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Turnigy A-6-10 200W Balance charger & discharger

Turnigy A-6-10 200W Balance charger & discharger
Turnigy A-6-10 200W Balance charger & discharger

An advanced and powerful charger, the Turnigy A6-10 is able to charge, balance and discharge Lion, LiPo, LiFe (A123), NiCd and NiMH batteries on a maximum output power of 200W. It can charge or discharge up to 18 cells of NiCd / NiMH and 6 series of lithium batteries with maximum current of 10A. It can accept three types of Lithium batteries (Lilo/Lipo/LiFe).

Microprocessor controlled
Delta-peak sensitivity
Individual cell balancing
Li-ion, LiPo and LiFe capable
Ni-Cd and NiMH capable
Large range of charge currents
Store function, allows safe storage current
Time limit function
Input voltage monitoring. (Protects car batteries at the field)
Data storage (Store up to 5 packs in memory)
Battery break in and cycling.

Input Voltage: 10~18v
Circuit power: Max Charge: 200W / Max Discharge: 25W
Charge Current Range: .1~10.0A
Discharge current range: .1~5.0A
Ni-MH/NiCd cells: 1~18
Li-ion/Poly cells: 1~6
Pb battery voltage: 2~24v
Weight: 540g
Dimensions: 143x124x37mm

Compatible with all Zippy, Rhino and Turnigy packs.


Weight: 789g Quantity: 

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 Customer rated
Total of 195 discussions.
Moshet  11 points - 6/18/2014
I would like to use it for parallel charging 3s batteries.
What's better mode to do it? Balance / Fast / Charge ?
 Napstr 1131 points
Hi Moshet
For parallell charging 3s batteries you could use either fast or charge mode - I would go charge personally as I think it prolongs battery life and charge at 1C but that is your choice. Also I would balance charge ezch battery individually every 5 to 10 cycles just to ensure the individual cells are keeping in balance.
Daniel  1 points - 6/18/2014
marcus sch  28 points - 6/9/2014
it wont balance how can i reset the settings
 Ådne 8 points
Have you chosen "Lipo Balance" and plugged the balance plug into it?
Andi  4 points - 6/3/2014
Which one Better, Imax B6AC Genuine with This charger?.. I'm looking for new better charger than my Imax B6AC *fake version, that i bought from ebay and didn't realized that its fake*.. It's stop working after 8 month service
 Napstr 1131 points
This one is better than the B6 as it is higher wattage - the disadvantage being that you need a 12v power source but that is easily available from a PC power supply - the 200 watt charge power enables faster charging of larger packs
Andythilo  7 points - 5/27/2014
Hi, can you parallel charge OK with this? I want to do 4 x 1300 3S's.
 Napstr 1131 points
The capacity wouldn't be an issue - the problem with parallel charging is the charger cannot read and adjust each individual cell voltage so a bad cell in one of the packs may mean an overcharge in the other packs - it is safer to charge them as pairs of 6S batteries if you want to balance charge as then each cell is being checked individually. they sell adaptors for that purpose that will fit this charger. You could parralell charge them (without balancing) then every 5 or so cycles balance charge them individually just to keep the individual cells in line.
 Jan Inge 33 points
I don't see how overcharging individual cells could happen. Cells in parallel will always have the same voltage. If you for some miracolous reason manage to charge one cell more than another, it will simply "overflow" or equalize/balance with the other cells. Under normal conditions, voltage is constant everywhere in a parallel circuit, power (amps) will distribute where it's needed (ie the cell with the lowest resistance)
 Napstr 1131 points
Hi Jan
That is more what niCads and Nimh cells do but lipos seem to be able to debalance themselves alot easier even when charged parallel - hence the balance charge provision in chargers (I know we normally charge in series which is slightly different but we did on Nicads as well and they self balanced with the load on Lipos don't to the same degree so it is qiute possible to get large variences which will shorten the life of your packs)
 Jan Inge 33 points
Nickel batteries have an internal resistance that will increase towards infinite as the cells are full. This means, like you say, that they don't need balancing. Lithium batteries don't have this resistance and will just continue charging until they explode unless unless the input is limited. This does however not affect how the batteries will behave in parallel. All the cells will be balanced in parallel. Remember that 3 cell LiPo pack are 3 cells connected in series and therefore the current will be equal over the 3 cells but the voltage can vary no problem. Charging through the power cable means that you are charging 3 cells in series.
Customer Reviews
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Overall Rating
204 thumbs up!
Turnigy A-6-10 is a really nice product. The firmware of thie charger is exactly same as of any other 50W charger except the charging rate can be adjusted upto 10A and the discharge upto 5A. It has a cool blue backlit which is easily readable in the sunlight or in dark.

The buttons are good and it has all metal body which is a really good feel. The fan is automatic and would start when the temperature rises above the defined limit.

This charger comes with multiple charge lead connectors which you can use with any kind of battery. All ar XT60 connectors. The balance port has a 6 cell balancer to which you can attach the extension port to balance 2-6 cells. There is no AC adapter socket, so you need to use the input supply cables only for powering the charger. You can even use the temperature probe (buy separately) with this charger. Any common temp probe will work. The top and the bottom of this charger are the heat Sinks which become quite warm especially during the discharge phase.

You can even calibrate the charger if you feel the readings are a little incorrect.

For calibrating this charger follow these steps:

1.) Power off the charger.
2.) Press and hold the (dec" and "start" buttons.
3.) Power on the charger. (you will hear 3 beeps in a row). Keep the buttons pressed.
4.) You will enter into the calibration screen where the voltage detected by the charger is displayed on the screen (voltage on output leads).
5.) Attach any battery to the output lea

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Overall Rating
121 thumbs up!

5.) Attach any battery to the output leads of the charger.
6.) Using a digital multimeter, correct the reading of the voltage by pressing "inc" or "dec" buttons till the reading matches with that of the multimeter.
7.) Press "Stop" when you are done.
8.) Your charger is calibrated now.

You can repeat these steps as many number of times you want.

Cheers !!!

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Overall Rating
11 thumbs up!
I just received this charger and I scroll through the battery selections... and I see Nicad, Nimh, PB, LIPFE.... but no Lipo or Lion.... just curious about it. I bought it for A123's so I should be OK... but had planned on using it as an additional charger for my Lipo's

8 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
The Dude
9 thumbs up!
Happy with my purchase of this charger. It appears to be better quality than I expected, and seems to be spot on balancing my 4S 5000mah 35c Lipos.

My only negative would be the lack of a manual to cover operation of the settings, but with enough fumbling I got it set to Lipo charge

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Overall Rating
7 thumbs up!
It's a good charger for your money. It works verry simple, easy, small.

I have only one thing that is disappoints me. It can not be connected to my Grauper power suply. This PS delivers 13.8V with a max off 20A. Works great with a Shultse, not with the Turnigy. The Turnigy gives, when trying to charge, BATTERY VOL ERR.

The Turnigy needs 12V. Car battery's or PS with 12V and 20A (total 240W).

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