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Alpha Type 2 Piston Stirling Engine

Alpha Type 2 Piston Stirling Engine

This Stirling engine is a heat engine that operates by cyclic compression and expansion of air at different temperature levels.

The lamp heats the glass tube causing the piston to be pushed out, allowing the air to flow into the cylinder and be cooled by the alloy fins which in turn pushes the metal piston to complete the cycle. We have had this engine up to 400RPM!

The simple stirling engine is a fantastic item to display on a shelf with it's highly polished components it's a great way to amaze visitors or teach others about internal/external combustion engines.

You will need only Methanol (95% of greater) to power the engine.


Weight: 589g
International Warehouse
Price  $79.99

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 Customer rated
Total of 42 discussions.
gromo  13 points - 2/14/2015
Received mine today :-) Work like a charm right of the box,but needs little tlc to look like the pics
antonio  7 points - 8/14/2014
comprei este produto e nao recebi o produto foi devolvido para hobbyking e nao me deram retorno de mais nada
russ  1 points - 4/7/2014
my daughter is learning about transportation in school. from the horse n buggy to modern day car. this would make a nice piece for her report.
yuvalb  27 points - 10/27/2013
Arived today, thanks
Saad  1 points - 8/11/2013
please inform the use of this engine and how much time it can work continuance?
 Gel/|\ 131 points
Just a running motor for exposition, it works until you stop to heat it.
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Alpha Sterling Engine
Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
A nice model, and great value. It can run quite fast or nice and slow by adjusting the wick. A few thoughts:
- Adding a drop of 3-in-1 oil on the bore of the displacer piston (*not* the power piston on the top) helped to keep it running smoothly.
- The link on the displacer scrapes against the crank. Bending it gently fixes this.
- There was excess glue on the glass bulb, this can be scraped off.
- The packing tape pulled off some varnish.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
works just better than expected,
I have to fix some problems, don't know if it was during shipping but the glass bulb was not horizontal.
then a little oil on the wheel (not on the engine), the copper ring on the top of the engine needs to be on the other side on mine, fixed it too.
I am fascinate by the way it runs, Thanks HK !

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Overall Rating
Like it?
This is not my first engine of this type. It runs just fine with a few minor adjustments. Just things that happened during shipment. once everything was in alignment again, runs like the proverbial sewing machine. I am just using rubbing alcohol. Just follow the instructions, and a little common sense, and all should be fine. I would like to see a little better packing.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Works very well, and very fast. I have it running with medical alcohol.

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Overall Rating
Like it?
An excellent engine to show off how it works. It started right out of the box with no mods or tweaks. Having read earlier posts, I added a small drop of rc car ball bearing oil to all the moving parts and it ran like a charm! I used medical alcohol also, and it was fast!
Then, Mrs Wife demanded it on her library shelf as a nice ornament!
Why not?!!!!

The packaging was very good, even though an "extra length carton box", was added to the order, which I'm not sure was needed or eventually used! The engine box was quite small, anyway.

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