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HobbyKing X-1000 Advanced Head-Movement-Tracker Gyro

HobbyKing X-1000 Advanced Head-Movement-Tracker Gyro
HobbyKing X-1000 Advanced Head-Movement-Tracker Gyro

X-GYRO 1000 is a two axis head tracking system, based on G sensor technology, designed for tracking complicated three-dimensional motion like head movement and so on, it can also be used on the areas of controlling drones and robots, transferring three-dimensional motion signals from hands, head of human to corresponding movement system on RC model, drone or robot.
The basic version of X-GYRO 1000 is specially designed for RC models with FPV(First Personal Version), it can be used perfectly with main stream transmitters or to be co-operated with wireless high frequency modular independently. It can transfer the movement signals to transmitter, and the transmitter can send out signals of head movement or position of head( on two axis), so that the real synchronization can be realized when screen on the goggles displayed video pictures, users can look around as if he were inside the RC model. Since it is compatible with transmitters in todays market, it is easy and straight forward to use. Its best advantage is that there is no need to have any fixed reference object to check and measure the inflection position of RC model, and no drift at all when it is in a stationary state compared with other products that need to make use of very complicated reference facilities or manual controlled transmitters.


Power: 8V to 12V DC power supply. Some
transmitters, especially those FUTABA ones, can supply power directly by trainer
connector. (ex. T9Z, FF9C). Some transmitters cannot supply power to X-GYRO, for
example 14MZ and 12FG. The simplest solution is to use an extra battery for those RC transmitters. The connector is already included in package.
Size: 25mmX35mm
Range for measuring: +-90 degree/second rotational speed movement.

Default Setting:

Channels: X axis- channel 7 Y axis-channel 8
Detective range G45 degree

Choice for transmitters;
(FF-7, FF-8, FF-9, T9Z, T12MZ, T14MZ)
Graupner: (MC20, MC24, MX22)
Multiplex transmitter: (Royal Evo, Cockpit SX, mc4000)
JR and other transmitters without programmable channel: (9303, 9X)


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 Customer rated
Total of 149 discussions.
Rizwan  2 points - 8/30/2016
Will it work with Taranis plus?
Brian  8 points - 5/29/2016
I understand that to connect this gyro to the Turnigy 9X transmitter, I need to modify a cable to add a 3.5mm mono plug. However since this plug only supports two conductors I think that the middle pin gets the signal and the case gets black? What provides power to the gyro?
Ramon  1 points - 5/16/2016
Compatibility Will this work with FlySky i6 TX please?
Marcelo  2 points - 4/27/2016
Works with Turnigy i10?
Dreamcatcher  83 points - 3/1/2016
Is that head tracker can be used on a JR PCM9XII or a X9303 transmitter please ?
 robert 47 points
yes the 9x and the x9303
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
Great tracker, I have one of the magnetic based ones but it has the limitation of having to face magnetic north to work but it also has no drift. The X1000 is easy to set up, I am using it with a Futaba 7C. It was easy to change the default channels from 7 and 8 to 6 and 7. An instruction manual in English can be found here

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
Works very well for Head Tracking. Using it on a 9C with great success. I removed the little push button centering switch for a wire harness attached at base of radio. Now I can reset position with one finger and no need to reach over your head.

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
There is no Manual enclosed. Allthough in the Reviews you can find a link to a PDF, this does not help you too much, if you don't have a Futaba Transmitter. What first looks like a Multiplex Plug on the Product image is just another Futaba plug and *not* MPX-Compatibel (at least not for RoyalPro). If you don't want to Blow your circuit's better search for more Infos on how to make this work with a MPX Transmitter (I didn't find much yet)

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Overall Rating

3 thumbs up!
This product is good for FPV. I use it with a MPX Royal EVO and MC 4000 without any problem. please, tel the factory that all users haven't only Futaba Tx because connectors included in package are only for Futaba ! So I build myself a special connector for MPX Tx , and now all is right. Thank you HK for the good price .

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!

I'm please to say that this Headtracker woks on the Turnigy 9X

http://www . rcgroups .

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