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A380 Airbus R/C Plane EPO Plug-n-Fly

A380 Airbus R/C Plane EPO Plug-n-Fly

The A380 is the largest EPO model you will ever see and with a wingspan of 1520mm andfour 56mm ducted fans, it's sure to make an impression at any airfield!
Despite it's size, the A380 is very light and economical to fly, only requiring a 3,000mAh 3S battery.
This hugeA380(EPO)model aircraft comes95% pre-built andincludes apowerful 4 x 25A brushless EDF system and steerable nose wheel, just include your own Tx/Rx and battery.

Length: 1410mm (55.51in)
Wing span: 1520mm (59.84in)
Flying weight: 1800g
Motor: 2826 Brushless outrunner (3200KV)
ESC: 4 x 25A
Servo: 9g * 5pcs
Battery: 3000mAh 3S1P 20C Lipoly Pack (Not Included)
EDF Diameter: 4 x 56mm
Your own TX & RX (with V-type mixing)
11.1V 3000mah 20C Lipo battery
Special shipping considerations;
-Sorry, we cannot ship this item to USA. It is too large.
-This parcel MUST be shipped via EMS Express to all other countries.


Weight: 6849g
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Price  $317.90

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 Customer rated
Total of 141 discussions.
Michael2  266 points - 9/1/2015
Where is the CG
mikkel  8 points - 8/1/2015
I want this one! Any idea if it ever gets in stock again?
Peter  6 points - 2/25/2014
I have had this plane for a couple of years, and it flys very well. Flying around the pattern in a scale like manner it looks quite majestic, and even sounds realistic with the four fans humming away. I modified my plane to use two 2200mah 3S Lipo batteries, and split the power bus so that one battery powers the inboard fans, and the other battery powers the outboard fans. That way there will be no assymetric thrust if one of the batteries is drained before the other one. It aLso provides a total capacity of 4400mah for longer flight duration. The only drawback to this model is the lack of spare parts. It must be flown off an improved runway surface, and cannot survive in the grass. The plane gets so light on the nose wheel during the takeoff and landing runs that the steering is ineffective, requiring a really good line up with the runway, and straight tracking. I ran off the side of the runway on landing just once and the nose strut broke in half. No parts, so I had to drill it out and insert a piece of music wire inside to fix it. Also the main struts will break off the foam when encountering any resistance, such as running off the end of the runway, or the side and into the grass. This model also requires more than a four channel radio so you can set up a V-Tail mix for the individual elevators to work in concert with the ailerons for adequate roll control. I've been told that this model is not available in the U.S., but I bought mine from a vendor at the Joe Nall fly-in two years ago. I believe he was from the Boston, MA area, but don't remember the name of his company.
Kevin  1 points - 2/4/2014
Is THERE ANY WAY to get this in the US??? I want this plane. Is it gas or battery? Thanks
 Luke 1 points
It is battery powered. A 3S Lithium battery would be ideal.
Mar11  2728 points - 2/2/2014
are dual rates a must n expo ? any advice ?
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Grass runway for A 380
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Overall Rating
54 thumbs up!
Great plane... My full review is here Check it out.

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Overall Rating
8 thumbs up!
Really large packet, but no damages. Nice finnish. Wheels are scale size so too small for grass fields. See further review and comments on Community pages . Notice there is no rudder, requires V-tail mixing or modification to make working rudder.

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Overall Rating
7 thumbs up!
very stable in flight. but not suiable fot beginners

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Overall Rating
Tal Kotzer
5 thumbs up!
A380 es el modelo ms grande de la OEP que veras y con una envergadura de 1520mm andfour 56mm Ducted Fans, su seguro de hacer una impresin en cualquier campo de aviacin!
A pesar de su tamao, el A380 es muy ligero y econmico para volar, slo requiere una batera de 3000 mAh 3S.
Esta hugeA380 (OEP), modelo de avin montado en un 95pcnt antes de la construccin, e incluye un potente sistema de 4 x 25A brushless FED y la rueda de nariz orientable, basta co

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Overall Rating
3 thumbs up!
perfect plane, very recomenden tu muy bonito

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