 12/5/2015
1) Can I leave this connected to the LIPO ? 2) does it protect the LIPo with a cut-off voltage like and ESC does ? Thanks
 Alan_L 379 points
Disconnect if from the Lipo when not in use or it may drain the battery. I can't see anything in the documentation about a voltage cutoff.
billy  1 points - 11/25/2015
how do you install the booster
 Jack 1 points
Solder a wire from the positive lead of your battery to the positive pin on the booster. Solder a wire from the negative lead of your battery to the negative pin on the booster. Now your booster has power from the battery. Plug the connector into your receiver and you have power.
 kyus74 24 points
No DON'T solder to the battery to the booster or you will drain your battery till its dead.
wellmanite  526 points - 8/14/2015
5.09v * 0.6A, 3.5v *1A the black one is better
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1 thumbs up!
I purchased this as a 1 cell booster to power arduino boards for a UAV, worked perfectly, and soon I will have an army of autonomous drones, thanks HK

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
The voltage-booster works great in my flying-wings (Alula-Evo, Weasel-Evo, Diu) with 2 servos - a 1s-400mAh Lipo lasts for more than three hours: For example: Diu, 3 hours flight: Energy consumption: 350mAh I bought three of them and I use them regularly - recommandation!

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Excellent product ! With 1S lipo, efficiency is > 78 from 0 to 1A. For exemple, with 0,6A load, input power is 2,98W and output power is 3,62 (82 eff.). at maximum operating current (1,5A), efficiency is 66 . Maximum temperature (10mn with 1,5A load) at 35°C at 20°C ambiant.

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Overall Rating
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Works better than the other "Voltage Booster for BEC" for half of the prise. Yes , the circuit board is flexible and looks flimsy but once in a shrink wrap it feels more solid.

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perfekt little voltage booster - works great

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