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Turnigy Battery Strap 330mm

Turnigy Battery Strap 330mm

We searched for a long time to find a battery strap that had good strength yet didnt turn to fluff when used hundreds of times. The result is the TURNIGY battery strap, made from high-end polyester and nylon hooks. It wont break down when used often yet still holds batteries firmly.
With 330mm of length this strap will even hold large 8S packs.


Length: 330mm
Wide: 15mm
Material: 100% Polyester & Nylon


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DooGZ  79 points - 10/3/2015
after 5 years, the hook and loop got separated, seems the adhesive they used were not that strong, fixed it by sewing them together. much much better!
 Daniel 3 points
After that time I'm sure almost any strap will start to degrade. To last that long is amazing. I found that rounding/sanding any carbon fibre edges is essential with these as they can be susceptible to being torn in crash situations.
Denzil  65 points - 8/27/2015
they are very strong
 Tank1 1086 points
Yes they are and they are plus a lot stronger than Velcro and better than any other sort of battery strap i've used.
 Travmofosho 24 points
I wouldn't say the best, but its definitely another option. The length is great but if you cut them down, the velcro has a hard time staying engaged. It really depends on your setup and what you need this to do.
Alexis  3 points - 6/10/2015
High quality, good fixation and very aesthetic !
 Christ 907 points
wonderful and good blocking
danieljw  4 points - 1/30/2015
these are seriously strong!!
 Leo 5 points
Yes they are!
 Jacob1234 21 points
These are by far the best battery straps that I have used!!
Grackle  29 points - 1/4/2015
A less acrobatic video.
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Overall Rating
91 thumbs up!
Aah !! Very useful product. These velcros are just too good. Extremly strong and they stick pretty well. Not really required to use the loop. The material is 100pcnt polyester. They can hold large batteries. I use them to hold my 4 cell 3000 mah battery to the starter. You can even combile 2 velcros to make them longer... Pretty decent product, I must say. I wish they had a bulk purchase for such items. (like pack of 10, 20, 50, 100) really worth the money. Go ahead, buy without any second thoughts.


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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
Very similar to the ones you get with an Align 450 sized heli except these are much larger in size. Read the specs. They work very well - nice and sticky. Good for 500-700 sized heli batteries.

You could cut these to what ever length you want as well. You also don't need to use the buckle as you would with a regular Velcro strap. These straps are double sided for their complete length.

Pricing is great as per normal.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Got these straps with my previous order. They appear very well made. Velcro sticks well together and holds. On my T-rex 450SE v2 it goes almost twice around the lipo so no worries of it coming loose in flight. Not the least, it looks great.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
These Strips are more expensive than common velcro-strips, but they are even better. Not that fleecy fabric velcro. Very good to affix LiPo packs in planes.

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Overall Rating
Blade Boy
Like it?
nice strap nice and long hags on good

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This is not standard velcro material.
The hooks are a micro square shape, much different
to the cheap velcro you find at supermarkets or
department stores.
I use these straps now to hold down all packs in 3D
aircraft. They're easy to remove and dont pill when used
for a long time.
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