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Turnigy Twin Strobe light Unit.

Turnigy Twin Strobe light Unit.

Perfect for adding scale strobe light effects to your model. The Turnigy Twin Strobe Light unit comes pre-assembled and ready to install. The ultra bright strobe bulbs have variable timing and can be adjusted via a trim pot on the PCB with a Philips head screw driver.

Voltage: 3.6~6.0v
Weight: 32g
Strobe Wire Lengths: 740mm (ea)
Strobe timing: Adjustable
Battery Connector: JST


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laurent  5 points - 7/4/2016
hello i search 2 strobe wihout electronic item available in the site? thank you best regards  24 points - 5/9/2016
I broke one of the U xenon, where puedocoseguir parts ???. HK sells?
847715t0  3 points - 2/26/2016
02-2016 Update. A replacement strobe unit that works was sent after stirring the Sh*t pot with deserved posts in the forum. It tested GOOD which makes it 2 for 2 Good product. The quality of items that take sooo long to receive after paying for them needs improvement as the timeframe is 2 haircuts.... Plus sending item back or the hassle of dealing with Reps that are out of touch with reality who pull your case from the QUE to be (hassled) addressed and threatened with the request being closed if you can't navigate the obscure procedural task of providing a youtube post and hope the same rep responds. I had atleast 3 different reps interact with my case and they ran the spectrum from your case is invalid to you didnt provide adequite proof, to maybe buy a converter plug for a UK covering iron to just saying....its too much hassle. I will take 20 dollar hit and buy a better covering iron from St*ne Blu* Airlin*s and get excellant Service shipped superfast supporting a local FPV custom builder in the Good Ole USA! Jeremiah and Matt Rock! And I(*VAS) IBCRAZY - Alex and Marc Rock with them... I will order what I can only source here at HK. HOBBY KING - READ THESE THREADS AND TAKE ACTION! HAVE A MEETING LIKE CHIPOLTE.......MM
847715t0  3 points - 1/19/2016
Ordered 2 o ly one worked..... Trying to get an RMA is a big hassle..... Hobby King is loosing customers....... I work in Customer Service for a major global corp and I am a Field Service engineer, HK needs to learn that Good customer service keeps customers. ****py customer service sends them away.....byebye. The Turnigy strobe QC is about 50% and good luck getting an rma or a replacement.
 DOUGLAS 3 points
I agree 100%....I have been Fighting with these people for so long over things so simple to resolve. FACT !I I am Done with this bunch of eq34c3ea70nawy2v32w2177c!!!!!!!!!!
Sean  3 points - 11/3/2015
Does any one know the current draw, that is how many mA is this strobe going to consume? I actually have the single strobe so i figure it should be less probably half of this one?
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Overall Rating

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Very bright strobe unit

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Very very Bright its like camera flash unit, it is spectacular in night flying in every model you use it.

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very nice
I tested 2s lipo with zippy 500mAh

over 6V may be OK....

but I don't know status after long use.

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Overall Rating
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Bought three of these. Quite bright light. You can adjust the frequency between one flash per less than 1,5 sec. to one flash per about 2,5 sec. Strobe bulb is 3mm diameter and dimensions to the white shield is about 10x10mm.

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Overall Rating
Nikolai E.
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Insane bright light strobes:) Incredible good quality wiring but a less good boxing of the electronics. They have used lexan wrapping with a little tape on it. I maybe buy more of those if I need it.

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