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Turnigy Twin Strobe light Unit.

Turnigy Twin Strobe light Unit.

Perfect for adding scale strobe light effects to your model. The Turnigy Twin Strobe Light unit comes pre-assembled and ready to install. The ultra bright strobe bulbs have variable timing and can be adjusted via a trim pot on the PCB with a Philips head screw driver.

Voltage: 3.6~6.0v
Weight: 32g
Strobe Wire Lengths: 740mm (ea)
Strobe timing: Adjustable
Battery Connector: JST


Weight: 59g
International Warehouse
Price  $20.00

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Bob  1 points - 1/25/2015
I have trouble seeing the orientation of my DJI Phantom in daylight and would like to use these strobes. Will they need a separate battery or can they be wired into the onboard battery?  21 points - 10/18/2014
Hi friends, I purchased this unit and unfortunately broke on landing one of the lamps. Anyone know where to buy parts? or can be replaced by some led? that power in that case would ?? Thanks in advance
 vasimv 18 points
It does like an xenon photo flash lamp. I'd try one from an old/cheap photo camera (try to find about same size).
Indrajit  1 points - 9/24/2014
max speed measured I am looking for 30000rpm
onur can  123 points - 9/1/2014
I dont measure but weights more tham 32 gr in my opinion. I ve attached a micro heli battery 1s 300 mah. After 20 mins of working 2 seconds a strobe, it drained about 50 ma from the battery. When I used a 2s 900 mAh battery, flashing was more frequent with the same setup. 2 seconds a flash is enough for me so I ll probably use the microheli bsttery which is nearly weightless. I doesnt drain much power in my opinion. I dont do precise measurement though but a small 1s will be enough. I have 5 of them.the strobes are bright but fragile so keep in mind yo put them out of crumple zones. The cable is too long and heavy for me so I ve cut the cable and attached servo connectors to strobe end and unit to use desired lenght of cables and save space and keep it lightweight. The plastic protection cover of my unit was already crushed but there were no internal damage so no problems. Can somebody measure the exact weight of the unit? I dont think it is 32 grams
simon.castle  611 points - 5/20/2014
Anybody got an idea about how bright they are relative to say a 20 W LED, Im currently using a 10W LED which I'm flashing at about 25W which can be seen in bright daylight with a large viewing angle at a good distance.
 simon.castle 611 points
Can anybody estimate the power consumption, please, i.e. at 1 flash/S for 10 mins on a 2S lipo it uses 300mah or something like that ?
 onur can 123 points
Simon it uses about much less 100 mAh with 2.5 second interval strobes. A 300mAh battery regardless from cell size will last for about 3 hours or more. I jope this helps
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1 thumbs up!
Very bright strobe unit

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Very very Bright its like camera flash unit, it is spectacular in night flying in every model you use it.

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very nice
I tested 2s lipo with zippy 500mAh

over 6V may be OK....

but I don't know status after long use.

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Overall Rating
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Bought three of these. Quite bright light. You can adjust the frequency between one flash per less than 1,5 sec. to one flash per about 2,5 sec. Strobe bulb is 3mm diameter and dimensions to the white shield is about 10x10mm.

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Nikolai E.
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Insane bright light strobes:) Incredible good quality wiring but a less good boxing of the electronics. They have used lexan wrapping with a little tape on it. I maybe buy more of those if I need it.

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