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DHC-2 Beaver (Bush Plane) STOL EP ARF

DHC-2 Beaver (Bush Plane) STOL EP ARF
DHC-2 Beaver (Bush Plane) STOL EP ARF

DHC-2 Beaver EP ARF
Famous for it's super short STOL**, the DHC Beaver is a fun and easy plane to fly. A quality balsa and laser-cut plywood construction make this plane very light. Coupled with a 30 size outrunner and a 9~10 inch slowfly propeller and you will have the Beaver performing near stationary takeoffs and super slow 3 point landings.

Wingspan: 40 in
Length : 28.2 in
Weight : 29 oz
Wing area : 210 sq in
Motor : 30-xx size outrunner (Not included)
Servo : 3 x 9g

30 Size outrunner
1300 2S~3S Lipoly
25A esc
9~11inch propeller
9g servo (3)
*propeller & spinner not included
**STOL: Short Takeoff and Landing


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 Customer rated
Total of 63 discussions.
Sigmund  1 points - 2/8/2014
EP, What material is that? It doesn't look like the typical foam plane (EPO)?
 handyjap 441 points
balsa and ply
marc  2 points - 1/15/2014
can i pay without cards? eventually on an account of yoyr bank?
 LasseK 1353 points
You can pay with PayPal, I have used that almost exclusively and it has worked well for me.
Michael  6 points - 12/2/2013
Is there a cowl avalible for this plane
 Turkish Flyer 870 points
Michael - Unfortunately the answer is resounding no. You will have to improvise. Here you go ==>> Improvised cowling. 400ml, 510ml, 1L (or size to fit a particular application) soft drink, water, etc. plastic bottles using the end near the neck of the bottle (end towards where cap screws on). Cut to size needed, then roughen outside area lightly with sandpaper (better paint adhesion) and paint to desired color(s) needed. Or for a cool look leave as is for a clear view of the motor. I don't think this would be recommend if using a nitro (glow-plug fuel) engine since the heat from the engine may be be too much for the plastic to withstand from melting for the type of plastic such bottle are made of. <<==
Turkish Flyer  870 points - 11/5/2013
Does anyone know whether hardware parts for nitro (glow) engine use are also included with this aircraft? If so what parts are included? This will give me a better idea of what extra parts I may or may not need to purchase if I should decide to purchase this aircraft. Thank you in advance.
 Pepek 120 points
No. This model is pre-prepared for electro version and does not contain a conversion kit for glow engine.
 Turkish Flyer 870 points
Pepek - I asked because ' pejay ' in the REVIEWS section here indicates that extra mounting hardware is included with the kit for a nitro engine option.
 Turkish Flyer 870 points
Pepek - If I purchase this aircraft, extra hardware included or not, I definitely plan to make it nitro. That's what this aircraft was initially designed and intended for. Tell-tale signs of this is the fact that it has no battery access hatch (wing must be removed everytime you need access). Thus it utilized a receiver (RX) switch mounted on the side of the fuselage near the cockpit area. The other thing which indicates it was for nitro is photo number 3. Here you can see a third servo cutout which is intended for the nitro engine throttle control and the black Velcroed mounting area for the RX battery. Also notice the area behind the cowling which will accommodate a fuel tank. I have 0.10 and 0.15 size nitro engines which should work just fine with this aircraft.
lertel  5 points - 10/22/2013
just wondering . is there a battery hatch.. or do you have to unbolt the wing?? also what motor would you recommend??
 Turkish Flyer 870 points
lertel - No battery hatch. It seems that this aircraft was originally designed as a nitro aircraft utilizing a 0.15 two-stroke engine and then later converted to use electric power (EP). Thus it seems they never bothered modifying it to have a separate battery hatch. The wing needs to be removed and reinstalled when accessing the battery. From the USA warehouse listing for this aircraft the suggested or recommended EP motor for this aircraft is the: Turnigy D2836/11 750KV Brushless Outrunner Motor (PRODUCT ID: D2836-11750). I'm somewhat surprised why they didn't list anything under "COMBINE RELATED ITEMS AND" for the International warehouse listing of this aircraft.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
FIRST THING TO CHECK is the dowels on the wing, mine weren't glued and after a couple test fits they were counter sunk, glued them with CA with about 6mm sticking out.
No hatch so have to remove wing for access, kind of a pain, but worth it for the scale look. Used a 3s 2200 with an oversized KDA-36 motor,10x5 apc style prop and it was in the air instantly!
One of the aileron linkages popped off leading to a 15second flight -> crash. repairable

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Overall Rating
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So is a lovely plane
Cheap prices on high quality once again amazed and surprised
Try to buy if you want a comfortable flight

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Neni to najlepsia kvalita ale za tu cenu ujde.

Not bad quality

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Overall Rating
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just recieve mine 2 days ago.
maiden it this afternoon.set up was using the recomanded motor 1100kv with 10/4.5 apc prop.flies well but think by using 10/7 prop would be better.overall plane flue well.

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Overall Rating
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This is the first plane that i bought at HK. recived a week ago it was well packet and come to turkey in one piece. ts not designe for EP only it has glow engine mounting for too. mount O.S 15 LA. t. Plane is light structed and well finished body also flies well too( little bit fast). made some changes before fly it. modified tail wheel now its streeble and cowlling now its fit very well.

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