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D05010MG 5.7g / .61kg / .07sec Digital Metal Gear Micro Servo

D05010MG 5.7g / .61kg / .07sec Digital Metal Gear Micro Servo

D05010MG  5.7g / .61kg / .07sec Digital Metal Gear Micro Servo
Quartz crystal microprocssor V3
4pcs MOSFET digital driver circuit
Higher output torque
High performance coreless motor
Aluminum alloy gears and metal ball bearing 
Torque: 0.51kg ~ 0.61kg
Speed: 0.07 ~ 0.09sec / 60deg
Weight: 5.7g (.20oz)
Voltage: 3.7~5.0V
Size: 27x8.7x22mm
Plug: JR type
Operating voltage cannot be higher than 5V.


Weight (g) 5.7
Torque (kg) 0.61
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.07
A(mm) 28
B(mm) 20
C(mm) 25
D(mm) 9
E(mm) 28
F(mm) 15
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Weight: 23g
International Warehouse
Price  $7.70

  • D05010MG Replacement Servo Gear Set

    Combo Price: $2.69   IN STOCK

  • Futaba/JR Connector caps (5pcs/set)

    Combo Price: $1.00   IN STOCK

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Total of 68 discussions.
Villy  6 points - 3/27/2015
Is CW or CCW as standard and can it be changed?
pdooley  48 points - 1/25/2015
so what servo is direct fit for v120d02s?
 Gel/|\ 155 points
walkera servos....
bdaz76  13 points - 4/9/2014
would an 1A bec be god for 4 of these servos??
 Chili DK 55 points
Easily. Each only use 90mA when running.
 mikrodon 7 points
WRONG! 90mA is the current draw when unloaded. Putting an aerodynamic load on them (such as flying) will cause the current to rise to as much as 500mA! So, no a 1A BEC will not be enough for 4 servos.
 John 42 points
Best answer? WOW...what's the worst I wonder...
roughneck  5 points - 2/8/2014
*Doobieman, thank you..I tried to reply you but i'ts failed,dunno how. Anyways I just want to clarify this servo is for tail?right? Is this better than the stock one?what servo is for cyclic? Thanks again mate..
 Doobieman 1403 points
The only place it will fit without modifying your V120D02S chassis is the tail. They are about 3mm too long to fit into the standard chassis, or the Microheli upgraded carbon fiber/cnc aluminum chassis. I may pull the Microheli chassis apart, and mill either one or both sections of aluminum that are blocking the install. I have a bit of incentive now to do that, since I've got five of them. I've already tried fitting one to the standard chassis. Not only are they a bit too wide, but they are also a bit too tall to fit without bending the top support, and it won't fit the front position without more modification. Some of the plastic that Walkera and other manufacturers use are also resistant to epoxy, so certain modifications become even more difficult. There's always a way to get it done, but sometimes it's just not worth the trouble, unless it's a learning experience.
 Doobieman 1403 points
Okay, Roughneck, I just physically checked the dimensions and actually held the servo up to the tail mount, and it looks as if it will just fit, but attaching it will be another story, as you'll either have to use adhesive of some kind, or fabricate your own mount. I'm guessing that's probably out of the question. I'd be willing to mill some for my own use. It shouldn't take too long....I wonder if there would be a market for those?
 Thomas 2 points
Doobieman, Did you ever put these on your v120d02s? I am wondering if it is worth it to buy some and modify my frame. I would love to have some servos that don't strip so easily but am not willing to chop my bird apart to find out. Maybe if i had a spare haha
Francisfocar  18 points - 2/6/2014
In the picture the gears look like white plastic. Does anyone know for sure they are metal. Thanks.
 uberjay 64 points
Confirmed... they are metal gear, very strong little servos and there is even a programmer you can get (not sure if HK sells it) to reprogram/tune these little guys. Blue Arrow manufactures a program card for another servo that also works on this one: look for the servo program card for DMS28027MG. Cheers. J.
 Scott 2 points
Yep they are metal. I used this servo to replace the stock tail servo in my V120D02S. Already had a few crashes and still works like new with no twitches!
 highfly420 10 points
They are not all metal geared - as with all "metal gear servos" that ive seen - there is always one nylon gear.
 uberjay 64 points
highfly420's right, of course... there is one nylon gear, but it is not in the 'drive train' it is just the link to the potentiometer to measure position, etc. Not likely to be that stressed I doubt. But for what it's worth, the only one's I've ever had bad were bad out of the bag. One I sent back to HK for replacement and the other time I had a bad one I had the programmer I had mentioned above. I stuck the bad servo on the programmer, reprogrammed it and have been using that servo ever since. I have none of these servos in my old / ****y servo box here. For the price and empirical reliability I'm sold. Cheers, J.
 uberjay 64 points
Too funny... I was praising this little servo and HK's autofilter picked out the word "j-u-n-k" as in not this servo, but referring to left over other servos that I keep around for parts, etc. Oh technology... Oh, HK, why do you try to gag free speech? LOL
 highfly420 10 points
here is a pic of the target=_blank>gear train
 uberjay 64 points
I sit corrected. That's kinda strange - wonder why they did that!?
 Attenbach 81 points
test: ****
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Overall Rating
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finalmente un servo piccolo a ingranaggi metallici,veloce,digitale,a prezzo modico!

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Overall Rating
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Sweet little servos. very fast.
Docs that came with them claim 1.2 kg @ 4.8v,
and also give 6v specs, so description appears modest.
I'm torturing 2 on a high powered slo stick

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Die Dinger sind einfach perfekt: Gewicht inkl. Kabel unter 6g, sauschnell, und da geht nichts kaputt, wenn man den Servohebel blockiert. Das Getriebe ist sehr leise und macht einen absolut robusten Eindruck. Auch die Auflsung ist perfekt, kein berschwingen festzustellen. Da ist den Chinesen ein wirklich gutes Servo gelungen - Gratulation aus sterreich.
Remenber: There Are No Kangoroos In Austria!!!

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To begin with, this is the fastest servo I've ever seen. It's faster than the MD922's that I also have.
I hooked up those two together with the DS65HB that I got in my last delivery from HK on my Turnigy servotester. And only by the eye I saw the D05010MG was faster than those two.

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bought 4 of them to use in a DLG, not bad, but one servo burnt and the servo arms are weak and too flexible

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