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Telebee R/C Car Gyro for Drift Maneuvers

Telebee R/C Car Gyro for Drift Maneuvers

Telebee car gyro specially designed to perform drifting maneuvers for R/C model cars.It supports all digital servos, also has built-in drift cancellation circuit.
Compact piezoelectric gyro sensor
Temperature compensation circuit
Dual Rate
Remote Gain Control
Designed with low center of gravity
Stabilizes car when cornering.
Supports digital steering servo (265Hz-333Hz pulse)
Built-in drift cancellation circuit
External tuning switches to adjust" Steering ATV " and gain function
External reverse switch
External switch to select between digital servo or standard servo
Suitable for both electric and engine powered RIC model cars
Dimension: 20x20x15mm
Weight: 11 grams
Voltage used: 4.2V to 7V
High-speed pulse output for digital Servo: 265Hz-333Hz
Standard pulse output for regular Servo: 50Hz
Current: approx 33mA
Operating temperature: -5°C to +60°C


Weight: 55g
International Warehouse
Price  $20.40

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Snigdha  1 points - 11/5/2014
i saw 4 cable output from the gyro (y-o-r-c) may be this cable will plug in to the receiver, but receiver has channel 3 pin ,so how i can plug the gyro cable to receiver and staring servo???? i saw the video clip on u tube , he did not show the wear setup, so need hlp
 mouchadino 559 points
cek file folder on right of line discussions folder klik and download the manual :p no connection required foe yellow color wire
newbie78  7 points - 9/23/2014
Haven´*t got mine to work with Mini E-Revo VXL. :( Using 2S and 3S lipos, too high voltage? Am I doing something wrong?
ssalixx  1 points - 9/18/2014
Can I use this gyro on a Traxxas e-revo brushless with TQi transmitter en receiver?
VALTER  11 points - 7/21/2014
I have installed this gyro onto a racing 2WD offroad, but the result is totally negative: if the surface is carpet the gyro causes the steering servo to shake continuously in an infinite loop (even with car stopped). If the surface is dirt or clay (low traction) the car is no more able to make strict corner because the gyro avoid limit the steering angle to avoid slippage. The gyro seems well setup (ATV corresponding to max steering amplitude) and gain tested in different position, gyro installed both front and rear... some bad behaviour. Was I wrong of this is not suitable for offroads?
 Shane 10 points
You have to connect the yellow lead to a separate channel on your receiver so you can adjust your gain. Your gain is too high. I had the same problem and this took care of the head shake. My drift gain dial is set to 50% and my tx channel 3 gain is set to 37%. I use flysky Channel 1 - Steering Channel 2 - ESC Channel 3 - Gyro Gain (Yellow Wire )
crispyspa  26 points - 7/12/2014
Is there ANY way to get these to work with Traxxas stuff? I bought two and they won't work with traxxas. Works fine with the HK FlySky 2.4 though. Kinda want to keep the telemetry, so I don't want to switch radios.
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Overall Rating

5 thumbs up!
I ordered this to my friends LRP Shark Monster Truck.
We tested it on snow/ice with Turnigy airplane gyro and it runs like on rails! No more spinning around at full throttle.

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Overall Rating
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Used the Gyro for about 25 cycles now. It works well for about 1/2 the battery pack, then looses control. Will work on more tweaking.

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Overall Rating
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not working with my radio and servos. ds1015 servo shaking.

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Overall Rating
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Works perfectly. Used in a 1/16 sportwerks on road car. Makes it slide round corners perfectly, just full lock the way u want to go for less than a second and release the steering, the gyro does the rest.

You must be careful to set it up properly so it isn't trying to steer past full lock otherwise you'll bust your servos. I did at first with a cheap one but since I haven't had a single problem.

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Overall Rating
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Works great, i have it in my slash 2wd with a 4300kv brushless and ztw 60a esc, makes the car alot easier to drive!!

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