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Turnigy 3000mAh 3S 35C Lipo Pack

Turnigy 3000mAh 3S 35C Lipo Pack

Turnigy batteries are known the world over for performance, reliability and price. It’s no surprise to us that Turnigy Lipoly packs are the go-to pack for those in the know. Turnigy batteries deliver the full rated capacity at a price everyone can afford.  

Turnigy batteries are equipped with heavy duty discharge leads to minimise resistance and sustain high current loads. Turnigy batteries stand up to the punishing extremes of aerobatic flight and RC vehicles. Each pack is equipped with gold plated connectors and JST-XH style balance connectors. All Turnigy Lipoly batteries packs are assembled using IR matched cells.

You won’t find a better deal in Lipoly batteries anywhere!

Minimum Capacity: 3000mAh
Configuration: 3S1P / 11.1v / 3Cell
Constant Discharge: 35C
Peak Discharge (10sec): 45C
Pack Weight: 295g
Pack Size: 150 x 47 x 22mm
Charge Plug: JST-XH
Discharge plug: 4mm Bullet-connector      

PRODUCT ID: T3000.3S.35

Capacity(mAh) 3000
Config (s) 3
Discharge (c) 35
Weight (g) 295
Max Charge Rate (C) 2
Length-A(mm) 150
Height-B(mm) 47
Width-C(mm) 22
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Weight: 361g
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Price  $24.53

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Total of 4 discussions.
Gilbert  3 points - 4/15/2015
Can someone please explain difference between 2200 mah 20C and 3000 mah 30C batteries. I have a jet with a 64mm EDF and 30A ESC and I am looking for extra batteries. Please help.
 BangerUpBixler 190 points
G'day Gilbert, The best explanation I have seen for battery ratings is as follows - "The C-rating (20C 30C etc.) is a multiplier which, when applied to the C rate (2200mAh etc), gives the (theoretical) maximum current the battery should be able to supply. So 20C means 20 times the 1 hour discharge current. Thus a 3000mAh capacity battery has a C rate of 3000mA (or 3A). If it has a C-rating of 25, usually stated as 3000mAh 25C, it should be able to deliver 25 x3 = 75A. If it has a C-rating of 40 it can in theory deliver 40 x 3 = 120A maximum." OR even more simply, More mAh and more C = faster plane. The size of the ESC is more to do with the motor that you are running and the amp draw it needs. Check your motor specs, if there are any available, they will usually state the max amp (current) the motor is rated to. This will determine the size of the ESC you want. By the sound of it, you have a set-up that was already fitted with a motor, fan and ESC. If the recommended battery is a 3s 2200 20c then stick with that, maybe up the c to 30 or 40. If you are looking at this battery as an alternative, I will suspect that it will supply the power you need, but will be adding a bit of weight. An average 3s 2200 20c will weigh 180g -190g, this battery is 295g, so 50% increase in weight. There is a lot there, I hope some helps. Cheers Michael
Alexi  2 points - 5/11/2014
What charger will be best for the Turnigy 3000mAh 3S 35C Lipo Pack ^ any help with a charger will be very appreciable
 Liam ostapowicz 15 points
This is the charger i use, works great.
david in japan  138 points - 6/7/2010
i want to use a 40 amp towerpro 3s esc and the turnigy 3530-1400kv engine on a .35 size trainer aircraft. would this battery allow me 10 minute flights? thanks !
 TiM!@MSUK 11 points
Should do!
Lemon  18 points - 11/17/2009
Please restock *)
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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Good and very rich in power..this battery does seriously deliver so much power that yesterday the canopy of my plane flew off during flight...
Lol it was amazing to look at..But I love these batteries!They are good stuff, love turnigy batteries in general :)

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Overall Rating

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Very good battery,a lot of power in my Gaui.

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Overall Rating
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These batteries are unreal. They perform just as well as the name brand. The wire is good high quality and is 2 gauge heavier than most others. I will be buying more

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Overall Rating
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I have 10 or more of Turnigy's lipo packs and most are over a year old and going strong...

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Overall Rating
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Very good and powerful pack. Mine arrived in good time and the cells were very well balanced. Unlike most 3s lipo packs this one will fit in a rustler battery tray with out having to remove the small wall at the back. However you do need to file a slot in the side wall for the cables. Very easy to do though. Gives good runtime despite it's slightly lower than normal mAh rating too. And of course with a 45C max discharge, plenty of Amps.

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