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Futaba AA 1000mah Receiver Battery Ni-CD 4.8V

Futaba AA 1000mah Receiver Battery Ni-CD 4.8V

Futaba AA 1000mah Receiver Battery Ni-CD 4.8V

Capacity: 1000mAh
Voltage: 4.8V
Weight: 117g
Dimensions: 67x44x17mm
Balance & Discharge Plug: Futaba plug 


Capacity(mAh) 1
Config(s) 0
Discharge(c) 0
Weight(g) 117
Max Charge Rate (C) 0
Length-A(mm) 0
Height-B(mm) 0
Width-C(mm) 0
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Weight: 127g Quantity: 

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 Customer rated 4 crowns   
Total of 13 discussions.
Juliano Carrasco  20 points - 3/3/2014
Nã*o vã*o mais vender essa bateria?
Barış  3 points - 11/16/2013
Can I use in US-M41A3 Walker Bulldog (71.96 $)
Bruno  2 points - 8/13/2013
Can I put this battery on Futaba 8JC ? thx
Vikram  12 points - 12/21/2012
What charger do I need? What leads do i need?
JOAO  1 points - 6/20/2012
Help me! Is it possible to substitute original Futaba T6EXAP radio batteries for lippo ones? If possible, give me the specifications, please. These are the original specifications of the radio batteries: (9.6V NT8S600B Ni-Cd battery or 12V alkaline battery, Current drain: 250mA* Receiver: R127DF or R136F Power requirement: 4.8V or 6V Current drain: 9.5mA * 4.8V Regards, Joao Carlos
 Arman 379 points
Just take a 12V battery and you will be fine
 Bid-Br 6 points
Joao, É* possí*vel substituir todas as baterias Ni-Cd por baterias Lipo, voce somente deve se atentar ao fato que tem que usar um UBEC, que vai corrigir a tensã*o para a desejada. Lembre-se tambem que para o radio tem que ser uma bateria compativel com o tamanho da camara onde ela vai ficar armazenada.
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tienen buenos precios pero su mercancia tarda demaciado en rebastecer.

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Overall Rating
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In-cd old battery packs 4.8 to 9.6 with memory lost
discharge Memory lost look like this On 4.8volt 1000mah batt. Packs.
First batt. Has 1.2volt at 1000mah.-batt.2 has1.2volt at 600mhh
Batt.3 has 1.2volt at 300mah batt.4 has 1.2 volt at 100mah.
That way the battery pack is good for only 5 minutes not long
No balancer for in-cd. So if you have a turnigy charger set to discharge.
Set to 1.1volt at 100mah discharge until stop.
Recharge at 400mah until full
Try 3 to 4 times before you give up on them
Make shore all battery got no leaks and all wires are solder.

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