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ASP S61A Two Stroke Glow Engine w/Remote HS Needle Valve

ASP S61A Two Stroke Glow Engine w/Remote HS Needle Valve

Tired of all those electric planes infesting your local club?
This high-rpm huge power glow engine can swing a 11x6 prop with ease. No need to worry about expensive batteries here. Just re-fuel and youre off.
Scream through the sky all day with our 61 size 2-stroke glow engine.
ABC construction, Aluminum piston with Brass liner thats Chrome plated
Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft
Dual needle valve carburetor with remote High Speed Needle Valve
Dual bushing-supported connecting rod
Displacement: 9.95
Bore: 24.00mm
Stroke: 22.00mm
Suggested prop: 11*6
RPM: 2,000 ~ 18,000
Weight: 675g


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  • ASP S61A - Cylinder Piston Set

    Combo Price: $14.00   IN STOCK

  • ASP S61A11 - Carb Assy

    Combo Price: $15.64   BACKORDER

  • ASP S61A11 - Remote Needle Assy

    Combo Price: $8.60   BACKORDER

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Júlio César  21 points - 2/26/2014
And a great glow engine, use in a p51 and fits perfectly with the type of flight and type of aircraft. I prescribe to all.
Timothy  6 points - 1/4/2014
This is unusual - have had lots of ASP/SC engines (they are the same motor made by the same factory) Big ends do wear but only after two or three years use. Its a very very good idea to use fuel with at least 18% oil in these engines and if possible some of that 18% should be castor. I find it odd that the engine was difficult to turn over - even if the big end was "picking up" it would not cause a lot of resistance. I wonder if there were bore problems and the big end has been overloaded trying to cope with a very stiff motor. Spares are available, if Hobby King don't have them try Just Engines. Lastly, you could just buy another ASP. Put a few tanks of fuel through it and there won't be a mismatch with the older one, seeing as its only had 30 flights.
 planeking 12 points
moron it has nothing to do with conrod ....wear . the engine has no piston ring is abc construction machined with pinch at tdc for compression ..............
 cptn blinky 182 points
I have done 2 rods on one of my engines. Well thrashed, on a pipe APC 9x10 using 16% nitro.usualy at 17-20Krpm, lasted about 2 years flying every weekend until I fried a piston and rod, fitted a new rod and piston lasted about 8 months before the rod started to fail again. Now just a show piece. Its twin is still being used, but in a normal config its about 3-4 years old.
Brett  16 points - 12/14/2013
Brett  16 points - 12/13/2013
thanks for the replies. Yes, the conrod holes are clean and clear. In fact the engine is pretty clean inside all round. The engines were run through a few tanks of fuel before 1st flight. You need to be careful and thorough with twins. Fuel used was a commercial brand, 5 - 10% nitro with coolpower oil. Last thing you need in a twin is a lean mixture. If anything they were a little too rich usually. Generally the operation and reliability of the .61 ASP was fine up until the last flight, when the motor became difficult to turn over, indicating something had gone wrong with it. The other .61 motor is still ok as far as I can see. 2/3rd to 3/4 throttle was fine flying the P-38 lightning, although a single .61 was sufficient to fly and get the model home if an engine failed.
 the right stuff 1635 points
Ok, And you are sure its the con rod bearing that has failed? there is no unusual scoring in the piston liner?
 Brett 16 points
oh yes. If you remove the rear cover and hold the crankshaft still, you can easily see a lot of slop and movement of the conrod on the crankshaft pin. There should be none. The rest of the engine appears to be fine.
 the right stuff 1635 points
How odd. I cant say as iv seen that amount of wear on an engine in such a short time other than one run incredibly lean.. Id just return it for replacement.
 Brett 16 points
I'd also like to add that My P-38 Lightning has not suffered a crash, therefore none of the engines have suffered damage from a crash. The P-38 is alive and well still, but now grounded with one engine had
 the right stuff 1635 points
Sad times! At least no damage. could go electric! :)
Brett  16 points - 12/13/2013
bought 2 of these engine for a P-38 model. After about 30 flights, the conrod bearing in one of the motors has worn out. No replacement parts is available apparently. Not sure that I would recommend this engine to anyone at my club. My faith in ASP engines is wearing very thin.I am now in the situation of having to contemplate buying yet another 2 engines for my model. I have serious doubts now that I will choose an ASP engine.
 the right stuff 1635 points
Hi Brett. I would check to see if the hole feeding the con rod bearing oil is free and clear. It could be that it has only been able to pick up oil from around the con rod and none has been able to penetrate into the bearing itself. Also i would check the second engine for signs or wear. If this also is having issues then perhaps the fuel is not suited to the engines or the mixture was too lean. Please do not think that i am doubting your experience but these are things that have to be looked at. You can pick up spares from places such as (e b a y) as the ASP shares components with the SC engine range. Its just a bush on the con rod so its an easy fix.
 the right stuff 1635 points
Also, What mixture of fuel are you using? The ASP is recommended for 10% nitro and then a shot of wd40 to be passed through the carb before being put away. The Nitro can allow moisture ingression and cause rust build up. What brand of fuel are you using?
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4 thumbs up!
I have several of these and no one let me down so far. great engine for the price. highly recommended.

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Overall Rating
Sergio Alas
4 thumbs up!
Motor muito bom,recomendo a todos essa marca, j meu segundo motor ASP, o primeiro foi um 4 tempos, Muito forte, perfeito! Obrigado HobbyKing!!!

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1 thumbs up!
.PEDI ESTE MOTOR A HOBBY KING asp formidable motor yo tube uno asp misma cilindrada ero mas antiguo hera un cabeza roja siempre iba perfecto este que e comprado a hobby king tardo en llegar a casa 20 dias pero merecio la pena esperar pues cuando abri la caja me sorprendio su acabado un unico problema es que no trae bujia ,seria perfecto en un futuro que inclullesen la bugia hobby king deveria tener a la venta bujias glow para hacer pedido de una bijia y asi poder completar este estupendo motor proximamente incluire aqui mismo mis comentarios del funcionamiento del asp 61 quiero hacer un buen rodaje a este motor el precio es estupendo para su calidad adelante con nuevos productos hobby king y mantenga los precios

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Like it?
bought two of these and fixed it onto my 60size piper 2.2m 3.5kg and and ryan 1.8m 3.4kg. Did a nice job. Flew well and gives no problem. Break in was a breeze. Primed it up first time and starts immediately. used a 12x8 apc nitro props. Flew Fast!

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since item is backorder for a long time now (today 30/06/2011) why i see restock going -1,-2,-3 day after day?????

Its the first time i am trying to buy an engine and there is no stock for so long.

Or there is something going on with you and ASP???

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